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Maledit Flaggermus

Name: Maledit Flaggermus
Pokèmon: Gengar
National #: 094
Title: Shadow Pokèmon
Type of Pokèmon: Ghost/Poison
Nicknames: Querida(by Zamboni Sr) Mah Girlfriend(Nocturne)
Gender: Female
Age: 49 (but being a ghost she actually looks younger)
Birthday: 19th of September
Sign: Virgo

Nature: Adamant. Maledit is a woman with a strong attitude. She’s the head of her family, and she’s always sure of her decisions, being somewhat stubborn. When she was younger Maledit was quite a rebel, and even if she became calmer and more mature with the years she still won’t allow anyone to walk all over her.

Held Items: Spell Tag, Gengarite choker, Dagger/Nail for using the move Curse.

Ability: Levitate (Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.) Cursed Body (May disable a move used on the Pokémon). Shadow tag (as MegaGengar) (the Pokémon steps on the opposing Pokémon's shadow to prevent it from escaping)

Attacks: Curse, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Claw, Thunderbolt, Shadow Punch, Dark Pulse, Hex, Nightmare, Psychic, Poison Jab, Lick, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Hidden Power (Ice)

Weak Against: Ghost, Psychic, Dark.
Height: 171 cm (5'7?)
Weight: 59 kg (130lb?)
Hair Color: Dark purple with silver streaks.
Hair Length: Very long (under her butt) and wavy.
Eye Color: Black irises and red sclera.
Skin Tone: light gray
Build: Athletic, but she’s very light

Markings/Scars: she has many little scars on her body because of Curse.
Tattoos: /
Piercings: She usually wears expensive looking pendants on both ears
Job: Sinnoh champion league (Formally retired)

Appearance: Maledit looks much younger than she actually is. Even if she’s been a fighter for all her life, she still likes to look beautiful and classy no matter what’s the occasion. She always wears long dresses and make up (mostly dark eyeshadows and lipstick). She owns a large amount of jewels, so it’s not weird to see her wearing many of those. Maledit usually talks with a soft and alluring voice and her movements are slow and well-conceived, but she still have a somewhat wicked aura that distinguish all ghosts. She always has a mischievous smirk on her face.

Personality: Maledit is the perfect mix of creepy and attractive. She likes to be in the center of the attention and she will act impeccable, but she’s not a presumptuous person, and she can be quite friendly with someone that fascinate her. But being a ghost, Maledit also has a nasty side. She still likes to prank people, and with her experience she become quite a master of high jinks. But her naughty and playful behavior can become ruthless and violent if she holds a grudge to someone. She is very protective towards her family, especially her husband and won’t hold back anything to defend them. Maledit is possessive and she will become jealous if some other woman will hover too much around her husband.

Orientation: Heterosexual
Very Significant Other: Zamboni Sr the Crobat
Rival: Nocturne the Sableye
Family: Zamboni Sr (Crobat-Husband), Zamboni Jr (Crobat-Son)Leucer (Crobat-Son)
Hometown: Old Chateau (Sinnoh)



Likes: traveling, baking, getting her blood sucked by her husband (weird kinky stuff, perfect to keep a marriage alive)
Dislikes: Sunlight, boring situations and Jericho Nocturne. Especially Nocturne.
Fears: Losing a member of her family (especially her husband), solitude.
Strength: Spicy poffins, double battles and high class pranking.
Weaknesses: her own jealousy, all types of psychic forces.

Battle Style: Like many ghosts, Maledit has a deceitful and tricky fighting style. She can hide in any shadow, no matter how small, and then take the foe by surprise and attack with very powerful moves like Shadow ball, Sludge Bomb or Psychic. If she wants to make her foe suffer she likes to use nasty moves that hurt slowly and painfully like Toxic, Dream eater and Curse. Curse it’s her own favorite move and she will use it often, not caring about her own pain at all. Maledit can levitate in the air and so she can reach her opponent quite hastily, and of course dark surroundings are an advantage for her. Maledit has been a champion for many years and she is quite powerful, but she still prefer to battle in team with her husband, that can also heal her at any moment being very fast himself. In her mega form Maledit is not only stronger, but she can also trap her foe and restrict the movements for a short time by gaining control of their shadow.


Food: Boudin Noir Aux Pommes (But enjoys Kalos cooking in general)
Drink: Red wine
Color: Purple and Black
Season: Autumn
Activity: Everything, if it’s in her husband company.



In her previous life, Maledit was a very shy Pokémon. She lived in the depth of the sea and did not come up to the surface, remaining inside her indestructible shell without ever being seen by anyone, protected from all dangers. When another Pokémon got too close, she mercilessly attacked them with her lances. One day unfortunately she decided to leave the seabed, intrigued by the sounds coming from the surface. The noises were the Pokémon that were made fighting against each other by their trainers. Everywhere around her there were flashes of light, rays, explosions and Pokémon who showed great skill in battle. She was deeply fascinated from all that. Then a woman's voice gave a command. A lightning. An arrow to 20,000 volts spread in the water, hitting her in full. And death was instantaneous, even before she could retreating into her shell to protect herself from the move. Even before she could realize what was happening. When she opened her eyes again for the first time she could not remember anything; She had become light enough to float and could not stand the sunlight. He was reborn as Gastly and was about to start a new life.

At first she felt dizzy and lost. She was in a dark looking forest. Only the sun peeking out from the leaves of the trees dimly lighted it up. Before even start exploring that new place, a group of people came for her. There were dark and weird figures of all kind and ages, but they all had a friendly smile upon their faces, and welcomed her like if they knew her for a lifetime. They took her in an old chateau at the borders of the forest. There, she met a little ghost girl that went simply by the name of Rotom. She was the one who came first in the chateau many years before and started haunting it making every human abandoned the mansion. Rotom decided to use the chateau as a refuge for all the kind of ghosts without a place to call home. But she really didn’t liked other people other than ghosts, so everyone else were forbidden to stay there at the chateau, and if someone tried then it was chased off by fear.

So Maledit started to live there and it didn’t took her long to get used by her new life. One night, she left the chateau with a group of other ghosts to go frighten people and have fun in the forest like always. Hiding in the mist and the darkness, they found a group of gijinkas in company of a human. As soon as Maledit saw the only boy in the group she felt her whole body is warmed up, her head was spinning, and without even understand it had fallen in love at first sight. While the other ghosts were silently snickering, already thinking how to scare them, another newcomer ghost, a Spiritomb, seemed agitated. With glowing eyes, he came out from his hiding spot to brutally attack them. The team were taken off guard, and the rest of the ghosts quickly tried to calm him down, since they didn’t wanted no one got seriously hurt.

While they were fighting with the rampaging ghost, the boy evolved in a Golbat and seemed confused by that, so Maledit took advantage of the commotion to nab him and run away in the forest. The poor boy had in fact just gained the ability to see and he didn’t even understand where he was, so he just let himself be guided by her, which took him in the old chateau. She wanted to keep him there with her forever and ever, but of course that wasn’t possible. As soon as Rotom heard about the stranger, she ordered to Maledit to throw him out, and since she resolutely refused, Rotom sent the other ghosts to chase him away.

Maledit tried to defend him to the limit of her strength, attacking furiously anyone who tried to approach him, even her own friends. She even ended up evolving herself in a Haunter for her effort, but for how many Shadow Punches she gave to anything that moved, she obviously couldn't resist for long, and in the end both her and the newly sighted and dazed sweetheart were literally kicked out the place. The boy, whose name was Zamboni, wasn’t mad with her, and felt quite sad for that girl, since she hadn’t anymore a place to stay. Besides he found that girl really endearing. So he proposed her to join his team and become a part of their little group of friends. Of course Maledit accepted happily, because even if she liked her life at the chateau she knew that she just couldn’t stay away from him anymore, since she was morbidly attracted to him.

Her new teammates accepted her willingly, but things didn’t work well at first. Maledit was a real rebel and didn’t listen to her trainer or get along with the others. In fact she tried to chase away anyone who took too much interest in her beloved boyfriend. Zamboni was the only one able to calm her down, but he continuously prayed her to be nice, reassuring her about the feelings he felt too for Maledit, and so as time went by Maledit calmed a bit and was able to make friends with the rest of her team.

As the years passed, they continued to explore the whole region of Sinnoh, kicking some Galactic grunt sorry arses and meeting legendaries Pokémon in the meantime. Arrived in Snowpoint city, her trainer asked Maledit if she wanted to stay with the team of a friend of her in Hoenn in order to evolve. Maledit was hesitant since she never had left her teammates and boyfriend until then, but in the end decided to go, since she really wanted to become a Gengar and be stronger. She was heartbroken as she bid farewell to them, so Zamboni promised her that when she would return they would never be apart again, and asked her to marry him. Of course she accepted and decided to give her best to evolve and return as soon as possible.

Her temporary teammates were nice people and she tried to behave well too, since she didn’t wanted to return to her violent behavior. Unfortunately her attempt to be friendly were totally misunderstood by one of the gijinkas, a Sableye called Nocturne who ended up falling in love with her. At first Maledit enjoyed the company of Nocturne, since it remembered to her the times when she used to live with the other ghosts in the old Chateau. But as the days passed Nocturne became more and more insistent in courting her, making her many gifts, especially jewelry made by him and gemstones of all kinds. Maledit sometimes accept the gifts as a sign of friendship, but she continued to make clear that she had a fiancée in Sinnoh and that it was not interested in that kind of relationship, but Nocturne didn’t seemed to gather this last concept and kept tormenting her.

When finally she evolved and was time to return home, she was relieved to finally get rid of him, since among the other things Nocturne was definitely disturbing. Little she knew was the fact that Nocturne left and secretly followed her all the way to Sinnoh. When they arrived to Snowpoint city, he finally showed up to her and claimed her as “mah girlfriend!” Maledit was so bitterly surprised and exasperated by that little ball-breaker monster who had followed her up to there, that she tried to curse him and beat him, but it seemed that nothing really worked on Nocturne, that just kept trying to snuggle her with a perv face. And in that moment, Maledit had an epiphany, and realized that Jericho Nocturne would have been her ball and chain for many years to come.

As promised some day after Maledit and Zamboni got married (Nocturne was tied and gagged to not disturb the ceremony)and they stayed all together for some time in Snowpoint city. Despite Nocturne being a creepy stalker, the team started again their journey after a while, pursuing the their dream of defeating the league, a dream that was closer and closer to become reality as they continued to training and become stronger and tight-knit. As they finally arrived to the league, they were ready for a hard battle to the last breath, but in fact, they had trained so much that the decisive fight with the champion was quite easy, earning the title of champions themselves.

Not so many years later Maledit and Zamboni had children, but since they were still the champions and had a duty to confront the trainers and teams that challenged for the title, they couldn’t always took care of them. And so they decided to make of Nocturne (that constantly kept stalking his girlfriend through the years) their kids guardian. Maledit wasn’t too sure about that idea but at least she could have some peace in that way. However Nocturne turned out to be a decent babysitter and also a good uncle to his acquired nephews, that grow quite attached to him.

Many years later the team was still undefeated, but since they had grown old and tired of fighting, they decided to retired from their job of champions. Their kids were already independent and moved to another region, and so Zamboni and Maledit found themselves completely free from any duties. After a period of repose, they decided to start a new journey and travel together to see the world.

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