Sierra's Profile

Sierra Sombreluz

Name: Sierra Sombreluz
Pokemon: Ludicolo
National #: 272
Title: Carefree Pokémon
Type of Pokémon: Water/Grass
Nicknames: Claveles
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: 20th of May
Sign: Taurus

Nature:Jolly. Sierra is a cheerful person that loves to know new people and makes new friends. She will always talk first to someone new, no matter what kind of person it is. But despite her young age and carefree personality, she still is very resolute and never forget her mission.

Held Items: a guitar, a surf board, a Damp Rock and 3 burritos, everything stored in her sombrero. (Pokémon logic ok?!?) she also always have fresh carnations on her sombrero.

Ability: Swift Swim (Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in rain.) Rain Dish(the Pokémon gradually regains HP in rain) Own Tempo (prevents the Pokémon from being afflicted by confusion)

Attacks: Hydro Pump, Zen Headbutt, Thunder Punch, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Fire Punch, Surf, Waterfall, Rain Dance, Giga Impact, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Ice beam, Grass Knot, Ice Punch, Synthesis, Leech Seed.

Weak Against: Flying, Poison, Bug
Height: 162 cm (5'3?)
Weight: 63 kg (138lb?)
Hair Color: Bright green
Hair Length: Short, has a bob hairstyle
Eye Color: Black
Skin Tone: Tanned
Build: Tonic and athletic

Markings/Scars: She has natural orange lips and a green stripe mark on her eyes.
Tattoos: Her mother name surrounded by carnations on her back.
Piercings: /
Job: Rebel.

Appearance: Sierra is a young, nice looking girl. She has an athletic body since she’s always active and in movement. She always wear a “furry” poncho and a big sombrero that she likes to decorate with fresh carnations in her mother honor (Claveles mean carnation in Spanish). When Sierra hears any kind of music or rhythm, she can’t help but start dancing. She speaks with a Mexican accent, and sometimes she expresses herself in Mexican, especially if surprised or angry.

Personality: Sierra is a cheerful and open girl who wants to knew new people wherever she goes. She has a very sincere way of speaking and doesn’t feel ashamed to say what she thinks. Sometimes she can be a little too frank, but without bad intentions. Sierra can’t stand injustice anymore and when she see someone doing bad things she’s more than ready to face them without any fear.

Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant Other: Since she never knew many boys of her age, she likes to think of any pretty boy as her imaginary boyfriend.
Rival: Bad guys, tyrants and assertive people in general.
Family: Mother (Lombre-deceased), father (Cacturne), three younger brothers (Lotad)
Hometown: Izabe Island (Hoenn)

Possible voice: Brenda Asnicar, just a nice girly voice


Likes: Searching for strong people, playing the guitar, dancing, surfing.
Dislikes: Evil and overbearing people, silence
Fears: Become aware of her father’s death, living recluse again.
Strength: Swimming, fighting in water/with rain
Weaknesses: Dancing (when forced) dry surroundings.

Battle Style: Sierra wants to know how strong people are, so she will surely ask for a friendly battle to promising people, and when she finds some bad person she’s more than happy to kick their butts. She always start every fight using Rain Dance. Sierra basic strategy is to knock out the foe from exhaustion. Most of her attacks are used for a close combat fight, so she will to hit as much as possible the foe moving hastily in the rain. She knows different healing attacks like Giga Drain, Drain Punch and Synthesis and use them to both endure longer in the fight and damage the rival. She’s almost unbeatable when fighting in water. Sierra knows very different moves so she stands up to all kind of foes.


Food: Tlacoyos
Drink: Berry juice
Color: Red
Season: Summer
Activity: Dancing and having fun


Izabe Island is an island located in the Hoenn region. Although small it contains a wide variety of environments, from prairies to desert areas, and many little villages. In one of these villages, humans and Gijinkas lived united and worked together the lands, helping each other. Life was quiet and happy, but voices of a powerful despot that was spreading his dominion on the other villages of the island start to float around, but since the danger seemed so far from them the people lent no importance to it and continued their lives.

One day however an army of the despot’s henchmen arrived in town, and being the villagers pacific farmers they weren’t able to fight them back, so the village was easily invaded. Soon there were imposed heavy taxes on the land, and the ones that hadn’t the money to pay for it had to work as farmhands in their oppressor fields to survive. The years passed and the despot eventually died, so the villagers in all the island celebrated, thinking that they could be free again, but on the contrary, his son took the father’s place and the situation got even worse. Now groups of violent men were sent to every village to control and spread fear through the villagers to make sure no one would ever try to rebel.

With time thought, the younger people felt the desire for freedom and secretly get together, planning a war. They thought that if they have acted all together, they would have a chance to overwhelm the tyrant army and get free from his control once and for all. Among the rebels there was a couple Gijinkas named Claveles and Devan, who had decided to participate in the battle to give the opportunity to their children to be free and have a better future.

Unfortunately, even all together the rebels were too weak against the army. The humans only had their farm tools to use, since they didn’t own any weapon, and the Gijinkas were weak and not evolved. Evolution stones and items were prohibited, and anyone who was found to train was severely punished. on the contrary, the men of the tyrant were evolved, powerful and used to fighting. So the revolt was quickly quelled, and many rebels were killed including Claveles, while Devan was crippled but was able to escape with other survivors.

With her mother dead and father lost, their eldest daughter Sierra was left alone with her younger brothers. It was very hard for her, but she knew that she had to be strong and don’t surrender, and so, helped by other villagers began to work and to raise her little brothers. Sierra didn’t lose hope, as she continued to believe that one day the tyrant and his men would have been defeated and everyone would be happy and free again, and this thought gave her the strength to do her best every day.

A couple of years passed, when finally an army of men landed on the island, and as soon as the news spread throughout the island, the hope began to return to the villagers. When the army tried to enter the village, Sierra took advantage of the confusion of the battle to escape with his brothers, and join the troops. Here she found his father, who along with other men of the island had assembled a larger army of rebels. The battles went on day after day, as the rebels continued to resist, but neither had enough strength to be able to break through the enemy army and get to the tyrant to kill him.

Devan gave her a Water Stone and asked his daughter to leave for new lands to recruit people who could help them in their battle to regain the island. Having spent her whole life in that little village, knowing only oppression, for Sierra the idea of being completely free to travel around the world was somewhat scary, but in the end she decided to leave for his new mission.

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