Nebularosa's Profile

Nebularosa Debanette

Name: Nebularosa Debanette (He doesn’t know his real surname)
Pokemon: Espeon (but thinks to be a Banette)
National #: 196
Title: Sun Pokémon
Type of Pokemon: Psychic
Nicknames: Nebula, idiot, dummy, stupid, silly, obtuse, moron, dumbass, dimwit, imbecile.
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthday: 20th of June
Sign: Gemini

Nature: Naughty. Nebularosa is an innocent, idiotic silly goose who likes to make new friends and do stupid things. He just can't help but causing disasters wherever he goes. Sometimes he likes to play stupid pranks just to prove he’s a real ghost.

Held Items: A Twisted Spoon with a fork and a knife as a necklace, Escape Rope tied to his wrists, his most precious tiara.

Ability: Synchronize (Passes poison, paralyze, or burn to the Pokémon that inflicted it) Magic Bounce (Reflects status moves)

Attacks: Curse, Dream Eater, Quick Attack, Morning Sun, Psychic, Last Resort, Grass Knot, Secret Power, Protect, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power (Dragon)

Weak Against: Bug, Ghost, Dark
Height: 181 cm (5’11?)
Weight: 83 kg (182 lb.?)
Hair Color: Magenta
Hair Length: Over the shoulders and wavy.
Eye Color: Fuchsia
Skin Tone: Pinkish
Build: Muscular and brawny

Markings/Scars: A lot of mental scars.
Tattoos: /
Piercings: /
Job: Unintentional criminal (specialized in ruining others people plans) and Banette princess.

Appearance: Nebularosa is pretty big to be a psychic type. He wears weird princess-like clothes, and he’s always in pink. He wears a golden tiara that loves more than everything else, and cutlery as a necklace. He always wags his tail happily when he meets new people or is having fun. Nebularosa is often surrounded by Banettes and Shuppets, which considers his relatives. He has just one kidney, because he traded one for a packet of Skittles with a nice Banette Doctor.

Personality: Nebularosa has the mentality of a child, so he’ll probably act like one. He’s always happy and joyful but sometimes he can start to whine if angry or sad. He thinks to be a ghost so he’ll probably act like one trying to pass through walls or float (with bad results).

Orientation: Asexual (he still doesn’t know how babies are made)
Significant Other: /
Rival: Britney Spears haters and everyone who threaten his family and friends
Family: Daeva (Banette Gijinka-adoptive sister) Banettes (adoptive relatives)
Hometown: Born in Striaton City, raised in Victory road - Unova


Likes: Banettes, dolls, rare candies and Britney Spears.
Dislikes: Not being able to pass through walls or levitate like ghosts, Gurdurrs and scary people.
Fears: Losing his tiara, being abandoned.
Strength: Causing disasters, confusing the enemy and being cute.
Weaknesses: Swimming, thinking, being evil.

Battle Style: Nebula battle style is absolutely random and nonsensical ; he can use quick attack to beat the enemy with speed, or start to sing and dance Britney Spears greatest hits, or use grass knot to tie up the foe, or throw cheese puffs at him. If one of his friends is in danger he’ll fight more seriously. He has learned moves like curse, dream eater and shadow ball just to feel like a real ghost. If someone dares to take his tiara, he will transform in a bloodthirsty beast ready to kill to get it back.


Food: Sweets and garlic soufflé
Drink: Strawberry milk
Color: every shade of pink
Season: All of them!
Activity: Watching cartoons, Dancing and singing Britney Spears songs, hang out with his friends.


Nebula was born in Striaton City from a couple of Gijinkas. Unfortunately the couple had already too many kids so they weren’t able to sustain another child. For this reason, when he was just a little baby, he was given to a nice and reliable human trainer to be raised as a companion for her journeys.

When Nebula was only one year old, they arrived at the Victory Road. While they were passing through it, they were attacked by a group of Gurdurrs. Unfortunately the trainer Pokèmons were defeated so they had to run away. In the rush of the escape little Nebula was accidentally left behind. He was found by a Banette Gijinka named Daeva who had made of Victory Road her home. As a Banette the girl knew well the feeling of disorientation that someone abandoned feels, so she decided to adopt him and raise him as one of the family.

While growing up, it was clear that the Nebula wasn’t the smartest person in the world, plus his new family didn’t help for sure. The Banettes used to continuously play bad pranks on him and keeps using Dream Eater on him while he was sleeping. By his side, Nebula was always happy and loved his family. He began to explore the Victory Road far and wide becoming a well-made boy for climbing and running around. He was always hidden and had not been seen by anyone, under order of his sister who was very possessive towards him.

One day, when he was already twenty, a group of Gijinkas with bad news written all over them arrived at the Victory road searching for the ruins of a castle that was located somewhere in there, and they had heard contained a huge lost treasure. Nebula knew every corner of the place and knew where the castle was, even if he had never been inside, and since he was such a curious and naïve boy he decided to shows himself up and proposing as a guide.

Surprised to find an Eevee moreover so big over there, they accepted the proposal, and even asked him to join them in their all honest activities. Nebula was so happy for the proposal that he evolved into an Espeon, and in honor of his new look he called himself Nebularosa. Everyone was just happy and satisfied, so it was pretty obvious that it could not last. Nebularosa easily took them at the castle without even had to pass thought the waterfalls and here, for their heart's content, actually found the treasure. While they were busy admiring their new wealth (one of them was actually crying and hugging the riches) Nebularosa found a beautiful tiara on display, and although he had been warned to be careful and do not touch anything, he took it and put it all happy. Unfortunately this made spring a trap that made the ceiling collapse, partially blocking the way and burying the treasure.

Nebularosa volunteer himself to move the slide with his fresh move Psychic, shame that he did not know to use it well and caused another landslide that blocked them definitively. Although pissed, the Gijinkas weren’t too worried about it, as they had brought with them Escape ropes for the emergencies, but Nebularosa with a big smile showed them that with the Escape ropes he had made beautiful friendship bracelets for them all, and so they had become absolutely unusable.

The two Crobats, even if blind, exchange glances that said "why have we brought him with us?" and "I immediately regret it" the Seviper offered himself to skin him alive, while the Krookodile, who had a slight appetite, proposes to split and eat him. In the end Nebularosa was punished by making him move all the debris by hand in order to get out of there, and it only took him 11 hours to do it. The day after, they decided to leave as soon as possible, hoping to leave behind the living source of troubles, but unfortunately Nebularosa catch up with them in no time, happy and ready for adventure. If there is one thing that a Banette doesn’t like is to be abandoned, and so Daeva, slightly furious, sent the Banettes to look for him and bring him back. For now they have not succeeded in their aim, but they are not going to surrender anytime soon.

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