Milo's Profile

Milo Mckay

Name: Milo Mckay
Pokemon: Braviary
National #: 628
Title: Valiant Pokémon
Type of Pokemon: Normal, Flying
Nicknames: /
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthday: 4th of July
Sign: Cancer

Nature: Docile. Milo is a willing person and he’s always ready to help others. Despite the great enthusiasm he’s still submissive and always puts the needs of others first. As a Scoutmaster he trains his troop by providing direction, coaching, and support, but always in a caring way.

Held Items: He carries with him a gigantic backpack with all he needs for explorations.

Ability: Keen Eye (Prevents other Pokémon from lowering accuracy.) Sheer Force (Removes additional effects to increase move damage.) Defiant (Boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat when its stats are lowered.)

Attacks: Cut, Fly, Strength, Rock Smash, Protect, Rain Dance, Roost, Sunny Day, Bulk Up, Defog, Slash, Tailwind.

Weak Against: Rock, Electric, Ice
Height: 190 cm (6'2?)
Weight: 89 kg (196lb?)
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Mid short and straight
Eye Color: Sapphire blue
Skin Tone: tanned
Build: Muscular

Markings/Scars: he has various burns all over his body
Tattoos: /
Piercings: /
Job: HM slave (yes that’s a job) and scoutmaster.

Appearance: Milo is a robust, young and tanned man. He always wears his Scoutmaster uniform and never goes out without his feathery campaign hat. Milo always has with him a giant backpack that can hold any object useful for exploration and other Scout activities. He is very clean and keeps its wings and tail well groomed.

Personality: Milo is a cheerful person who always sees the positive side of things. He loves to practice all types of outdoor activities and is always enthusiastic about going on a new adventure. As a scoutmaster he always sets a good example to his troop by willingly helping others and “Doing a good turn daily”. When he starts to talk it’s difficult to make him stop. He always tries to follow the Scout Law and be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant Other: /
Rival: /
Family: father and lots of uncles and cousins, all Braviarys
Hometown: Route 23 (Unova)

Possible voice: ??? Goku's parody voice- Adorable and silly (from 2:35)


Likes: company, telling stories and his housemate Morrigan
Dislikes: Thunders (for both flying problems and the noise), rainy days.
Fears: Being useless, teaching wrong values to his troop.
Strength: survival in the wild nature, flying/ walking for a long time.
Weaknesses: staying silent, thinking too much.

Battle Style: Milo firmly believes the fights are not the right way to use his Gijinka abilities. That’s why he uses his moves just for useful purposes, or to help others. He is always willing to protect someone with Protect or taking the hit in his place.


Food: Everything that can be roasted on a camp fire
Drink: Water
Color: blue, red and white on tie
Season: Summer
Activity: any outdoor scout activity


Milo was born in a large community of Braviary in the route 23 and grew up surrounded by his many uncles and cousins. Being with all the Braviary, so naturally enthusiastic and plucky, made him be an enterprising kid who never stood still even back when it was a small Rufflet. As soon as he was old enough, Milo entered the group of Boy Scouts of Unova where he could use his inexhaustible energy to do good for the others.

Milo loved scouting and he never took off his uniform, because he was very proud of being a boy scout. Thanks to his enthusiasm, he excelled in all kinds of different activities, from climbing to woodwork, and was eventually able to get all 136 merit badges before the age of 18 years. With the passing of the years evolved into a robust and hardworking Braviary. Of course he was taught to be always benevolent and helpful person, and since there were many trainers passing by the route 23 to go to the Pokèmon league, Milo often helped them to cross the Victory Road knowing many useful moves such as Cut, Strength and Rock Smash.

When he turned 18, Milo decided to start his career to become a scoutmaster, to be able to lead a troop and instill to the younger kids the desire for adventure and the joy to help others which were so important to him. One day, he went in reconnaissance in the path 4, to organize an exploration Desert Resort with his troop; there he met a human trainer that asked his help to arrive safely at Nimbasa City. Of course Milo gladly accepted and escorted him through the route to the city. But instead of being thanked, the human decided to acquire him as if it was a property, being interested in Milo’s useful abilities.

He was given the unpleasant task of HM slave, having to move boulders, cut trees or carry his new trainer around every day. However for Milo those labors didn’t weighed at all, as he was used to physical labor, and was more than enthusiastic to accompany the human in his travels, even if he wasn’t a good person. Milo was soon introduced to another Gijinka that was under the employ of the human, a Chandelure named Morrigan who seemed to hate everything and everyone, and loathed him from the very first moment.

Since Milo always act kindly to everyone, and since he liked Morrigan a lot, he decided that the both of them should have definitely become great friends, as they were forced to live together. So Milo shares with his best friend Morrigan an apartment in Striaton City, and every day tries to avoid being killed by his housemate. When the human does not need him, Milo happily continues his Scoutmaster activities. He takes with him all the young Gijinka that Morrigan raises, and does everything he can to help them grow up as good people, before they’ll embark on their own path.

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