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Jericho Nocturne

Name: Jericho Nocturne
Pokemon: Sableye
National #: 302
Title: Darkness Pokémon
Type of Pokemon: Dark, Ghost
Nicknames: He’s mostly know with his surname, his “nephews” call him Uncle Nocturne
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Birthday: 16th of September
Sign: Virgo (ahah fitting)

Nature: Quirky. Nocturne is way more intelligent of what he looks like, and will try to swindle the people he finds interesting enough. He has a very practical way of acting and somehow can always find the solution to every problem he encounters.

Held Items: Rocky Helmet (worn when he’s working or fighting), Sablenit embedded in his pickaxe, that he always carries over.
Ability: Keen Eye (Prevents other Pokémon from lowering accuracy.) Prankster (Gives priority to a status move.)

Attacks: Mean Look, Dark Pulse, Shadow Claw, Payback, Power-Up Punch, Protect, Feint Attack, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Power Gem, Sucker Punch, Dig, Fake Out, Hidden Power (fighting)

Weak Against: Damn Fairies
Height: 165 cm (5'4?)
Weight: 70 kg (154lb?)
Hair Color: purple, starting to become gray
Hair Length: Medium short (above the shoulders)
Eye Color: He has “prosthetic eyes” made out of diamonds (transparent?)
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Brawny and squat

Markings/Scars: He has many scars all over his body, signs of affection from his Girlfriend
Tattoos: has different tattoos dedicated to his beloved Girlfriend (some of them in private areas)
Piercings: /
Job: Goldsmith, blacksmith, miner and thief.

Appearance: Nocturne is a very muscular and short middle-aged man. He likes to stay in hidden places and crawl out from the darkness to creep out the people. Nocturne usually has a big grin on his face, showing his pointy teeth. He commonly wears a beanie it to protect himself from the sunlight, being used to stay in the darkness in the undergrounds. He has “fake” diamond eyes, but can see normally. A ruby is fitted in the middle of his chest.

Personality: Nocturne is a real creep. He talks, moves and act in a very slimy and sly way. He cares only for his own interests and doesn’t have any problem to cheat, lie or steal to have what he wants. He’s a maniac obsessed with a Gengar Gijinka, and he’s always stalking/ following her, thinking of her as his Girlfriend. He loves his nephews but acts really blunt with them calling them squirts or snotty.

Orientation: Heterosexual Maniac towards his Girlfriend, asexual towards everyone else.
Very Significant Other: His Most Beloved Girlfriend Maledit the Gengar
Rival: /
Family: Zamboni Jr- (Crobat- nephew), Leucer-(Crobat-nephew), Maledit-(Gengar-“Girlfriend”)
Hometown: Granite Cave/Dewford Town (Hoenn)


Likes: His Girlfriend, collecting gems, theft with his nephews.
Dislikes: Sableyes (can’t trust those damn Sableyes!)
Fears: Rejection, being cheated on by His Girlfriend.
Strength: Digging for a long time, working metals, taking many hits
Weaknesses: Pink happy fairies, Fasting , His Girlfriend

Battle Style: Nocturne is physically really strong and even if he’s a ghost he actually prefers to use physical moves like Power-Up Punch, Brick Break or Sucker Punch, but he will use moves like Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse if needed. After being beaten up for years by His Girlfriend, he almost doesn’t feel pain anymore, so he won’t have any problem to endure the attacks also thanks to his resistance to the different types. He usually carries a pickaxe with him and will use it as a weapon as well. Nocturne doesn’t have second thought at using every kind of trick, no matter how low it might be, to win. He still isn’t in possess of a mega stone.


Food: Rubies and almandines
Drink: Mercury
Color: Red (like His Girlfriend eyes)
Season: fall
Activity: spending time with his Girlfriend (and then proceed in being brutally beaten up by her)


The last thing Nocturne heard before he died was the rumble of a shot and the cold steel that was stuck into his body. Falling to the ground, its enormous bulk produced a thud. He had used his enormous hand as a shield to protect his trainer, while the other was still clutching the stolen goods to their last hit. He longed to be useful to his trainer and his criminal mind and had trained hard day and night; giving slaps on rocks and trees, and now he was also able to break a light pole with a slap. But he would never be able to prove his strength anymore, because he had fallen asleep in death.

When he awoke he had become completely blind, and was hungry, a terrible hunger! The only thing he could find while fumbling in the dark were rocks and stones, and desperately hungry as he was decided to try to eat one. To his surprise it was not only edible, but also tasty! After being satisfied he curled up in a corner and fell asleep. So he continued to live in the cave and fabricated himself a pair of eyes out of diamonds to be able to see, and by constantly eating gems a big ruby grown on his chest. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to leave the Granite Cave since there was too much light outside.

With the time passing, there were less and less gems to eat, and Nocturne didn’t know what to do, but luckily shortly after a trainer arrived in the cave, and helped him by giving him a beanie to wear for protecting himself from the light. So Nocturne joined his team as a way of thanking him, even if he didn’t really care for him or his new teammates.

After some time his trainer temporarily accepted a Haunter Gijinka of a friend in Sinnoh in his team so she could be able to evolve. Nocturne fell in love with her on first sight so he tried in every way to win her heart and even then created a tiara for her, but the girl didn’t return his feeling, since she already had a fiancée in Sinnoh. When the time came for her to return home, Nocturne left his team to secretly follow her up to Sinnoh, much to her dismay. Although she got married and had two children, and has repeatedly tried to make him understand that there isn’t anything besides them, Nocturne continues to stalk and claim her as His Girlfriend.

Since His Girlfriend and her husband were usually away on business, they gave him custody of their children Leucer and Zamboni. Because of its nature, Nocturne will do anything to make them get their paws on any gem, stone, marble or glittery thing that he can get his hands on from crawling in dark tunnels and narrow in the bowels of the earth, to dig for hours and hours and OBVIOUSLY steal. So he decided to make out of his “nephews” his personal helpers, so that they could steal for him. For their part the kids were very enthusiastic and happy to learn from their beloved uncle Nocturne. Since they all lived in the Resort area, Nocturne made of a cave in Stark Mountain his new home, to be always close to them.

Nocturne is a skilled goldsmith, able to work every precious material and create splendid jewels and other types of objects and due to the volcanic activity of the volcano; he has transformed the place in his personal forge where he works various metals and he also dug tunnels that lead to the undergrounds, where he can finds gems and minerals to eat and work. Recently Nocturne opened a shop in Unova where he sells his creations, to stay with his nephews that moved there.

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