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Leucer Flaggermus

Name: Leucer Damian Regis Flaggermus
Pokèmon: Crobat (shiny)
National #: 169
Title: Bat Pokémon
Type of Pokèmon: Poison/Flying
Nicknames: He doesn’t have one, but his subordinates call him “Sir”, and his brother address him as “pink” if he wants to tease him.
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: 5th of June
Sign: Gemini

Nature: Lonely. Leucer is more reserved than his brother and sometimes he just likes to stay on his own. But he’s not a solitaire person; he actually enjoys the company of his brother and usually works with his subordinates (Even if he thinks that they are idiots). When he’s really angry, Leucer will fly away to find a quiet place to relax.

Held Items: Expert Belt (Boosts power of super effective moves by 20 %) and blood packets. He also always wear a brooch donated by his father.

Ability: Inner Focus (prevents the Pokémon from flinching.) Infiltrator (Passes through the foe's barrier and strikes.)

Attacks: Cross Poison, Leech Life, Venoshock, Supersonic, Bite, Poison Fang, X-Scissor, Screech, Haze, Air Slash, Giga Impact, Protect, U-turn, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Steel Wing, Double Team, Hyper Beam.

Weak Against: Rock, Electric, Psychic, Ice.
Height: 157 cm (5'1?)
Weight: 57 kg (125 lb.?)
Hair Color: Lilac
Hair Length: Medium short, wavy and always combed.
Eye Color: Completely white (originally yellow sclera and red irises)
Skin Tone: Pale (Satin)
Build: Slim

Markings/Scars: /
Tattoos: /
Piercings: /
Job: Criminal (specialized in embezzlement, fraud and blackmail) also Team Nero leader.

Appearance: Leucer is a very small person. He’s more active in the night and it will not be usually seen during the daytime. He always has a serious look on his face and rarely smiles. Leucer likes to read so he’ll always carry a book with him, but he won’t read in the presence of others, because his books are in Braille, and he reads by touching them. He always talks with a calm yet cold tone, even when he’s annoyed or angry. He only screams when referred as “pink” or if he has to be heard.

Leucer always wears black sunglasses because he’s blind. His other senses are very much developed, especially sense of smell. Continuously emitting ultrasound he can "see" objects and people around him. Being less focused on the perception of external reality he has developed his thinking and memory, which helps him to understand the situation he is in without the need to see. When Leucer is on the floor the vibrations in the ground it makes him understand if someone is moving and in which direction. His sense of smell is so developed that he can smell blood even from kilometers away. The real deficiency are that he can’t see the colors (but knows them since he hasn’t always been blind) and that can only read Braille. Leucer doesn’t want people to know that he’s incapable of seeing mainly because people wouldn’t fear him or worse feels pity for him since he’s a criminal. So he always keeps the glasses and he’s so relaxed and confident that no one would say that he’s blind.

Personality: Leucer has a cultured and refined way of speaking, and has good manners having taken lessons in etiquette at the Ribbon Syndicate. When he first meets someone, he’ll quietly judge him to understand if is someone worth talking to, since he doesn’t like to waste his time with ignorant or uncouth people. He has a superior complex and thinks to be better than almost everyone, with rare exceptions. Leucer is very clever and likes to learn and teach new things, so he will always rely on his knowledge to solve problems. He’s also a determined person. When he sets himself a goal, no matter how ambitious it is, he won’t stop until he reaches it, even if this would mean do bad or evil things. When he’s with his brother, Leucer will act a little more carefree and relaxed.

Orientation: Heterosexual Aromantic
Significant Other: /
Rival: Anyone who interferes with his plans.
Family: Zamboni Sr (Crobat-Father), Maledit (Gengar-Mother) Zamboni Jr (Crobat-Twin Brother), Nocturne (Sableye-Godfather/Uncle)
Hometown: Resort Area - Sinnoh

Voice from minute 2:30


Likes: Books, quiet places, intelligent people.
Dislikes: Strong sunlight, being underestimated, disobedient people.
Fears: Heatran, be unable to achieve the objectives that he sets himself.
Strength: teach or explain things, fast reading and understanding new information.
Weaknesses: jobs requiring physical strength, looking threatening.

Battle Style: Leucer won’t fight for fun or to prove his superiority (he already knows to be better than the others) and in dangerous situations he will probably try to escape. But if he’s forced, he’ll fight. He likes to study the foe and he don’t attack casually, but always following a tactic or a scheme. He’s fast and he knows some pretty strong moves, like Cross Poison, Giga Impact and Hyper beam. Thanks to moves like Protect and Double Team he can resist and engage long battles, but he will try to finish his opponent as soon as possible.


Food: rare fillet and his mother spicy poffins
Drink: coffee and blood (but not together, urgh)
Color: Black
Season: Winter
Activity: Studying, reading and practices monologues.


Leucer was born in the resort area in Sinnoh. His parents were the champions of the Sinnoh league and they all lived together in a nice villa with their teammates and trainer.

As a Zubat he was born completely blind. Leucer grown up learning how to live normally without any need to see, being able to use ultrasound as eyes. He’s always been a curious person who loves to know new things, so he loved to play and explore the surroundings with his brother. Since there weren’t other kids in the area Leucer and Zamboni were companies to each other, thus establishing a strong bond. In any case Leucer didn’t like the company of others showing kind of a haughty personality even as a young person.

Their parents were often away on business, so they were raised by their uncle. Uncle Nocturne, among other things, was a thief who had the brilliant idea to teach them how to steal, cheat, lie and everything that they needed to know to make them his assistants. Leucer liked the stealing lessons, but he also liked to attend to the etiquette lessons that their mother had imposed to them. He wanted to learn how to be a refined adult that people would respect.

When they were two teenagers and they evolved in Golbats, Zamboni and Leucer gained the ability to see, but it was a traumatizing occurrence for them. Being able to see all of the sudden colors, movements and light was a real shock. They had to wear dark glasses and stay locked up at home for months. For a quiet person like Leucer, had to stay at home wasn’t a big problem. In just a couple of weeks he had already learned how to read and write, so he stood all day alone in his room to read anything that ended up to his hands, history, philosophy, medicine; he was certain that all that knowledge would have been useful one day. He also tried to teach something to his brother, with poor results. Unfortunately as a Golbat he always had a great appetite for blood, and the blood packets that his father brought did not satisfy him at all, since he had developed preferences for a few blood types.

When they finally got used to sight, Leucer had desire for a bit of movement so for their fifteenth birthday Zamboni and Leucer asked for permission to go and explore the region on their own. Given that for their parents were good and mature boys, they agreed. They arrived in Sinnoh and began to travel to the different cities, and strangely, wherever they passed, objects and money began to disappear to the people. The two brothers were too skilled to get caught, and most were known as the children of the champions, who were honest and working people, so anyone would have ever suspected of them.

Arrived in Celestic town they learned that in the Celestic Town Historical Research Center were exhibited the Adamant and Lustrous Orb, so they decided to organize a big hit to test their skills. They worked out a plan to perfection and managed to steal them without major problems, although well protected. They were so happy and satisfied with their success that they evolved in Crobats. Returning home at the Resort Area, they decided to donate them to their dear uncle without him knowing about it, so he was discovered and arrested for burglary of national property (although for the first time in his life he actually was innocent).

With the second evolution, they had become even more agile and silent, and at that time, with their developed senses, improved skills and knowledge and the experience gained, they had become infallible thieves, but the Resort Area was beginning to be too small for them. They decided to leave for some distant region, where to begin a career as professional thieves, where nobody would have recognized them as the children of the champions anymore. Before leaving, they wanted to do something nice for their uncle as a repayment for all his teaching (and to make up for the fact that he was arrested because of them), and since he had a large collection of gems, stones and rocks but he missed a Magma Stone, they decided to go to Stark Mountain and steal it to Heatran for him.

They went into the deepest meanders of the mountain, the environment was getting warmer and soon arrived in the chamber where there was the Magma Stone, surrounded by a river of lava. Everything seemed quiet, so they decided to act without hesitation to get away quickly with the loot.
<I told you it was a great idea!> Zamboni said cheerfully taking the Magma Stone. As soon as he pronounced these words the air itself seemed to catch fire, and a powerful metallic voice echoed across the room. <Who dares steal to the mighty Heatran?> the two rushed to the exit, but the earth shook violently, causing a landslide that blocked the exit.

A huge monstrous woman stepped in front of them. She was wearing a heavy armor, and some parts of her body were melted magma. Her face was contorted into a furious expression. They tried to fight her, but Heatran was too protected and strong for them, and she was completely immune to their poison. On the other hand, Heatran, angry from their affront, attacked them fiercely and eventually used a powerful Flash Cannon, completely blinding them again. Almost exhausted and startled by the move, they weren’t anymore able to protect themselves.

Heatran would have killed them when Nocturne, who had followed them, came out grinning out of a hole made in the ground and bounced on Heatran, beginning to bite her fiercely. The hard metal armor was like butter for a Sableye like him. Then he used his Mean Look to paralyze her and grabbed his nephews (and stole the Magma Stone since he was there.) furious, Heatran made the volcano erupt to stop them, but the three had already fled through the thick network of tunnels that Nocturne had dug over the years.

Apart from the traumatic experience and returning blind, Zamboni and Leucer had gone well since they were still alive in spite of everything. Fearing to be treated as two poor maimed they decided to hide their blindness by wearing dark glasses. Shortly thereafter they left for Unova, where they formed a team of crooks that is currently active in various criminal acts mostly failing miserably.

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