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Morrigan Madfire

Name: Morrigan Madfire
Pokèmon: Chandelure
National #: #609
Title: Luring Pokémon
Type of Pokèmon: Ghost, Fire
Nicknames: Mor-Mor, m&m's, Phantom queen.
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birthday (and date of death): 13th October
Sign: Libra

Nature: Naïve. Back when he was reborn as a ghost, Morrigan was really disoriented and used to believe in everything that people told him. With time and experience he has learned not to trust people. Now he’s a very suspicious person and doesn’t like anyone.

Held Items: He always carries a bag with his entire baby-sitting equipment.

Ability: Flame Body (Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker.) Flash Fire (Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.)

Attacks: Attract, Dark Pulse, Flash, Will-O-Wisp, Overheat, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Memento, Inferno, Frustration.

Weak Against: Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, Dark
Height: 177cm (5'9?)
Weight: 56 kg (123lb?)
Hair Color: Lilac
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Completely yellow luminous eyes
Skin Tone: light grey
Build: Skinny

Markings/Scars: He has stripes on his mouth and various scars on his wrists.
Tattoos: /
Piercings: /
Job: Gijinka babysitter and Pokèmon breeder

Appearance: Morrigan is a skinny, ghostly man, who looks older than he actually is. His eyes and the intern of the mouth glows of a bright yellow light, so he can use move flash just by keeping his mouth open. When Morrigan is particularly sad, melted wax start dripping from his eyes like tears. He can’t control this phenomenon and that causes him embarrassment. The flame on his head becomes more powerful and hot when he's angry. His voice is feeble and sounds like a plaintive sigh.

Personality: Morrigan is a terribly depressed guy, and has the special power to depress anyone who is staying in his company. He has a grumpy and bad tempered behavior with everyone and he gets angry for no reason. He likes to make cruel pranks (especially to his housemate Milo) but even that doesn’t give him much satisfaction.

Orientation: Asexual
Significant Other: /
Rival: Everyone and everything, but he particularly hates his trainer
Family: He has no family since he’s reborn as a ghost after dying
Hometown: Strange House (Unova)


Likes: Setting things (or people) on fire, sleeping.
Dislikes: Almost everything.
Fears: Immortality.
Strength: Swift diapers change, eggs hatching, understanding what babies want.
Weaknesses: being in contact with liquids, social intercourses and relationships

Battle Style: Morrigan will probably attack only when he’s very mad with someone, so he’ll just try to destroy his opponent with fire; he knows plenty of strong fire moves like Overheat, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Inferno. He weakens the opponent to the maximum with memento. His most powerful move is frustration (because he’s so much frustrated)


Food: Peyote puffs and vital energy
Drink: 100% pure alcohol
Color: Grey
Season: He hates every season
Activity: Suicide attempting and pyromania


The last day of Morrigan’s first life had been ordinary, and that evening he was training alone smashing rocks near the Pinwheel forest, while the companions of his group had already left. He was fully absorbed from training, so he didn’t heard the foes approaching until it was too late to escape. He remained calm even when he was surrounded. He knew it would have been the end for him. If he had his companions with him they could have faced them with ease, but alone he had no chance. But he decided not to surrender, he would have died fighting. Even alone he was a worthy opponent, but the enemies were too many and in no time he was overwhelmed. As he felt the bones crack under the fists of enemies and his gi is soaked with his own blood, his last thought was the regret of not being able to fight with greater fury, perhaps taking with him in death a couple of enemies. His vision blurred, the faces of his opponents became indistinct red spots, and then everything became dark...

When he awoke, he felt very warm and light. He was in an old, dusty attic and was alone. It was daytime, and exploring the new ambient he didn’t find anyone around; only when the night came the house started to get crowded. Morrigan, disoriented and incapable to understand what was going on, tried to approach someone to ask for help. He was completely ignored by all, and the only person who had the compassion to stop and listen to him, just answered him with apathetic tone “You died and become a ghost. Welcome to the Strange House." and then left, leaving poor Morrigan slightly dismayed.

Learned about his new condition, Morrigan knew that despite everything he had been lucky, at least he didn’t became a Yamask forced to recall with regret his previous life, or a Spiritomb, unable to get control of himself, constantly held by 108 different spirits! On the other hand, however, he was always hungry. In the Strange House visitors didn’t come often and there were dozens of Litwick like him hungry of vital energy. The others few Gijinka in the house weren’t such affable people, since everyone just preferred to think about himself more than collaborate. His little light was almost always off, and Morrigan felt increasingly sad and lonely, wondering what would become of the rest of his life.

One day a human arrived to the House. Normally all the Pokèmon and Gijinkas would have approached him to eat his vital energy or rob him, but that time, on the contrary, rushed into hiding almost scared by him. Morrigan didn’t understand the cause of all this panic, and naively confronted him alone, believing to be able to deceive him for his own advantage. But that was a big mistake, since the human captured him immediately without any mercy. So the poor Morrigan was enslaved, forced to train and evolve twice, and finally he was given the worst job in the world: the babysitter.

The human wanted to create a perfect team and Morrigan had been commissioned to select and raise the best Pokèmon to that purpose, but no matter how hard he tried, the human was never fully satisfied, rejecting all Pokèmon brought by him. Morrigan became more and more angry and frustrated as the months went by. Certainly now he was never hungry, surrounded as he was by the vital energy of the young Pokèmon and Gijinkas he had under his care, but that didn’t comfort him much.

As if that were not enough, shortly after starting his job, another Gijinka was forcedly recruited for the human crew, but unlike Morrigan, he didn’t seem very bothered by his new condition of life, and to contrary had a great desire to make friends with everyone, especially the poor Chandelure. Of course, Morrigan despised him from the start, while the Braviary named Milo, just too happy, thought that they had become best friends. Milo and Morrigan share a little apartment in Striaton City, near the Pokémon Day Care so that Morrigan can pick up new eggs to care for, and there’s no day that he doesn’t try to kill himself or the poor, stupid companion.

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