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Jenna Maverick

Name: Jenna Maverick
Pokèmon: Krookodile
National #: 553
Title: Intimidation Pokémon
Type of Pokèmon: Ground, Dark
Nicknames: Crimson destroyer, beast of doom, bringer of blood and gore (All given by Zamboni, she finds them extremely nice and flattery)
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: 2th of November
Sign: Scorpio

Nature: Bashful. Jenna is in general a grumpy, unfriendly and stubborn person. If she really likes someone she will show it being just a little more talkative and polite. She usually does not submit to the will of others with the only exception of her boss Zamboni and her leader Leucer. Jenna hardly ever surrenders in battle or life.

Held Items: Amulet coin, a present from her boss that she jealously treasure.

Ability: Intimidate (Lowers the opposing Pokémon's Attack stat.) Moxie (Boosts the Attack stat after knocking out any Pokémon.) Anger Point (Maxes the Attack stat after the Pokémon takes a critical hit.)

Attacks: Outrage, Crunch, Payback, Dig, Foul Play, Dragon Claw, Dark Pulse, Dragon Tail, Stone Edge, Bulldoze, Earth power, Shadow Claw, Focus Blast, Iron tail, Sandstorm and Return.

Weak Against: Fighting, Bug, Water, Grass, Ice, Fairy.
Height: 205 cm (6’8?)
Weight: 120 kg (264 lb.?) She has big bones and a heavy tail.
Hair Color: red with light brown locks due to her pre evolution.
Hair Length: under her shoulders and wavy.
Eye Color: Coal black
Skin Tone: Tanned
Build: big, bulky and very muscular

Markings/Scars: She has black stripes on her elbows.
Tattoos: /
Piercings: She usually wears spiky earrings in both her ears.
Job: Bodyguard and criminal (specialized in extortion and robbery).

Appearance: Jenna is a very big woman. She can be easily mistaken for a man, especially when she wears sunglasses and her leather jacket. She dresses with a punk style and has a Mohawk hairstyle. She has pointy fangs and sharp claws. Her tail is really heavy so she raises it only to attack. She often wears sunglasses and spiky accessories. She doesn’t wear heavy clothes even if she hates cold temperatures.

Personality: Jenna always stays quiet at the side of her boss, waiting for orders. She’s always calm and obedient with him, on the other side she has little patience with other people and she’ll be easily annoyed. If someone threatens her boss, she will protect him at the cost of her life. She always listens and completes her boss orders, disobeying only if it's something that puts him in extreme danger.

Orientation: Heterosexual, but not interested in a relationship.
Significant Other: She feels a deep platonic love to his boss, and she’s just happy to stay at his side.
Rival: Everyone who’s a threat for her boss, and she hold a grudge towards Braviarys.
Family: Her parents and an older brother (they are all Krookodiles)
Hometown: Desert Resort - Unova



Likes: Stud accessories, desert heat.
Dislikes: Working with other people other than her boss, Braviarys, too curious people.
Fears: Being worthless, not being able to protect her boss.
Strength: Close combat, subdue people with brutal force.
Weaknesses: Cold, moving fast and thinking about strategies.

Battle Style: If she’s with her boss she will mostly protect him and even when she’s fighting she’ll always keep an eye on him to be sure he’s safe. She keeps the enemies distant with Protect and Dragon Tail, and if necessary escapes using Dig. If she’s alone she will focus on the battle and be much more violent. She’ll attack with strong moves like Stone Edge, or Shadow Claw or just endure the hits and use moves like Payback or Foul Play. Jenna is physically very strong and resistant but also slow and sometimes impulsive. Just like Krookodiles she can see in the dark so she can easily fight at night or in dark surroundings. Thanks to her abilities she’ll become stronger as the time pass. Jenna excels in hand-to-hand combat so she will often use techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.



Food: Cheesecake (But she doesn’t allow herself to eat it, too much fats!)
Drink: Protein shakes
Color: Purple
Season: Summer
Activity: Training and spending time with her boss.


Jenna grew up in the Desert Resort, a nice and calm place where Pokèmon and Gijinkas always try to slaughter each other to survive or gain power and territory. Jenna parents weren’t very caring people, so she was always with his older brother and his gang.

When Jenna still was a Krokorok, she was the smallest of the group, so she was always mocked and treated as inferior, because the only way to assert herself would be by using brute force. Sick of that life Jenna began to isolate from others and wander off from the desert further every day.

One day she ended up at the ruins near Castelia city, where she found a Braviary that, conceited, made fun of her. Jenna sick and tired of being everybody laughingstock, attacked him ferociously; Unfortunately the Braviary was too strong , and it would have ended badly for her, if it wasn’t for a little, purple, grinning thing that was wandering in the surroundings by chance. The little thing was a Crobat which began to tease in turn the Braviary, and then proceeded to knock him out thanks to his poison and velocity, under Jenna’s stunned gaze. She always thought that to be strong was equivalent to be big and sturdy, but that bat was strong even if microscopic.

The Crobat asked for money as a reward, but Jenna had nothing with her. Disappointed and disinterested, he was about to leave, but Jenna stopped him, pleading him to take her with him to learn to be really strong. In return she offered to serve him for the rest of her life and protect him from any danger. The Crobat, knowing that a Krokorok becomes a Krookodile and that a Krookodile is as big as a wrestler and pissed off like two wrestlers, accepted immediately with a light shining in the eyes (only that he had glasses). And so her new companion Zamboni begun to train her very hard, preparing her for any situation, making her evolve in a Krookodile in little time.

Zamboni also tried to teach her how to steal, but with her clumsiness and her bulky build she wasn’t so good. On the other hand Jenna was highly capable in wringing moneys out of the people. When they encountered someone interesting, Jenna raised him upside down and shook him, while Zamboni appropriated of everything coming out of his pockets. Zamboni was delighted about that, and Jenna was happy too just watching him smile, as she grew fond of him every day that passed.

After some time he said that it was time to go because he had to reunite with his brother, but she asked him to wait just another day, since she had a score to settle before leaving definitively that place. So she returned the Desert Resort, determined to beat his brother's ass for all the times he bullied her and to show him that even little people could be strong. Now they were the same size, her brother was strong and ferocious but Jenna had developed some skills and didn’t want to disappoint Zamboni, who was watching everything with a satisfied look on his face, so in the end she knocked him out.

Zamboni congratulated with her and offered an amulet coin as a gift (Of course it was just to gain more money for himself) and decided to reveal to Jenna his blindness. Jenna was surprised as never before, and she couldn’t help but feel even more admiration for him. And so the odd couple headed off for new adventures, (but especially for stealing people stuff)

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