Hi there, visitor! :) Welcome to my Photography world.

This is just a little world where, every few days, I'll post a particularly good photograph that I've taken recently. I'm not much of a camera-expert, but I try to do what I can with my Canon! I can't say what area of photography I'm going to be posting, because I'm still trying to find my niche. I hope, though, that every photo can at least give you a tickle or a smile.

I really, really hope you guys enjoy my photos. Please feel free to ask questions or comment or whatever, and thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Autumn Loves You

Hi guys! Here's a picture I snapped the other day in my backyard. And boy oh boy, was it cold outside. I forgot to wear shoes (like a boss) so my feetsies were frozen when I got back inside.


"Autumn Loves You!"

Listen to "Sinking Friendships" by Jónsi. :)

Portrait of a Fat Cat

It's 1:05 in the morning. I'm restless. Have a picture of my fat cat! Taken a few days ago, but just now edited.

The lighting at the time was really cool, because the sun shining through our front door illuminated the foyer like some old church. :) Milly looooved the light.

"Portrait of a Fat Cat"

Listen to "Strange and Unprepared" by Copeland.

Layers of Ambiguity

Eek! It's been too long already. I always forget to post a picture when I'm lurking around here, haha.

*lurk lurk*

Anyway, this was taken a few days ago when I was doing a traditional painting for my portfolio. Gouache is awesome! Especially when it leaves your palette all grody, fun and loved. <3

"Layers of Ambiguity"

Listen to "Going Under" by Windsor Drive (on their Myspace music player). :)

PS: The image is kind of compressed on here.. ; ; It's a lot cleaner than this, I promise!

Unicorns Are Made of Stardust

Whew! After an agonizingly-long day, I have finally managed to finish my homework. Thus, I am able to give you guys another picture! :)

It's not exactly in the Halloween spirit, but hey. It was such a fun, stress-relieving picture (and trust me, I desperately needed the stress-relief part!), that I felt that it would lighten y'all's spirits. And mine too, seeing as how the Rangers are kind of sucking today. Giants suck.

"Unicorns Are Made of Stardust"

Listen to "Waking Dream" by Natalie Walker for the mood!

Haha, I accidentally posted this to my Blog. Whoops! That's what I get for posting while I'm exhausted into delirium.


Hey guys, I snuck away from my massive amount of homework to upload this. :) I don't want my updates to be too spaced out!

This one was actually taken by my old digital camera; although it's pretty much decrepit right now, it used to take some really nice macro shots!


Listen to "Water" by Nobuo Uematsu. :)

If I don't get to upload anything tomorrow, happy halloween, fellas!! Have a merry ol' time, and if you have costumes, be sure to post pictures!!! :) I'm going to be Kiki!