Hi there, visitor! :) Welcome to my Photography world.

This is just a little world where, every few days, I'll post a particularly good photograph that I've taken recently. I'm not much of a camera-expert, but I try to do what I can with my Canon! I can't say what area of photography I'm going to be posting, because I'm still trying to find my niche. I hope, though, that every photo can at least give you a tickle or a smile.

I really, really hope you guys enjoy my photos. Please feel free to ask questions or comment or whatever, and thank you so much for stopping by! :)


I say this every single time, but long time no post, fellas! I've been pretty busy with school and my personal life and whatnot, so photo time was pretty lacking for the past few weeks while I stress about college. :< But! the other day I went on a rampage of taking pictures with my Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume bottle, and I got some pretty cool abstract/macro results!

So, here's my favorite pic from the lot! It's called "Viscous." I feel like such a prude when I name these, but y'all know me, and I don't like leaving anything without a name. :)

Music: New Piano Song (live) - Jónsi. I still don't understand why Jónsi hasn't made it to the radio yet; his music is so much more inspiring than crap like Lil Wayne. :/


GUYS! Long time no post; I've missed photography so much the past few weeks, but what with finals and college readiness and other obligations.. I've been pretty slack on photos, haha. Luckily, though, I got to go outside and take a bunch of pictures in the snow... but unfortunately, only a few of them came out very good. :)

Here's one of my successful shots, though! It's kind of conceptual, I guess. I have a great love for bright, delicate photography, so I thought I might take a stab at it during the snowy day last weekend. Good lord, I wish it would snow more around here! I love going out and playing, and I will never ever ever get tired of it. But I guess it's not very good for the plants, is it?


My intended mood comes from "Grow Till Tall" by Jónsi!

The Turning

HI! Long time no see.

Unfortunately, said long time was a time filled with school crap and retests and going in early/staying late and yadda yadda yadda, but it's winter break now, so I'm chillin' and uploadin'.

This was taken on a trip down to Waco for the Baylor/OU game in November. It was a tree right across from a little coffee shop in downtown!

"The Turning"

Ummm, I don't have any music for this one, surprisingly, haha! Maybe put on some Jeremy Fisher, I guess.... (you don't have to listen to me though).


Hi guys! I'm taking a wink of time to upload this sucker, which is an oldie, but a goodie, haha. And it's a self-portrait, which is really exciting in itself! I'm usually terrible at these, and I almost always tend to look absolutely terrible. But this one was different, and was taken on an especially good day, haha.

I will admit to brushing out some trouble spots and, as per usual, fixing the curves to add a more dramatic feel. Thank youuuu healing brush! :)


"Something" by Jim Sturgess provides the mood! You don't have to stare though... haha! I'm kidding, I'm not with an ego.


Hi guys!

My parents and I went down to Baylor to see a football game this past weekend, but instead of staying at an expensive hotel, we decided to stay at a little Bed and Breakfast run by the cutest elderly couple I ever did see. Every morning at 8:30, these adorable parfaits greeted us at the breakfast room table. I had to get a picture of one before I wolfed it down! <3 <3 <3


Listen to "Holding Onto You" by Olivia Broadfield.