Wildflower Poem

My mind worn down by earthly demands,
The soul contained within my breast collapsed.
The reasons were trivial, to be sure,
Things that otherwise carry naught to all time,
But enough to cause my resolve distress.

Healing seemed to be but a dream;
A fantasy which children devise in play.
Thankfully though, it blossomed just enough
To rejuvenate hope’s radiant calamity.

But this blossom needed to transform
Before the nothingness of fear returned.
To this, I am glad, the problem resolved,
For the next day filled me with awe.

All around me were temporary wonders
Grander than any planed works procure.
Beyond my mortal eyes stood majestically
Nature’s true essence of late spring.

Colors cared not where they stood,
Because for them arrangement is irrelevant.
Mixing hues together indiscriminately
Nature procured an endless tapestry.

The best of all rested outside the surface.
Allowing natural darkness to cover my eyes,
I took in the sweet aroma of the land,
Which in turn elated my dulled senses.

My mind restored to its true form,
I now resume the mighty march of life.
It is my goal to keep my head held high,
But just in case despair yearns for me again
I shall defy it by returning to my Eden.