Hello all! I've been itching to write some short stories as of late, but I didn't want to add to it my other writing-intensive world Tides of Fate. As the title implies, my intention for this world is to create stories as told by the bards of old. (No, I haven't done much studying on exactly what their storytelling style is, but I have the general idea. ^_~ ) Without further adieu, sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever posts manage to come. ^_^

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Beautiful Crimson

Quite simply put, I can’t get enough of the color crimson. I’m so obsessed with it that virtually nothing is quite right unless I see a little bit of it each day. But that’s perfectly acceptable, right? Everybody has a favorite c...

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The Yuki-Onna's Trick

Covered by an unwelcomed reminder of winter, Akira was waiting for death to finally release him from his icy tomb. He was uncertain about how long he had been lying there since his accidental fall from the cliff. What he did know was that his mind...

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