Chapter 1 Part 1

In the fight against Sosuke Aizen's fracciones, all four pillars keeping Karakura town safe in the Soul Society were protected. Each of the four fracciones who had attacked them had been defeated. I stood beside mt captain, captain of the first division of the 13 court guard squad.
"It is a shame that Sosuke had to betray us the way he did," I said casually, looking at the ring of flames encircling Aizen and some of his followers.
"Betraying us was the best thing that man ever did," Captain Yamamoto said in response, casual as I had been. "You came in right after his leave. You're the best second captain of the first division we have ever had; the first second captain as a matter of fact. You are lucky to have this position," he complimented. I nodded once in agrrement. I didn't need to use one of my special powers of reading minds to know that he was telling the truth, like always.
"Fighting in front of us, a little ways to the right, was my older brother, Captain Love Aikawa of squad 7. He was having a very heated pre-battle conversation with the Primera Espada, Stark. I could hear bits and pieces of what they were saying.
"I see you only drew one of your Zanpaku-to. You keep switching it to yuor oppostie hand just to keep up with me." The Espada was saying.
"My swords do not work together. Their spriritual pressures cannot cope," my brother lied. The Espada just blinked. Neither of them made a single move to attack each other.
"Please excuse me, Captain." I walked off towards my brother. I put a hand on his back and peered around his arm curiously. Even though I was second captain, I was still pretty young, 20 years of age, and I was acting like a mere teenager.
"Hello, sister. What brings you here?" Aikawa asked. Him and the Espada were looking at me. I stared at Stark. Letting my mind go black, I used another one of my special talents to see inside people's heads, I invited myself into the Espada's.