Prologue (For the FanFic) *Pic included*

*This is how Yuffie And Leon met! Or at least how i'm makeing them meet. BTW if there are any missspelled words, then I apologize early.*


Years ago...?

"Where am I?" questioned Yuffie. "I remember those things, they looked like gaint ants."

Yuffie sat up, and looked around, to see someone come down the brick steps. He was tall, had brown hair, a big Gun blade, & a scar on his face."Who's that?" She asked in thought. The man countinued down the steps, as she started to stand up on her feet. He stopped when he was right in front of her. She then concidered wether he may attack her, or if he was good.

"Who are you? Where am I?" She quickly asked before he could say a thing.

"My name's Leon, you're in Traverse Town." Leon responded, as he lowered his gun blade. "Where'd you come from? Another World?"

"Yeah, I quess?" Yuffie said with a bit of irrittation. Before the two knew they were surounded by Heartless. Leon drew his Gun Blade to strike them down, but more were attacking him!

"don't just stand there, do some thing!" He calls to Yuffie. With that She draws her Shuriken, and joins the fight. Once the fight had ended an hour later, they both were worn down. Unfortunetly more Heartless had appeared to battle! Sadly the two of them were unable to continue...

As the battle drug on, they were about to fall and needed help. Yuffie turns to fight off more of them, when Cid came out and joined them.

"It's about time Cid!!" Leon shouts at Cid who helped blow half of them away. "I was afraid that we were goners! You sure had to take your damn time!" Leon turn to face Cid when a Heartless came jumping on to him, and he could'nt reach it. Cid was to busy trowing the Heartless out of the way, that he coul'nt help him. When Leon fell Yuffie threw her shuriken, hitting the Heartless. By the time the Heartless numbers went down, Cid had cleared a path to escape on.

Once safley back at their hideout, Cid had Aerith come out to help explain things to Yuffie. But after all that Yuffie was to tired to listen. She had fallen asleep on the bed. Leon glared at her, then left to patrol again. Cid & Aerith went also.

"hmm? Whaaa?" Yuffie mumbled as she woke up at least three hours later.

"Oh! Yuffie your awake. I'll go get the others." whispered Aerith while she ran out to get Leon, and Cid.

"Good Aerith was right. You are awake." Cid says as he enters the room with Leon.

"Y..You! Leon right?" Yuffie asks when Leon fully enters the room and nods. "Cid you know him? Aerith you to? What happened?"

"We all fought with the Heartless, those things were shodows." Cid says as he goes into a very long explanation. That included introductions, worlds, Heartless, king Mickey, and the Keyblade. "So thats everything I think?"

"Ummm, Cid I think you counfused her." Leon points to Yuffie who's headed seemed to be spinning. "Here, in short Heartless are bad, the Keyblayed is good."

"Hey! I'm not dumb! I heard everything Cid said!" Yuffie sticks out her tounge at Leon, and he glared back at her.

"Oh, good," Cid turns to leave and says,"Then Leon, you and Yuffie will patrol together! I mean so she can get use to things."

"WHAT!!" Leon and Yuffie shouted at Cid, "Theres no way in Hell!!" With that they were out patroling the town before they could blink.

The two had spent at least three full nights on patrol together. They talked about their past, themselves, fighting skills, Heartless, and more. They stilll got on each others nerves a lot, but became short friends...


"mmmm... huh?" Yuffie wakes up in a daze,"Why did I dream about that stupid day? Huh, maybe I should stop eating cheese cake before bed." She crawls out of bed to get changed, and hears a familar voice coming up to her door. "ah crap! It's Leon, what could he want so damn early in the morning?" She thought as she moves for the door. In witch starts her narmal day of bugging Leon...

"HEEELLLLLOOOO!!!! GOOD MORNING LEON!!!" She shouts while openning her door. Leon stood there in anger from the shouting.