This entire world will be full of Leon X Yuffie! Also known as Squaffie! I'll have fanfics, pics, videos, and more! To start I have a squaffie video that I made!

So heres the brand NEW Squaffie banner!

Squaffie week!?

So my friend on DA & Tumblr is hosting a SQUAFFIE WEEK!!!!
All info is here in here blog-> Clicky Clicky!!!


Anyone on deviantArt who is a squaffie fan, there is now a group dedicated to them! Here it is!

I'm the founder & am looking for admins, contributors, journal writers, and am in-need of an icon. I'm too busy to get the icon done XP

New squaffie pic!

Wow I've been neglecting this world!
So to make up for my fellow Squaffie fans, I have a new picture!
I made it a while back and relized I never posted it! So here it is!

I will try to be more active with these two! ^0^

New fanfic & chapter 3

So as ya all know I had lost chapter 2 of my squaffie fanfic... But good news! I am rewriting it! I also have decided to write a new fanfic but this one will be an aerith/leon/yuffie. I will post a preview of it when I get home. It sucks writing this stuff with my friends iPod. Lol well do expect that.

Some bad news about FANFIC...

Well then for those of you who were reading my fanfic, I have some bad news, chapter 2 was recently either lost/misplaced or thrown away by accedent. So As a result I will have 2 REwrite the whole chapter. But I figured for some if you'd like 2 read some other squaffie fanfics, heres a link to the squaffie Haven on
Also if some where interested here is a link to the Squaffie Love community Forum...
The rules on LiveJournal

So yup hope you all have fun today! ^_^
I'll hurry up and work on chapter 2 real soon! ^O^