A New Tsubasa!!!

Alright everyone!!! Tsubasa World Chronicle has been released!
I really want to say more about this chapter now that I've seen it for myself, but first I should post links for everyone else. I found them at the ClampNow live journal as per usual.

This is the link to images (with chinese lettering):my.poco.cn/album/album_show_photo_list.htx&user_id=45877459&sets_id=4084013

This is a link to a translation: http://jadeseejw.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/twctranslations1/

I had such and adventure today and this is the best way to end it!

Some preliminary notes of mine that I would like to expand on later
-the three items sent over to Syaoran (did I see a bird cage shaped package???)

-the meeting Watanuki had with Yuuko from another world (I thought Fei Wong Reed said that she had disappeared from every world...Could this be far in the future? After Watanuki's "staying-in-one-place" curse has been lifted? Time DOES flow differently in each dimension. I'm just wondering if Yuuko had been reincarnated in another dimension. That would explain why Watanuki said something as confusing as "I'm waiting for her to return to this dimension.")

-the "Ideal World"....How many worlds did they go to before they landed here? It reminds me of Hanshin Republic--the most ideal first world for them to have ended up in. Also, Masahiro-kun is there, and the girl who kept popping up in the backgrounds. Something is very relaxed and familiar about this chapter that harkens back to the beginning of the series.

-The mention of Fuuma and Seishirou! I'm sorry but anything with those to involved makes me feel as though loose ends will be tied up after all. Vampire twins, anyone?

SO! What we have is a beautiful chapter of tsubasa that will bring back the good ol' times to you. No sign of Sakura, of course....they want to give us the impression that there is great distance between the group and herself. And not to sound rude, but the "good ol' times" didn't really include much of Sakura (in a fully conscious state) any way.

Did I mention the color spreads that will make great material for wallpapers???? Also I want that Iphone cover <3

Happy reading if you haven't caught the news already. And let the discussion begin!