Chapter Seven: Is this a Dream?


“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Miyuki.” I said holding her hand before she walked out the door.

“Sounds good.” She smiled looking up at me.

“You sure you don’t want me to walk you home?” I asked brushing some of her hair behind her ear with my fingers.

“Tai needs the attention right now.” She nodded and went up on her toes and kissed my cheek then left.

I closed the door and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes. ‘Miyuki is right though I was trying to ignore it but I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were being watched…I’ll check up on Tai and then I’ll start looking around for anything suspicious.’ I thought as I finished up with the dishes. It wasn’t that hard to do dishes tonight considering that all we made was soup so that it would be easy for Taisuke to eat. ‘He must be getting a good power with how sick he is…I don’t want to chance talking about it though with this feeling of being watched.’

After drying off my hands I wandered down the hall to the guest room and lightly knocked on the door and then opened just enough to stick my head into the room. Taisuke was sound asleep, which was good, he needed the rest. I shut the door as quietly as I could and then started my search around the house for anything that could have been out of place. When an hour had passed I couldn’t find anything so with a sigh I went to my room and grabbed one of my books that I haven’t finished reading yet and then went back out into the living room and sat there in the quiet as I opened my book. Sitting out here while reading my book I knew it would give me a chance to just listen and figure out if I could hear anything.

The book that I pulled off my shelf was the one about Pharaoh Zaki. I never got a chance to finish reading it in the library so I bought the book for myself so I could pick it up and read it whenever I wanted to. Even though this book was in with the ancient Egyptian section of the library and in nonfiction I felt like it should have been placed in the fiction section with what happens in the book. I was half way thought a paragraph when I heard what sounded like a camera focusing in above me. I closed my book and set it face down on the cushion beside me and then wandered into my room and grabbed my multi tool then got up onto the couch and started taking the vent cover off and when I removed it I found a small camera.

I pulled the camera out of the vent and jumped off the couch and sat back down with the camera in one hand and the vent cover and multi tool in the other. I set down the vent cover on the end table and then with my multi tool I took the little video camera apart and severed the wires in record time. “I knew that we were being watched.” I muttered standing up and going out to the kitchen and throwing the camera in the trash. I went back into the living room and put the vent cover back on.

“Whoever is watching this I hope you are listening closely I said not taking my eyes off the vent as I screwed it back in. “I don’t care who the hell you are but it’s illegal to bug a house and I swear I will find every single camera and do to them what I did to that first one. DO NOT mess with me.” I said and then jumped down off the couch grabbed my book, locked both the front and back door, turned off all the lights in the house then went into my room and shut the door behind me.

I took a deep breath as I leaned against my door. I could feel myself shaking as I slid down the door. Who was the one that bugged the house? When did they bug the house? I was scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen. Whatever did happen though I wanted to keep Taisuke and Miyuki safe. If someone got a hold of either of them I don’t know what I would do…I looked up at my dark ceiling with the moonlight being the only light in the room that was helping me see. “I’m not even safe in my own house.” I muttered as I closed my eyes.


I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was dark in the room. The moon was no longer gleaming in the window. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and squinted as the light from my phone shined in my face. It was midnight so I got up and stumbled over to where my bed was and fell onto my bed and fell back asleep rather quickly with my book still in my hand.

‘Why am I running?’ I thought to myself as the scenery went rushing past me. ‘Where am I?’ I turned a corner and hid behind a pillar.

“Come on now Zaki this is not how a pharaoh is supposed to act.” A male voice said.

I looked at my arms and realized that I was a much darker skin tone. One that was of someone who was always out in the sun. More of a mocha skin color and the clothes that I was wearing were that from Ancient Egyptian times. I put a hand over my mouth to try to quiet down my breathing as the footsteps echoed around me and were getting closer.

“Come out and Face me Zaki…or are you afraid that your light will be extinguished by my darkness? Ha! Some gift that you were given by the gods. A gift that can not even defeat the darkness.” His voice echoed then everything went silent. The only thing that I could hear was my heart racing in my chest.

I felt a cold chill run up and down my spin and I quickly moved away from behind the pillar into the open to see a blade thrust out of the pillars shadow where I was once standing.

“I found you…” The man walked out of the pillar with his blade pointing at me. He had a mocha skin tone like mine and he was around six foot or a little taller and it felt like he towered over me as I stepped away from him and backed myself into a wall. His muscles glistened in the sunlight that was behind him and giving him an outer glow as he stood about a foot away from me.

“Sashi stop this. I can save you from the darkness…” I begged him…this was Sashi…this was Pharaoh Zaki’s older brother…what the hell is going on? “Please let me help you.” This has to be a dream…

“Save me?” He laughed, “You made me this way. Even though I am the first born, I had all rights to the throne, but instead you, a pathetic child of only eighteen out ranks me and takes the throne. You the one who never wanted any part of being a pharaoh, who did not want to rule. The one who wanted to be buried in his mountain of scrolls and mess around with the commoners and servants…You disgust me.” He said and lifted his sword. I started to go through the wall.

His blade caught my right arm before I could make it all the way into the wall. When I fell out of the other side of the wall I tumbled to the floor and quickly sat up and clutched onto my arm and ran. I ended up scaring a small group of female servants as I ran came through another wall.

One of the girls instantly went and got a long strip of cloth as another cleaned my wound and they wrapped my arm. I put my fingers up to my lips “You all have to promise not to tell anyone. This will be our secret.” I said to them and then I saw myself change into a women to look like them in a mirror that was close by. “I am trying to hid from Sashi can I ask for your assistance?” I asked them.

They all nodded and grouped around me and kept talking. Not even two minuets later Sashi kicked the door in and looked at all of us. He had the look of murder in this eyes and a wicked smile grew on his face as his gaze landed on me. He pushed the two girls that were between me and Sashi out of the way and grabbed me by my throat. He lifted me high up into the air above his head and chuckled as he squeezed my throat tighter.

“You may be able to change your appearance, but you can’t change a wound.” He said and I couldn’t hold my change any longer and I grew back into my self. “There is my little brother.” He looked up at me. “Now how should I kill you… Now don’t pass out on me little brother I want to see the expression on your face when I kill you.”

I was going to die…What should I do I have to think fast…as I started blacking out.

“ouri…” A voice echoed…who was it…”Kuori!” He shouted and my eyes shot open and I launched up off my pillow into an upright posistion.

I took a couple of gasping breaths, “Kuori are you alright?” I looked over at Taisuke who was sitting on the side of my bed and relaxed a little bit.

I nodded and put my right hand up to my throat. I was shaking really bad. I was so shaken up I could bring myself to speak.

“No your not. What’s wrong?” He asked placing a hand on my back and I flinched when he did that.

I shook my head and looked away from him. “I called Miyuki she’ll be over in a few minuets. Please try to relax and try to talk to us.” He said and I just stared out the window.