Chapter Five: No Miyuki Don't Touch That Tiara!


We got to the abandoned building in about a half an hour. It was actually the same place that had the painting in. Miyuki didn’t remember she was just excited that she was going to be able to come with me instead of staying home. Damn her sad eyes and being able to get me to say yes to anything. Hope this time around though it would go more smoothly then the first time Mi came here with me. Of course the first time that we came here she didn’t know that I was Zero and she was out to capture me just like everyone else.

“This place seems so familiar.” Miyuki commented getting off the bike.

“It should, last year we were both here and pulled into a painting.” I told her putting my helmet down on my bike.

“Really?!” She said.

“I nodded and started walking towards the abandoned building. “Okay, I’ll take upstairs if you take down here. If something seems off to you call for me.” I told her and started heading towards the stairs.

“No I’ll go check up stairs.” Miyuki stated and raced past me.

“Miyuki, no, those stairs…” I trailed off as one of the middle stairs gave way under her and I raced over and caught her before she could hit her head. “Aren’t safe to climb.” I finished my sentence holding her bridal style and taking her down the stairs again.

“Are you alright?” I asked setting her down on the first floor.

“She nodded a bit shaken up. “Now do you promise to stay down stairs?” I asked and she nodded.

I smiled at her and kissed her cheek. After I stood up straight again I tapped the wing charm on the necklace I was wearing and ebony wings appeared on my back.

“Remember shout if you need me.” I said and then flew up stairs.

Tapping the charm again made the wings disappear and I started walking down the hall to look in all the rooms. I’m sure that this place was beautiful when people were living in it.

“I wonder if that dungeon is still down stairs.” I muttered to myself as I closed another door from another empty room. “I know it’s here I can feel the aura getting stronger the further I walk down the hall, but where on earth would it be?” I kept looking and stopped in the room where it felt the strongest, but it was still dull. “Down stairs.” I said to myself and raced down stairs jumping off the second floor and doing a tuck roll so I wouldn’t hurt myself then ran down the hall that I’m hoping Miyuki hasn’t gone down yet.

“Miyuki?” I called looking in some of the rooms for her. ‘I have to find her before she finds that item. It’s too strong for her to handle on her own. She’ll easily be over powered by its aura like she did with the painting.’ I thought racing down the hall desperately trying to find her.

I went stopped at the room where the aura from the item was pouring out of and the door was opened slightly. I pushed it opened the rest of the way to see Miyuki holding that item. It was a sterling silver Tiara with jewels all along it in a rainbow assortment.

“Miyuki don’t put it on!” I shouted running towards her, but it seemed like she didn’t even hear me as I ran over to her to stop her. It was too late before I could reach her a bright light engulfed us and we were taken into the world of the Tiara.


When the light dulled I was holding onto Miyuki she was unconscious. “Hey, Mi…wake up.” I said shaking her a bit.

She opened her eyes and they were looked dull and lifeless. “What are you doing? Who are you? Get your filthy hands off of me! Guards!!” She screamed pushing away from me.

She didn’t remember me. It was the Tiara that was doing this again. “I’m the legendary thief Zero.” I smirked and bow gentlemanly towards her. “I’m here to steal your Tiara and your heart, princess.” I said. If she didn’t remember me then I might as well play along.

“It’s you, the dreadful legendary thief! How dare you say you will steal my heart? No one can do such a thing. Not even a legendary thief such as yourself.” She spat back at me and called for the guards again.

When Miyuki turned to the door of the room opening I took that chance and jumped out the window and hid myself in the shadows.

“What is wrong my lady?” One of the guards asked.

“Where did he go? That blasted Zero was here and said that he was going to steal my Tiara.” I heard Miyuki say.

“My lady, I think you’re just seeing things.” One of the guards said.

“No, I am not! I know that Zero was here in my room! I do not want the retched thief ruining my masquerade ball.” I smirked at what Miyuki said. It was just like old times when she hated this side of me. I was going to have fun toying with her again; at least for a while. ‘So the masquerade ball hua? No doubt that this is to find her a husband considering her age.’ I thought changing the way that I look to like a sixteen-year-old red head with freckles and green eyes.

“Who’s there?” I heard one of the guards say coming closer to the window.

I couldn’t get away before the guard could grab the back of my shirt and pull me into the room. “Let me go.” I demanded luckily I changed my voice back to my normal voice before I decided to say anything. “Sister, tell them to release me.” I begged.

“Brother?” She glared at me.

“Come on sis, please, I’m sorry for easdropping I won’t do it again. I just heard you screaming so I figured I would see what was wrong, and then I heard you talking about the masquerade ball…” I rambled.

She sighed and gave me a little glare. “You should know better young man. And Zero was in my room. Keep a sharp eye out for him. He is sneaky and terribly ill mannered.” She told me.

‘Really, I’m ill mannered? Well at least she bought it.’ I thought smiling happily at her as the guards let me go and left the room. “Thank you big sis.” I thanked her. “About the ball. Am I still not allowed to come because I broke your favorite vase the other day?” I asked thinking of something quick to keep a conversation going.

She looked at me and s small smile spread across her lips, “Well…it was silly of me to say that you couldn’t come. You are welcome to attend if you wish.” She said.

“Yay! Thank you sis.” I exclaimed giving her a quick hug and then running out of the room.

“If you see Zero, seize him and bring him to me immediately.” She called after me.

“Okay sis, I’ll do that.” I said now walking down the hall. ‘I guess the interesting part will be seeing how everything is manipulated as I change.’ I ducked into an empty room and closed the door. ‘I think it’s time for her to meet her long lost friend.’ I thought to myself smirking a bit to myself. Changing myself back up to my normal 6’0” height and changed my hair back to my normal hair color but made me hair to being flat and my bangs pretty much out of my face but pulled across my forehead to the right and had my eye’s go back to being blue. I found some clothes in the room that I was in and put them over my current clothes that I was wearing as Zero and then hoped out the window and went to the front entrance of the house and knocked on the door.

I guard opened up and glared down at me. “And just who are you?” He asked in a deep voice.

I smiled and looked him straight in the eyes. “You don’t remember me. I’m Kuori, Miyuki’s best friend. I just got back from over seas and I wanted to see her.” I lied and placed the memory in the man’s mind.

“Little Kuori, You’ve grown. Come right in she’s in her room. I’m sure you remember where it is considering I caught you sneaking in there more then once.” The man laughed stepping aside.

“Thanks. I’ll make it quick.” I smiled at him walking in. “The place hasn’t changed a bit.”

I walked down the hall and knocked on the door to the room that I just came out of as her little brother.

“Enter.” I heard her say from the other side of the door.

I took a deep breath and knew that I would have to start just switching a couple of memories of us and me going over seas the study.

“Miyuki, you look beautiful.” I said closing the door behind me and staring at her through the mirror.

“K-K… when, When did you???” She couldn’t even make a full sentence.

“I just got back. I figured I would surprise you.” I smiled at her.

“I’ve missed you so much!” She said running over to me.

“How have you been while I’ve been gone?” I asked her hugging her.

“A little lonely…” She blushed.

“You couldn’t find someone to play with while I was gone?” I asked winking at her playfully and a smirk spread across my lips.

“Everyone else is intimidated by me for some reason…I don’t understand why…” She trailed off.

“Well you’re pushy, you’re demanding, shall I go on?” I smiled a bit at her and I got a glare back. “But you do have a soft side that is kind and caring that I am sure anyone can fall in love with.” I continued and she smiled at me.

“Well, thank you…” She said turning around from me mumbling something under her breath.

“What’s wrong Mi?” I asked her a bit curious.

“Oh nothing really it’s nothing.” She turned around and waved her hands in front of her awkwardly.

“No you are thinking something. What is it?” I asked taking a step closer and bending over to get my face closer to hers.

“Why do I have to have this party? The only reason it is happening is because my father feels it is time I find a husband. Boys will try to court me and gahhh I do not want that.” She told me.

“I see how it is I go away for a few years and come back and I am not even invited to your party.” A smirk playing with my lips.

Mi smirked right back at me, “Are you saying you want to court me?”

“I am not courting you. I am just saying that I have first dibs at a dance with you tonight.” I answered.

“As you wish.” She said.

“No, it is up to you. This is your party after all.” I told her.

“I wish to give you the first dance.” She smiled at me and stared at me.

“As you wish my lady.” I smiled and bowed.

“…Wow Kuori…” She was shocked.

“I took her hand and kissed it lightly before standing up straight again, “I will see you tonight.”

Her face turned red “I am…looking forward to it…I missed you…”

“I missed you too.” I said and leaned in to kiss her but stopped short knowing if I kissed her everything would come rushing back to her and I wanted to enjoy this a little bit longer so I pulled away and smiled at her, “I will see you tonight.”

“Y-Yes…s-see you this evening…” She stuttered looking away.

I waved and left the room. I got ready for the ball and waited in the tree for the ball to start and for people to begin showing up. I’m sure that I could have been with Miyuki and I could have gotten us out of here once I showed up earlier, but I wanted to go out with a bang this time around.


I noticed people starting to show up and I jumped out of the tree and straightened out my suite, “It’s time to make this a night to remember.” I muttered and walked towards the house.

Once the ball started I waited for a few minuets to see some boys get rejected form Miyuki and then I pushed myself off the wall and made my way to her and bowed. “May I have this dance?” I asked holding out my hand after I stood back up.

“YES!” She said smiling then paused, “I-I mean certainly…” She said taking my hand.

I walked her out to the dance floor and brought her in closer to my by wrapping my arm around her waist. It was a good thing I knew classical dance otherwise this wouldn’t have worked out at all.

When we started dancing Miyuki looked up at me for a moment then blushed and looked away. “Why are you blushing? We’re just dancing.” I smiled “Unless you were watching something else.”

“No, n-no…that’s not it.” She said.

“Has someone been on your mind lately?” I asked.

“…Um…p-perhaps…” She looked down at our feet.

“Well who is it?” I said.

She shook her head, “I do not choose who my parents pick. I does not matter who I think about.” She answered.

The song ended and I let go of her and stepped back, “How about you meet me on the balcony in ten minuets and we can talk in private.” I told her.

She nodded “As you wish…sir Kuori…thank you for the dance.”

“No, thank you.” I bowed then walked away and went to the balcony to wait for her.

After a couple of songs passed I heard the taping of her heals walk out on the balcony. I turned to see her and smiled.

“Kuori? You wanted to see me?” She asked.

“I actually want to tell you something.” I said looking away from her.

“Yes.” Was all she said in return waiting for what I have to say.

I took deep breath and then spoke, “Miyuki, this world isn’t real. This is the world of an item. That Tiara that you have, this is it’s world.” I answered.

She started laughing at this, “Oh sir Kuori…you know how to make me laugh…actually, if I may be so bold, I have something to say to you…” She stated.

“What is it?” I questioned.

A blush spread across her cheeks and she started talking really fast, “I think I really like you, but I’m scared my parents will not choose you because you have been away for so long, but I’ve liked you more and more ever since you have been away and I really, really like you.” She finished and she covered her face.

“Miyuki…” I said and walked over to her wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her in towards me. She gasped when I did that but hugged me back. “Please don’t freak out okay. Promise me you won’t.”

“I-I won’t…” She answered.

“Good.” I said leaning down and kissed her deeply, I had wanted to kiss her all day. This also gave me a good time to change back into Zero.

After I felt her kissing me back I decided to change and I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice. I pulled away slowly after I was done changing.

She opened her eyes and I could see how shocked she was when she saw me standing there as Zero. “W-What??? Where…where is my Kuori???” She asked me freaking out a bit.

“I am Kuori. You know this already. You know that I’m Zero. We’re dating. The Tiara erased your memory of us, but it couldn’t erase how you feel about me.” I told her.

“That’s…that’s c-crazy…there’s no w-w…” She trailed off and grabbed her head and swayed.

I wrapped my arms around her again and started muttering a spell to get us out of the world and seal the Tiara's power as well.

“Kuori…Zero…I, I love you.” She said.

I finished the spell and looked down at her and smiled. “I love you too.”

After I said that she fainted and I kissed her as we were sent back to our world. Once we were back I looked down at her unconscious body that was resting in my arms. “I don’t know if I want to make you forget about what happened or not.” I muttered to her and kissed her lightly on the forehead.