Chapter one: Graduation


I took a deep breath and slowed my heart rate. It’s been a few months since I’ve stolen something and right now was not the time for my arms and legs to even think about giving out. Especially with the chief standing under me, giving orders to his subordinates to find me.

‘Kuori what are you doing hurry up and get out of there. We have two hours before we have to be at the school.’ I heard Taisuke’s voice echo through my eardrum.

I didn’t answer until the chief had moved and was down the hall. I hoped down from the ceiling and landed on the floor with a light tap from my shoes. Pressing my fingers against the little button on the collar I responded back to my cousin.

“Sorry I was in a bit of a predicament, the chief was standing right under me.” I said and started running down the hall in the opposite direction from the chief.

’You have them in a ruckus, they have no idea where you are.’ He said in a whisper.

“Well that just makes it easier for me doesn’t it?” I answered sarcastically as I turned into the stairwell and ran up to the roof. “I’m almost out, I’ll meet you in the park in a few minuets.”

’Alright, just be careful. I don’t I don’t want to have to save your ass.’ He said.

I got up to he roof and ran over to the edge of the building on the south side where the tree line was separating the building from the parking lot. I rummaged through my bag and found my necklace with the black winged pendent on it. Putting the chain over my head I moved my shoulder length red hair out of the way so the chain wouldn’t get caught in my hair. I went to jump off the building as I felt arms wrap around my waist pull me down off the edge of the rooftop.

“Very good men bring him over here.” The chief of the division that was after me boomed over his men.

Over the past few months Taisuke has told me a lot about this man. His slicked back black and grey hair and piercing dark ebony eyes instantly sent shivers down my spine as I felt like I was staring into the eyes of a heartless, soul devouring demon who was just trying to find any means to gain power.

“You, Zero, have caused me more trouble than what I have needed to go through.” The chief mentioned. Every step that he took closer to me, his colon became more and more over powering then it was when he was standing below me in the museum.

“Dude it’s called a bath, and bathing yourself in colonel doesn’t count.” I commented.

A couple of the men that were farther away from us snickered at my comment, the rest of them were shocked that I had the balls to say something like that to someone of his standards and someone that they all feared. I received a hard slap across the face that left my left cheek burning like it was on fire and me in a daze. I knew that my cheek was going to bruise later and that Miyuki was not going to be happy with me getting hurt. “You have a smart mouth boy, I’ll be sure to fix that when we start testing on you.” He snickered and my heart raced. I had to get away from him and I had to get away now.

“Sorry that’s not happening.” I stated and kicked him back then managed to get the wings to activate making then two men that were holding onto me be pushed back about five feet and I pushed off the rooftop and flew up into the air.

“That can’t be possible, how is he flying?” One of the younger men asked.

“Don’ just stand there you fools shoot him down!” The chief barked. I knew that was my cue to get the hell away from here and get to Taisuke in the park.

I flew off towards the park and I ended up getting grazed in the bicep with a bullet. For some reason though I felt like I was being drained and I didn’t mean because my arm was bleeding. I meant like my powers were being locked away inside of me. When I got to the part the wings disappeared and I went crashing down to the ground. I managed to get myself into a tumble roll so I didn’t break my legs or any other bone in my body and I came to a rolling stop close to where Taisuke was waiting for me. My blonde bangs were hanging in my eyes again when I started to get up. I felt drained and I just wanted to go to sleep. But I knew I shouldn’t even think like that and I slowly walked in the direction where Taisuke was.

I saw him in the distance and I could see him smile at me first then he realized that something happened and he quickly ran over to me. “Kuori what happened?” He asked getting my good arm over his shoulder and helping me to the bike.

“I met the chief, he smacked me pretty hard across the face then when I was getting away I got shot and now I’m feeling drained.” I replied knowing that I couldn’t lie to him.

“That bullet you were shot with was a special type of bullet. That bullet makes you temporarily lose your powers for a short time. Since you were just grazed with one you should feel better in a hour or so.” Taisuke explained helping me onto the bike and then giving me his flannel shirt and a helmet. Taisuke started the bike and I held on as best as I could.

We pulled up to the house about fifteen minutes later and I staggered off of the bike and put the helmet on the bike seat.

“What happened to your cheek?” Taisuke asked taking off his helmet.

“One of the guys in the force got me from behind and brought me over to the chief and with out thinking I made a sarcastic comment and he smacked me.” I replied as we walked into the house.

“We’ll have to call Miyuki over so that she can put cover up on you. I think that’s the last thing your parents need to see while you graduate.” Taisuke mentioned tossing me the nice clothes that I had pulled out before I had to leave to go and steal the tiara.

“Mi will ask if I’m alright and then she’ll kill me, she told me not to get hurt before graduation.” I said setting the bag down then heading to the bathroom.

“I’m calling her anyways.” Taisuke shouted so that I could hear him through the door and over the water that was coming out of the showerhead.

My arm had slowed down with bleeding what it was not a pleasant shower. I walked out of the bathroom wearing me dress pants and a black tank top on. I tossed my button up shirt on my bed and then we to grab the first aid kit so that I could wrap my arm.

“Kuori, are you okay?” Miyuki asked running into the house with a bag on her shoulder. My heart raced when I saw her. Her shoulder blade length red hair was pinned up into a French braid. She was wearing a form fitting blue and black one sleeve dress that stopped just before her knees.

“I’m fine, I just feel a bit drained is all.” I smiled covering where I got hit.

“No he’s not he was grazed with a bullet that temporarily seals away our powers and he was smacked pretty hard by the chief of the secret division I use to be apart of.” Taisuke stated but not in his own voice. He had changed his appearance and voice so that “Kenji” was the one graduating. He looked very sleek in his black dress pants white button up shirt and black vest with a red tie.

“Well don’t we look sexy?” Miyuki teased him making him blush, “Let’s get you bandaged up hun.” She said turning her attention back to me.

We went back to my room and she bandaged my arm and put cover up on my cheek to cover the bruise. “Thank you sexy.” I said and kissed her lightly on the nose.

“You’re welcome, now we need to head to school or we’ll be late.” Mi stated standing up and straightening out her dress, a small blush spread across her cheeks.

“Are you planning on sleeping over tonight?” I asked looking at the bag that was resting next to the bed.

“I thought you wanted me to. Tai called and said that you asked him to text me and have to come over and to bring clothes so that I could spend the night.” She said.

“Of course I want to sleep over.” I answered as I buttoned up my shirt.

“Okay.” She smiled and then pulled me out of the room.

I grabbed my keys and locked up the house then we all walked to the school.

“So what about you Kenji are you spending the night or are you heading home after graduation?” I asked knowing that we can’t talk to him with his real name in public with what’s been going on.

“I think I’m going to just head home for the night.” He answered.

“Alright I was just wondering.” I shrugged.

When we got to the school we had to get our robes and then wait for all the parents and family members to get into the auditorium then we had to walk in two by two in reverse alphabetical order of last name. Then we had to sit through all the speeches and awards then the rose ceremony and the receiving our diplomas and then the walk out of the school. A lot of our classmates were crying other’s were laughing and having a good time. There was the occasional person saying that they were going to get drunk off their ass tonight and over the whole weekend. Kenji, Miyuki, and I got pictures together and with some other of our classmates then Kenji went home with his parents. Miyuki said good night to her parents and then came with my parents and myself back to our house.

When we got there Miyuki took a shower and I went and changed into shorts. I told my parents that Miyuki and I were going to watch a movie and then probably head to be and that the Tiara was in my bag that was sitting in the hall way. I didn’t know what to do with it. It hadn’t activated yet and I wasn’t too sure what it does either. Miyuki walked into my room to put her clothes in her bag. She was wearing light blue shorts and a black tank top.

“Well good night Kuori.” She smiled and went to go to the guest room.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up then set her on my bed, “No, stay, you’re sleeping with me tonight, and we’re watching a movie.” I said and grabbed my remote to my television and crawled into bed with Miyuki and put my right arm around her. “Please stay here, I want you to sleep with me.” I stated.

“Of course.” She smiled and kissed me.

“Yay!” I cheered and hugged her.

We watched The Lion King 1 ½. I turned off the television and then wrapped my arms around Miyuki and fell asleep with her in my arms.