Errr Huuurrr Hurrr

I browsed some random person's page and found this. It's old but whatever.

1. Perfect? - every Thursday morning.
2. Tall? - 5'6" averagggge
3. In your pajamas? - nope, t-shirt 'n shortseses
4. Left handed? - No, lefties are wierdos.

1. Friend you saw: - Rummy<3
2. Talked to on the phone: Catherine, the Furriest Chibi of zhem awll.
3. Person to text you: Christine, the god Eros reincarnate.
4. Was today better than yesterday? yes, by far.

1. Number(s): - 3, 9, 11, and 20.
2. Color(s): - all of them. most especially yellow~
3. Fruit: - grapes! and mango! aaaaaannd some cantalope. yuss, the goodies.
4. Place: - New York.

1. Are you missing someone right now? - always.
2. Are you happy? - mellow as usual.
3. Are you sad? - not tonight :]
4. Are you bored? - not at all. definitely not with these summer assignments.
6. Are you nervous? - nope, haven't felt nervous at all for a while.
8. Are you tired? - naahhhhh.

2. Drinking? I'd like a frapp :d javachip yhupp.
3. I'm about to: change the song
4. Listening to? Bam Bam - Sister Nancy ----maaaaad old.
5. Plans for today? the day is almost over, and what a long day it was -__-

1. Drank bubbles? uhmm...
2. Lost glasses/contacts? - yes, glasses. I've had my Velma moments, sadly.
3. Ran away from home?- I've thought about it, dreamt about it, desired it. But since I was seven, I've just seen it as an economically bad decision.
4. Broken someone's heart? that's a bit dramatic, dontchya think?
5. Been arrested? not at all.

1. Miracles? - Yuss.
2. Yourself? - on a very good day.
3. Heaven? - Yuss.
4. Santa Claus? - never have.
5. Love? - hmm. sure.
6. Do you like someone? - haha, noo... I guess... ughhhhh
7. Do you believe in God? - Yes.
8. Answered the truth on all questions? - Mhmm.

Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
A: let Lady out like I do every morning.
Q: Do you have anything bothering you?
A: no, nothing hammering at least.
Q: What's the last movie you saw?
A: Inception.
Q: Where is the last place you went?
A: Emma's bday party
Q. Do you smile a lot?
A: There are a lot of people who seriously think I am incapable of doing so. But depsite popular belief, it's pretty easy to make me smile.
Q: Do you wish upon stars?
A: I can barely see the stars where I live.
Q: Are you a friendly person?
A: haha, no... BUT, I can be :D Generally yes, because I've gotten tired of being that meanie over the years.
Q: Where did you sleep last night?
A: On mah bed.
Q: When was the last time you cried?
A: yyyyyesterday.
Q: What was your last thought before going to sleep last night?
A: I honestly don't remember.
Q: Rate life as of right now one being bad ten being great?
A: I dunno, it's pretty assholish though. Some moments are good, some days are bad. Even on a good day, my feelings toward life will be love/appreciation/respect/bitchy/hate. Or maybe that's just my mood of late.
Q: What do you hear right now?
A: music, silly. It's Jay-Z.
Q: Does anything hurt right now?
A: Not enough to mention.
Q: What's your favorite month?
A: May!
Q: What did you do last night?
A: stuff.
EDIT: ^OH, I remember now. I bumped music through the headphones and until my ears felt like they were bleeding. I gotta stop that.