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Random things go here :}~

I callz It meh Azn Noteb0ok

I made a doodle last nite:

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In this notebook that Furry-Chibi got for me:

I luvz that notebook!

Posting up a draft of somethin', you guyz don't haft to commetn it for once ^^


Kudos 4 Bein' a Bastard Xd

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oh yeahh~



9.tailed = BORED


I changed the channel to G4 [175] which made me less bored, they're making a game outa Lupin The 3rd. I've never watched it but it lookz c0ol. It got rated 3 outa 5, which is cool-ish.

Well, I'm here.........

UPDATE [like a minute later]: Aw crap, 'n now I gotta get off. wth. I'll be back



Do you have a job? I have to wait till I'm 16 >_____> sux monkey butt

How old are you? 15 [*le gasp* I was like, 6 just yesterday ]

Do you have any tattoos? Naw

How about piercings? I have two in my left ear and one in meh right, chya ^__~

What do you study? yeah. ..well, kinda. kinda-ish. erm, not really >.>;; I TRY THO D= I juss get so distracted ='[

Are you in school? sadly v____v

What's your dream job? Something that'll let me travel all over the world 8D

Do you believe in ghosts? I believe there are spirits that remain on this Earth.

Are you superstitious? Some of the things I believe in would place me under the "superstitious" side I guess

What's your favorite hobby? Indulging in "Me" time :) 'n singing to muziq alone. and day/nite dreaming. oh yeah! 'n doodling =]

What's your bad habit? I lie at times D= and pick at scabs, and can be really stubborn. Lotz o' stuffz ^^;

What sport do you like? I used to play soccer, I'll go for track tho

What color is your room? ugh, white as always. *bleh*

Do you like Jewelry? I like to have jewelry, yeah ^___^

What's your clothing style? There are lotz of things I like, so I would wear whatever I deem cool and Me-ish.

Who is it that you admire most? No specific person rly. I'd say God, he's pretty cool, yah know. He's got the whole 'almighty' thing goin for Him.

What's an embarrassing thing that happened recently? I really can't think of anything... I don't get so embarressed anymore. And when I do, I try forgetting about it really fast ^^

What's something most people don't know about you? That most don't know? pfffft, there's a LOT =P *thinkthinkthink* I argue with myself a lot, like in my head if ppl are around and outloud if no1's there. But during the day I'm probably in conflict with myself about sumthing

I now command ever1 except imouto [she already took it :P] to take this quiz!!!


Kawaii Pillow

For EmolovesEmoBoys:

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A kawaii pillow of that lil dude from Card Captors ;3 lolz

yayz~ to cute stuffz
Like the awesomespectacularfantastifical things Furry-Chibi gave meh XD
Strait from China XD and Japan ^____- chya
Thanx Chiibz ^-^
oh yeah~, if you're actually reading this chiibz, I checked out the notebook, it didn't say anything like "Made in China" or "Made in Japan". But I'm sure it was made in Japan since the wrapper has a price thingy that says yen ^^ like duh.