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Random things go here :}~

He'z Naaaaaaaaaaccccccceee

Chibz showed me her favourite Azn actor:

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I hart him :3

U R Now Tagged >=]~

mwahahaha joo ish tagged >=]~
bleh, here I go:

1. I just finished watching Countdown with Keith Olberman [political stuffz =P]
2. My doggy's sleeping :] *awwwwwz*
3. I had fun today
4. I really don't know what to write >_______>
5. I took out like, fifty books on Nostradamus for meh essay
6. I'm proud of myself for drawing so much this summer =^-^=
7. I have a new song that I'm obsessed it 83 Lurvz itt
8. I had spaghetti for dinner
9. The spaghetti wuz g0ood =d
10. This is almost over >__>
11. AND NOW IT'Z OVAH [^0^]

2 answers in 1 question were accurate, so I got both:

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They're both true ^^ Just, ya know, blend 'em together x__X

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Take this extremely long quiz [x_____o]

Do you have any voicemails on your cellphone? just listened to 'em

How many times a day do you shower? Once a day, unless I hit the pool.

When you wake up what's the first thing you do? Start daydreaming

Do you play video games? chya man

What's the last thing you bought at the store? food o_O

How many states have you lived in? One dudes. NY

Are you a high school drop out? I ain't even done with HS yet! but nope ^-^

Left handed or right handed? Right handed, I've been training my left hand...

Look out the window, what do you see? My backyard =P

What is to your left? I'm on meh bad, so my pillows

What was the last thing that made you laugh? Myself XD

Who do you think will be a better mom Nicole Richie? Or Christina Aguilera? uhhhhhhh Christina?? x__0

Do you read the newspaper? nope ^^

Can you cook? yeash, I quite enjoy it too.

How many pets do you have? just one :] excluding my lil cousins >XD

Are you close with your parents? hmm, my Mom? Sometimes...

How many best friends do you have? lotz. Many different levels of friends of course.

What are you doing tonight? hmmm, OH SHIZ! I 4got to call my Gramma!!
*calls Gramma*

What time is it? 7:00pm

Can you make a dollar in change right now? uhh, yeah. [what typ o' question iz dat?? O_o]

Do you read gossip magazines? sometimes ^^ *shootz self*

Do you like to sing or dance in the shower? hehehe, yes. and dancing in the shower's always fun XD

How do you like your eggs? yupYupYUP

At McDonalds what do you usually order? I don't like McDonalds anymore...

Are you a friendly person? I'm trying to be. Lately I have been. -ish.

If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be? hmmm, I think I'm just naturally misunderstood. I'd be more open and express my feelings more when I was younger. And the relationship of some o' my family. Those are two things...

If you could go back in time, where would you go? You're asking a history freak this question.. so there are SO MANNNYYYYY~~

Have you ever met a famous person? Not like, a celebrity. But I'd like to think so :)

Do you look like anyone famous? no .______.;

Have you ever done drugs? NOOOOOOO~~~~~. I drank some champaign on accident tho >.> I thought it was apple cider.

Have you ever woke up and didn't know who the person was sleeping next to you? A couple o times ^^. not that way tho o_0

Do you have a criminal record? *shifty eyes* lolz, nahh

What really annoys you? When I'm misunderstood or judged.

What are you listening to? I'm not listening to music *GASP!!!* watching TV ^^

Do you have a SocialSplash.com account? once again, wut type o' question iz DAT??!

What's your favorite tv-show? I've got many... soooo many.

What's your favorite color? Green. Purple. Orange. Black.

Who do you want to become the next president? Barack Obama! *cheers*

Are you down with the clown? YA Be-BEH! *chills on couch wit clown*

Do you listen to the radio? Sometimes, I mostly listen to music channels and CDs.

Where you ever voted for prom queen/prom king? I ain't even a senior yet x___X

Do you play any insturments? I used to play violin. Pplz say I have piano fingers tho.

What's the date today? 8/9/08

What are you looking forward to? Better days and peace for humanity.

When was the last time you were in a swimming pool? I have a horrible memory... late July...

When your in the shower, what's the first thing you wash? Stomach.

Do you wear makeup? nevah ^^. When I'm older tho, I'll probably wear the funkiest makeup evah XD. So much fun. Otherwise, nothing at all.

Where is the strangest place you've slept? *thinks* closet. lolz, closet pervert XD XD XD

How many colors have you dyed your hair? Nothing ^^ no colours.

Do you howl on full moons? Tiz my DREAM. I look forward to howling at the moon one day. Can't do it now coz my mom would throw a shoe at me >.>

Have you ever been hit on by somebody 10 years older than you? I dunno how old the dude was but I guess *shrugz* My assumed age goes from 16-21. o___0

now joo must take thiz quiz ^-^ This oh so long quiz and thanx for reading!

stuffz... >]

You have now been tagged. Whoever's reading this. Oh yeah, you have to add a question for every tag you get. Mwahaha. Ze tagging spree begins...

1. On ze phone wit chiibz rite now
2. I'm having ribs 4 dinner :3
3. I daydream all day.
4. I have 3 dimples in my cheeks 'n 1 is fading T^T
5. My fav. type of ramen is Beef Ramen
6. I like to say PUPUNUNU
7. The girly emoticons get on my nerves, so I hardly use them >.>
8. I love being outside
9. I used 2 annoy my friend for a muffin everyday :3 I lurved those muffinz...

sorry, I've posted this pic b4, I just luv it so much X]