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Me Again! ^-^ RIDDLE TIME!

Woop woop, it's Sesshy again. ;] I am performing CPR....

It's time for cupcakes! Chyeah right....

It's REALLY time for a riddle!

No seriously, this riddle took me freakin forever to figure out.

Otay. Riddle shall commence...NOW!

So there's this teenager guy. His name is Adam. He is with his dad, Mr. Smith (who's a doctor), and they're driving on the freeway. Lalalala. THEN. BAM! A car crashes into their's. Mr. Smith instantly dies, but Adam is still barely alive. He's rushed to the hospital. He needs to have an open heart surgery. Dr. Smith comes in, looks at him, and says to the nurse, "I can't operate on him." The nurse says "Why not?" Doctor Smith says "Because he's my son."

Think before you peek you lil' cheaters!

Answer: Dr. Smith is his mother.

Was that riddle too easy for you? Here's another one. It's shorter...but I think it's harder.


So, you have two coins, and together it makes 30 cents. One of them is not a nickel. What two coins do you have?

Think before you peek!!

Answer: You have a quarter and a nickel. ONE of them is not a nickel (which is the quarter.)

I hope you enjoyed the brain massage. ;] Sesshy signing off.


Sesshy.Uber.Rad here. ;] New guest poster. Chyeah! I'm poundin the life back in here.

OTAY so I found out something really cool and strange...and its about....


Look at your fingerprint. Is it kinda swirly? If it's a little swirly, it means that you were stressed while in your mother's womb (aka, her BELLA). When fetus' are stressed, they rub their fingers. Therefore, SWIRLS! If it's really swirly, dam, you were really stressed. If it's just like a bunch of circles, no worries, you were a calm little baybeh.

Woooh! I was stressed when I was a fetus.... And you??

And now...

Dramatic Look Gopher!!

Sesshy signing off. ^-^

Guest Post: 4 earred cat > ^_^

Hey Imouto here *waves* I found this story on my yahoo and thought maybe I could share it~
Hope it's ok with ya Neko san >_<


DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. - The owners of Yoda — a cat with four ears — could use a couple extra hands to answer their telephones.

Ted and Valerie Rock said they've been inundated with television offers and media inquiries since their son posted a photo of their smoke-colored cat on a Web site. That turned the four-eared feline from a suburban animal oddity into an instant Internet celebrity.

The Rocks, from the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, have fielded calls from "Good Morning America," "Fox News" and "The Tyra Banks Show." The cat's photo has graced the London Guardian and a British tabloid. The Daily Mail said if Batman had a cat, it would be Yoda.

"It's amazing," Ted Rock said. "For the past few days, our phone has just been ringing off the hook."

Yoda's extra ears give him a hint of a devilish appearance. The Rocks said they found him in 2006 while watching a Chicago Bears game at a Blue Island bar.

Some in the bar were passing the then-eight-week old kitten around, making fun of his extra set of ears, mocking his appearance and calling him names such as "Devil Cat" and "Beelzebub."

It wasn't quite love at first sight, but the Rocks felt sorry for the cat and offered to adopt the kitten from the bar's owner, who kept the animal caged atop the bar for his customers' amusement.

Harry Potter: Dark Horse Picture

Personally, I think this picture is nothing more than artistic despite the controversy. And when ya think about it, Daniel's not some kid, or a child stare anymore =P He can make his on decisions. [I feel bad for the horse to >__>] ...

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