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this world o' myne needs some lovin' under zeh sun</3

Grounded Again! >D

Dunno, but yeah, 9.tailed is grounded again. Err, dunno when she can possibly go on. Hmm, but yeah~ xD I don't know what could possibly make her grounded for the second time but hopefully, she'll be ungrounded soon. -____-

In the mean time, when I can, I shall fill up this WORLD wif moar Jiro love~ -shot- xD

Random But. . .

[Furry-Chibi Hereee] Yerr, 9.tailed was grounded but she should be un-grounded today, though she didn't update. & I have nothing better to do right now so, I just felt like telling you all! :D I'M WATCHING A DRAMA CALLED BULL FIGHTING! [though it's about basketball but somehow the term 'bull fighting' comes up a lot] Cuz I'm done wif Why Why Love. xD Urrm, I just had to watch another drama wif Mike He in it. <3

AHEM, anyways, 9.tailed should be updating again anytime soon. =D Good night everryyyoneeee!

P.S. 9.tailed, you should check out all the stuff I posted, that you missed, maybe you looked, but didn't say anything about it. Aha. xD

9.tailed's current loovveeeeeeeee.! :D


You're all tagged. Have fun! :D

Took this from DieBeforeIWake.

- Available: Nope, I'm much too in love with myself to be claimed by anyone else ;]

- Age: 15

- Annoyance: Ha, Shadow must've called me annoying about a millions times today. . .

- Allergic: to absolutely nothing, so farrr

- Animal: Love 'em all<3 But I'd have to say my dog Lady takes the cake :D

- Actor: Wang Dong Cheng [Jiro Wang<3]

- Beer: Not at all.

- Birthday/Birthplace: 5/20 NY

- Best Friends: Furry-Chibi, Virtual Rum, Pa-pura Karasu, The Shadow Prince

- Body Part on opposite sex: None, personality is what stands out most

- Best feeling in the world: Elated

- Blind or Deaf: Jeez, I'd much rather be mute than either of those. . .

- Best weather: 75 degree weather, Spring time. Thunderstorms are awesome too.

- Been in Love: not.

- Been bitched out?: ha ha haaa~

- Been on stage?: Yeah, wasn't too big of a deal though, twas for orchestra

- Believe in yourself?: Sometimes, I try my best to be positive and believe in myself :]

- Believe in life on other planets: It's possible

- Believe in miracles: Yeah

- Believe in Magic: Yosh

- Believe in God: Absolutely

- Believe in Satan: Yes

- Believe in Santa: That creeper? No.

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yuppers

- Believe in Evolution: eh.

- Car: Nope.

- Candy: Chocolate bars

- Colour: I have a new fav. colour every once in a while. Orange for now.

- Cried in school: mayyyyyyybe. But no one saw, I'm just that good ;D

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Cha-Co-Let<333

- Chinese/Mexican: ?? Which one I'd prefer? Doesn't matter, as long as I like their personality. Anz FTW though [JiroJiroJiro]

- Cake or pie: Ahhhh, both<3

- Countries to visit: I want to travel the world but I'm pretty obsessed with Japan

- Day or Night: Day

- Dream vehicle: Magic Carpet. Fo sho.

- Danced: O__o Moi? Heck to tha no.

- Dance in the rain?: Haha, I did that once but it was more like jumping around. Forgot to sing the Pina Colada song though

- Dance in the middle of the street?: ^ that was in the street

- Do the splits?: Ha, you're funny

- Eggs: Fried, Scrambled, Boiled, I'll take it.

- Eyes: Dark brown

- Everyone has: a bad day

- Ever failed a class?: nope

- First crush: Andrew from 1st grade

- Full name: xX9.tailed:NekoXx <~that's all you need to know.

- First thoughts waking up: it varies...

- Food: Is my homie

- Greatest Fear: not having enough time

- Giver or taker: Giving is most rewarding. I'd take any time though

- Goals: To succeed. ha, veeeeery general...

- Gum: any :D like Five Gum!

- Get along with your parents?: My mom mostly

- Good luck charms: Don't have any

- Hair Colour: Dark Brown

- Height: taller than 5ft6" I think

- Happy: Not at the moment, no

- Holidays: Christmas

- How do you want to die: I dunno, depends on my mood ~____~.

- Health freak?: Yes-ish.

- Hate: Losing sleep or being disturbed

(In guys/girls)
- Eye colour: Doesn't matter

- Hair Colour: Whatever

- Height: Preference is taller than me but w/e

- Clothing Style: Hopefully he'd change up once in a while and have different styles

- Characteristics: He MUST make me laugh. It wouldn't work otherwise


- Instrument: I used to play the violin. I want to learn the piano, drums are awesome :D

- Jewelry: I love necklaces and bracelets.

- Job: I really need one >__>'|||

- Kids: They can be very cruel at times D:

- Kickboxing or karate: hmmm, because of my love for the Asian culture, I'd have to say karate. But kickboxing's awesome, I'd go for that.

- Keep a journal?: I would, but I've always been extremely paranoid that someone would read it, so no diaries/journals for me

- Longest Car Ride: When the family road down to Florida in two cars. It was fun and sweaty XD

- Love: My family, friends [who I consider close enough like family], the arts, music, nature, learning, God.

- Letter: I have no real preference

- Laughed so hard you cried: Wow, that's happened way too many times.

- Love at first sight: I'm not sure if I believe in that...

- Milk flavour: ..what? OH! Chocolate Milk!! :D

- Movie: That's like music, way too many favourites to name.

- Mooned anyone?: eh, no.

- Marriage: Someday

- Motion sickness?: Riding through Dix Hills makes me sick >.<

- McD's or BK: I'm no longer in love with MacDonalds and haven't been to BK in like, 2yrs. I loved their fries tho.

- Number of Siblings: Technically, I've got siblings. How many? I have no clue.

- Number of Piercings: 3. 2 holes in one ear and 1 in the other.

- Number: 4, 7, 9, 11, 93

- Overused Phrases: lately it's been: "tah heck!?"

- One wish: World Peace :] ...serial.

- One phobia: ummmmerrrruhhhh...? Don't think I've got any anymore

- Place you'd like to live: Since I wanna travel, I'd love to have a home everywhere. My main base would be in New York though. Maybe England.

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi

- Quail: What?

- Questionnaires: VAT?

- Reason to cry: ugh.

- Reality T.V.: America's Next Top Model

- Radio Station: Don'I hardly listen to the radio

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: I can't do it D:

- Song: CURRENTLY, it's ummm... naw, still can't choose just one.

- Shoe size: 8 or 8 1/2

- Sushi: naw.

- Skipped school: nope D8

- Slept outside: I wish.

- Seen a dead body?: noo...

- Smoked?: ABsolutely not.

- Skinny dipped?: haha, no.

- Shower daily?: but of course

- Sing well?: My Lady doesn't seem to mind >__>;

- In the shower?: Only when I'm home alone ^______^

- Swear?: no

- Stuffed Animals?: YAY! *Winnie The Pooh, winnie the pooh, la-lala-la-lala~~~~*

- Single/Group dates: I don't doooo dating

- Strawberries/Blueberries: BOTH<333 yummy in mawh tummy

- Scientists need to invent: A cure to cancer and AIDS

- Time for bed: ...? don't really have one. Past 12 on a school night ain't cool though

- Thunderstorms: Love 'em.

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: DARNNIT. doesn't reach

- Unpredictable: Apparently.

- Under the influence?: Most certaintly not!! D8

- Understanding?: Very

- Vegetable you hate: None that I can think of, I like celery =3

- Vegetable you love: Carrots, Brocoli, corn, ummm, can't think of any right now .__.

- Vacation spot: ANYWHERE BUT HERE MAN. like the Bahamas :D or JAPAN. OR, OR, TAIWAN WITH JIRO<3

- Weakness: sensitive [don't show it, but I am], very self-conscience, don't talk about any problem that might be going on

- When you grow up: I want to be fully happy and free

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: umm. Pa-pura Karasu and I have similar views on a lot of things, or at least feel the same way. Furry-Chibi and I love to spaz, at least when I'm not being annoyignly moody. Apparently I sound like Rum coz when I'm in a good mood a sing or make my voice high-pitched [Shuddup Shadow]. The Shadow Prince and I, well we don't act very alike .__. We think in similar ways at times, like when we'd have 'quiz days' and get the same/very similar results.

- Who makes you laugh the most: Haha, Rum 'n Z.

- Worst feeling: feeling anxious, lonely or depressed.

- Wanted to be a model?: Not really, it looks like fun posing for pictures 'n such. However, I love food WAY too much to live my life as a tooth pick just to take some dang pikchas.

- Where do we go when we die: Heaven, Hell, Limbo, wherever. We may also stay earth-bound


- Walk with a book on your head?: haha, I've tried and I always fail.

- X-Rays: Never had one.

-Year it is now: 2009

-Yellow: *shrugs* I like yellow shirts I guess. OH! yellow snow :D

- Zoo animal: I don't like the zoo, love the animals though

- Zodiac sign: On the cusp of a Taurus and a Gemini


Took this from DieBeforeIWake



[ ] You woke up with a boner.
[x] Your taller than 5'5".
[ ] You don't hesitate to hit a bitch.
[ ] You like to get drunk and fight.
[ ] You drink beer.
[x] MEAT!
[ ] There are tissues close to your bed.
[x] You wear clothes that are larger than they need to be.
[x] You like dinosaurs.
[ ] You love sports. Always.
[x] Video games are better than the mall. [I'm cool with either one]
[ ] Your curse like a sailor.
[ ] You scratch your nuts in public. [Erik...]
[x] Your favourite colour is either Black, Blue, Green, or Red.
[ ] Your father (or father type) told you about sex.
[ ] You can grow facial hair.
[ ] You like going to strip clubs, to see bewbs.
[ ] You used to/still do collect pokemon/digimon cards, but not because they are "cute".
[ ] You can lift over 60 lbs from the ground.
[ ] You tend to be the one people call when there is a bug in the room.
[ ] You attended prom to get laid.
[ ] You devise complex plots and schemes so that you can see bewbs.
[x] You show off bruises like badges of honor. [heck yeah]
[ ] You've had at least one dream about Chuck Norris

Boy Score - 7/24


[x] You get a period. [so.much.fun.]
[ ] People say your short.
[ ] You call attractive females "sluts".
[x] You take an hour (+) to get ready for the day.
[x] You act like you can drink with the guys, but typically pass out. [kinda, I hang out with dudes, dun do drinks]
[ ] You don't eat unless someone else eats as much as you do, or more.
[ ] You wear make-up daily.
[x] You care about what you look like.
[x] You can cook and clean.
[x] You NEED like more than 2 pairs of shoes. [more like sneakers]
[x] You like to spend money with your friends.
[x] You like wearing body spray/perfume.
[ ] Your skin is soft.
[ ] Your favourite colour is Pink or Purple.
[ ] Your mom told you about sex.
[x] You looked at yourself in the mirror and questioned your beauty, or lack there of.
[ ] You use your bewbs to your advantage.
[ ] You are/were in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance.
[x] You have multiple purses, to match outfits.
[ ] You freak out when you see bugs in the room.
[ ] You consider spending money a hobby.
[ ] You attended prom, to dress up.
[x] Used to play with dolls as little kid.
[x] You had a dream you dated Johnny Depp. [haha, something similar to that <3]

Girl Score- 12/24

Boy: 7
Girl: 12
Well. I am female.