soooo hello first of all and ty for stoping by,and taking the time to read this XD so ok here we go :

Name :Isaura (its greek and it means gentle breeze-u read it izaura)call me IZA its more simple :P or Shiroi-chan XD
B.Day: 22.08.1988
and im LEO so yes---meow XD
Country: SLovenia (go to wikipedia and type slovenia if u dont know this country )
Hobbies : drawing,,watching anime,playing games,..
Talents: talking for hours(mwuhahahaha)...........^-^

*crying in the corner*

well....why am I crying....hmmm...let me tell going to visit my grandparents this Tuesday or Wednesday,and when will i be back???dunno...maybe on august the 14 or yes ill be there for 7 FULL DAYS!!!A WEEK!!!!nooooo i dont wanna go -_- but my parents made me,this is so damn i wont be on Theotaku for this 7days(i will die in 7 days...O.O lol ).so i would like to apologize to people that requested a drawing from me cuz i wont be able to upload it :( i will try and finish it there (yeah my grandparents have a computer.......-_- but no internet......oh joy to the world and a bullet for ME in MY head..XD)
its not that i hate them,but there where we are going(bosnien,if u know where it is ) so freaky boring.there is nothing to do...well ok i can sleep for 7 days...... and there are almost only old people...and when they see you all they say is :omg you have grown in these years (no shit sorry cuz i cant shrink -_-;)and then the kisses...."ohh com here let grandma give u a kiss".and after that billion of other old people come to give me a kissie but i never saw them in my boringcrazy life......*i swear if im ever going to make suicide i know where to turn......*
i just hope that ill make it somehow.....i will miss you all a lot!!!u can still write to me ill answer when im back(IF ill be back).ill draw there like crazy so be prepared to see some new pics from me,and the requests will be finished(i hope ).oh and if anyone would like to make a request to me DO IT NOW!!!so that i see it before i go to the world of oldkissies XD
yeah like u see im so f***** mad,cuz i cant stay home.....-_-

i hope u ll will enjoy ur superawesomecrazysplendit time while i die...XD ok ok maybe im overreacting a bit.....:P


my dear so bored...i think im going to die cuz of it.......i dunno what to do...i mean ok im going out and stuff...but still.......its boring :( its so hot all we can do is to sit in a shadow and look like zombies XD

but there were some good days for best friend got devil may cry 4 ( ok its just a demo but anyway) i love this game i played all of it (DMC1,DMC2,DMC3 and now its DMC4 turn) i think ill try to do some fanart for it,i hope i can cuz the problem is if i like a chara its so damn hard for me to draw him right.u know when u finish the drawing and look ad it....u just say..... omg what did i do(goes int a black corner and crys)!!!!!!
UHH and maybe ill buy myself a PSP....yeah i should do that......i realy should XD

so guys the requests are still open...all u have to do is to write what u want me to draw for ya

and how are u all doing?

OMG finally i get it how to creat worlds XD

damn finaly i did it....i made my own world,yes im God now i can creat worlds *starts to cry* i never feltso special before .....haha just joking around =P

well wwhat should i write i really dunno......
oh yes now i know---does anyone here wnats me to draw for them something???if yes please tell me ,im taking requests so bring it on XD

to tell u nothing important is going on in my life...its kinda boring u only thing now I dunno on which school i should go go-i wanna study languages so yes here are many so i just cant decide but i think i`ll go to the university in ljubljana (the capital city of slovenia....yes im from slovenia and yes i know that u dont know where that is XD ).i hope i`ll make up my mind soon cuz i dont have so much time -.- im always like that i do everything in the last minute --but hey everytime it comes good out :P
oh and im in a contest now on deviantart,we had options to draw for :
1)Death note
3)harry potter
everything else is writen here -->
well of course i took bleach the espada style sure u saw the pic-->
so wish me luck

i hope u all are ok,seeya *hugs ya all *