I am Larva and I welcome those who wish to enter this Hell.

If you are a member then do post as you wish, whatever you wish. Art, Stories, Poetry. I have never understood how mortals think or perceive aspects of their world well... Seeing what is posted, I suppose that should give me some insight into those minds but... I fear that I might never know.

Above is the offical OHC card. I suppose this means that I am 'Official' and am... available.

Check your Status here.


1. I forgot your email O.o 2.I miss you Dx3.Come back ;w;

Hope to see you soon

*sighs* Larvaaaaaa!~

Well, it's sad noones posted in here in awhile. I just wanted to
post and say that: Larva, I miss you. Please come back. You're not just my host but my friend too!! *pouts* D: I hope you are okay!?!?!? :( :( :(


Painful Memories

My apologies for being away for such an extended period of time. Times are hard right now with the uprising in the demon kingdoms...

I still cannot say that I will be on more often but I have not forgotten about you....


Larva!I'm sorry T~T

I'm sorry Larva, I've been hell busy lately more h.w and more studying, mom always asking me to help her with things, right now I'm not so busy.... I'll email you soon as I can today
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Beautiful pic of you*~* -cough- anyway, here is Nana, and I hope we'll talk alot now^_^

Pic of me


My apologies to those who had seen me respond on my friends account. She was attempting to be sly and check her account when I had stepped away. I will make sure she does not do this again...