We are all Sentinels. Whether you accept this fact or not, when your soul dies you become a guardian of a star and from thenceforward, you fight and protect the star until you are worthy enough to pass into the gates of The Unknown. To let a star fade is unacceptable, to betray your star is unheard of, but to take another’s star for your own gain is an act of treason. We are the champion of the stars and it is our job to see to it that you never break any of these rules. We are the Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

I Am A Star

I Am A Sentinel

How Does This Work?

And So It Begins

Capella To say life was great would be an understatement; life was grand. Every night was a new adventure waiting to be taken in full stride for those of us who didn't have to guard the road, and I was one of the l...

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The Heart of Scorpio

Cora ✪✫✪✫ The sky was dark. It always was, but sometimes it seemed far darker, far emptier than usual. Sure, an infinite number of stars dotted the Transitional Road, and the Sun Children who fluttered about were bright as us...

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Into Smoke...

Marcella I didn’t fight. I never did. “Who are you! What have you done with my precious baby!?” Even when the blows fell, I refused to fight. Nothing I did or did not do could chan...

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Blame the Fog

Jade It was a pretty boring summer vacation. That was until my mom said she was taking us to Six Flags today. I threw off my pastel blue blanket and hopped out of bed with a sudden burst of energy. I caught a glance of myself in the mirror ...

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Step forward Cora, Star

Name: Cora (Star is Antares, "Heart of the Scorpion")

Sentinel: Marcella Terrance

Number: 17

Height: 7'2 & 3/4"

Personality: Though she is a great, mystical being, she tends to be rather shy and self-conscious. She is flighty and timid, but if she's backed into a corner, she will lash out. While she is slow to anger, there's no going back once it's done, and hell hath no fury like Cory in a rage. When she is comfortable enough to hold a decent conversation, she will go on and on about things she's passionate about, things she finds interesting, or the being at the other end of the conversation. She's a flatterer. And while she does enjoy the comfort of her place in the sky, she loves the mystique of faraway journeys and adventures. Aside from all that, she's a calm spirit, but she tends to come across as either uninterested or condescending at first.

Appearance: Her hair is a bright, blazing red, and while it is almost always hanging loose around her hips in soft waves (and her bangs are grown out), she may twist it into a fishtail braid (which is normally to please Pisces more than anything). Though the majority of her skin is a deep ivory, her hands, feet, and abdomen are gold in color and shimmer even without light. She hates the idea of flowy clothing and instead opts for a fitted but concealing style, donning a pair of black pants, grey boots, and a white, three-quarter-length sleeved peasant blouse with red and gold trim. Her sword sheath is slung over her shoulder and across her chest and is black in color. She wears a golden leaflet in her hair, just beside her left ear.

Likes: Adventure, peace, those who listen, surprises, fun, children, candy (well the idea of it), stories, grayscale colors (and red & gold)

Dislikes: Conflict, nit-picky people, stupidity, brashness, risk-takers, obnoxious colors (aside from her hair)

Strength: Is cunning and has a sharp tongue, quick on her feet and deliberate with her moves, observant and cautious of surroundings

Weaknesses: Is physically weak compared to her fellow stars, can be misled very easily, is weak-willed and easily overpowered/conned, a bit vapid at times

Weapons of choice: Twin scimitar swords whose blades are gold and handles black

Stationed: Just past the beginning, alongside the first curve

Interesting Facts:

Sometimes, when the earth sky is cloudy and all the other stars are occupied, she likes to throw a one-person dance party. Dancing fascinates her, but she can't do it for her life.
If she could, Cora would own a stellar snow leopard as a pet and ride it into battle.
Though it's a hidden side, Cora absolutely adores humor, and if someone is funny, she will immediately like them more.