Well well well, welcome!
I am Ferdelance618, or Ferdie-chan if you are so inclined ^^, and this is my world! Not really. Nobody really owns the world...BUT this sha'll be my mixed up little space. My "Selvaggio Sanctuary" Selvaggio is Italian for "Wild", which nicely represents what could possibly happen in here ^^. I am prone to random tangents, so expect a bunch of spontaneous uploads for music or pictures or basically anything you can imagine....and beyond! *insert-epic-music*

......SO, anyway here are a few things about me you should probably know!

Currently Watching Anime!
Haibane Renmei

Anime I have watched
Trinity Blood
Ouran High School Host Club
Death Note
Elfen Lied
Kyo Kara Maoh!
Fruits Basket
Axis Powers Hetalia (1)
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs!
Angelic Layer

Manga I Have Read (Or are halfway through due to funds XD)
Ludwig Kakumei
Dark Metro
Legal Drug *cough*clamp needs to finish it darn it*cough*
Vampire Knight
Nightmare Inspector
Maximum Ride
Heavens Will
Chrono Crusade
+ various ones that I also listed as Anime I have watched

Eh....for the Heck of it!

Favorite Color - Navy Blue
Favorite Food - Vegetable Soup ^^
Favorite Non-Manga Book Series - Pendragon By: DJ Machale (READ IT NOW I SAY!)
Favorite Movies - Across The Universe, Moulin Rouge, The Importance of Being Earnest, many more, cant think of em.

Favorite Band/Music - Now....you may have noticed I separated this into its own little cocoon-esque section....there is a reason. For those who do not know me, I will simply understate it like this....I....am.....CLINICALLY OBSESSED.....with U2. Greatest....band....ever! Now *ahem* aside from that, I am very open. I listen to just about anything, with only one exception. I hate Coldplay. With a deep fire burning passion I loathe that band. ^^ To name a few of my top picks (Besides U2 XD) I d have to say.....

Arcade Fire
The Cranberries
The Dresden Dolls
Jimmy Buffett
The Vocaloids (Particularly Kaito ^^)
Frank Sinatra
Various Musicals
Much more!!!

So.....yeah! I should think that is all for right now. Tata!!!!! :0)

Bandwagon Jumping! :100 Words War:

Haha! My friends Belle-Chan and Ryuchu have decided to let me jump on this merry little bandwagon with them!!! 100 Words war!!! The three of us will be drawing a picture to go along with an everlasting list of 100 words that they have drawn up!

Here be the list!!!

1. Introduction
2. Harp
3. Abyss
4. Sandcastles
5. Harmony
6. Incredible
7. Independence
8. Royal
9. Endless
10. Misfortune
11. Brokenhearted
12. Fable
13. Laughter
14. Summer Time
15. Winter
16. Revolution
17. Gray
18. Blue Skies
19. Peach
20. POUT!
21. Imaginary Friend
22. Mirror
23. Prize
24. Starbursts
25. Orchid
26. Bittersweet
27. Symphony
28. Free
29. Iridescent
30. Bugs
31. Glass
32. Reverse
33. Simple Gift
34. Game
35. Relief
36. Over the Rainbow
37. Cotton Candy
38. Furious
39. Clocks
40. Letter
41. Soar
42. Prank
43. Music is My Life
44. Spice
45. Unanswered Questions
46. Midnight
47. Playful
48. Garden
49. Flowers in Bloom
50. Mask
51. Screaming
52. Leisure
53. I-Pod
54. Welcome Back
55. Hungry
56. End of the World
57. Heart
58. Drop
59. Obsession
60. Idea
61. Bluebird
62. Waterfall
63. Searching
64. Moon
65. Blah Blah Blah
66. Abandon
67. Head First
68. Prayer
69. Paint Splatter
70. Bond
71. Honey
72. Footprints
73. Water
74. Opposite
75. Dance
76. Keep Going!
77. Butter
78. Sweet Dreams
79. Thank You
80. Blood
81. Error
82. Wish Upon a Star
83. Smile
84. Questions
85. Breathe
86. Just Playing
87. Blue
88. Drama
89. School
90. Trouble
91. Forest
92. Personality
93. Make Note
94. Promise
95. Taking You Down With Me
96. Challenge
97. Innocence
98. Saint
99. Blank Paper
100. 100

Hmmmm, well, I am off to the wild abyss to draw the intro picture, and will be adding links as I go on... However first, to youtube, cuz the title of this project makes me want to listen to "Seven Weeks War: X3

New Years Eryboday!

Something to think about before I wish everybody a happy New year....:

During the Chinese new year cycle, I stumbled across something to think about. The past Chinese new year of the cow was the same year Europe had its mad cow outbreaks. The year of the bird? We had bird flu. The year of the boar? We had swine flu. What will happen when the year is the year of the rooster?......O.O.......o/////o.....watch out boys XD

So...on that note, HAPPY NEW YEARS! XD.

I reigned in this New year slightly better then last year. My family ACTUALLY stayed up, so i didn't resort to laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering where I went wrong XD. It was nothing fancy. just stayed awake, my lil sisters ran outside and banged on pots and pans at midnight, haha, TAKE THAT SNOOTY NEIGHBORS!

I don't usually make New Years resolutions. No matter what day of the year it is, New years or otherwise, i try to accomplish something. No matter how small a task it is, I try ^^.

So, I guess I can come up with an otaku - resolution. It is......

So.....yeah! Happy New Year folks! ^^