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On the water-world of Aquaearth, human beings are born as daemons—with gills, webbed feet and lung buds. Occasionally, during puberty, lungs develop to capacity while gills close. These rare air-breathing adolescents are sent to live on the sparse remaining islands. Thousands of years ago, land was plentiful, until eventually succumbing to the rising sea-levels brought about by global warming. Nowadays, life is grueling for the land-dwellers, known as terrestrials, as space and resources grow increasingly limited. Several colonies are forced to flee aboard boats as their homes continue to drown.

Disgruntled and angered, the Terrestrial Counsel, the governing body of the islands, secretly plots to terraform Aquaearth to expand their habitat and extinguish the underwater daemon population by freezing the oceans and developing glacial nations.

At age sixteen, Nile Virescent’s lungs mature but her gills mysteriously do not seal. She discovers that she’s able to survive both on land and underwater. As she struggles to find her place in society, migrating between the seas and islands, she learns of the secret war bubbling beneath Aquaearth’s surface and comes to paradoxically sympathize with and feel rejected by both communities. She and her daemon boyfriend—Cerulean 'Cero' Cellini, heir to the Underwater Empire—embark on a dangerous journey to bridge the gap between civilizations and stop the impending terraforming genocide.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure


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