Kiki speaking! This is my first world and all and I don't suppose I'd have a lot of time or inspiration when it comes to posting, but I'm trying it out.

I suppose this world will just be used to post stories and my thoughts on anything and everything - But I warn you, I'm absolutely, perfectly, bloody, freakin' mad, so you might want to take things with a grain of salt if there's something particularly 'out there'.

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Holy Long Departure

Well, I really don't know exactly what do say here now that it's been so long, but here goes nothing;

I know I sort of started dropping off the map when University began because I was busy with that and I was spending a lot of time focused there, plus I offered to start doing something as a job that took so much of my time and mental strength that I really regret doing so. Also I took up tumblr, which I found a lot easier to use (and a heck ton more distracting).

Regardless of the reasons, what's worst is that I never really told anyone I would be busy, or I was leaving, and as I stopped talking to people, I only got more and more nervous about restarting conversations with them, and keeping things up.

Especially when I found out I could RP on tumblr! Wow, I focused all my attentions there and neglected to keep up on two different platforms-

Basically ignore 90% of this and just: I apologize that I was gone for so darn long here, and while I can't promise activity I want everyone to know that I wasn't trying to stop talking to you or stop RPing (if we did that), I just got more and more ashamed about not talking for weeks without reason that I thought no one wanted me to talk to them again after that. So I am an idiot who is apologizing.

Christmas-Palooza Update!

Because it's my little brother's birthday today, I'm not going to get any drawing done - and if I do it won't be much.

So tomorrow there won't be a gift, sorry!
I'm sort of running low on time now that's Christmas is over and the New Year's rolling in, so there might be even more delays to those still waiting (you probably know who you are)

Important Christmas Info!!

Merry Christmas! Christmas day! I should have gifts in some magic red (or green because I like green too) velvet sack for all you lovelies! ... But I don't. I do have a series of gifts I am still working on because ...

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Belated updates!

Hello TheO!

Seeing as I've been gone for a while, I feel an apology and explanation is in order.

Myself, I've been busy with work, with very little creative inspiration to bring me here or inspire me to do... Well, anything. Plus getting the very last of my college stuff hammered out was a pain in the butt, but it needed to be done.

Kiki, however, has been MIA because she's been off taking care of monsters à la RWBY, scythe and all. This I do have pictture evidence for, if anybody wants to see it - not that I won't go ahead and post it either.

So there's my update and I hope the rest of you are doing well!

Oops I lied

Nevermind, I've just been told I have plans, so I won't be available until the later evening.

My bad, sorry. And thanks everyone for the happy birthday comments and stuff, I wish I could reply right away but I'm gonna be headinbg off