So Austria Was Heartless To Begin With, Huh?

Hello everyone! And Happy Easter! Haven't posted in ages (probably due to lack of being able to be bothered), soz about that, but I have been keeping a diary.
I can't guarantee that I'll tell u about church this morning. But we had a tasty lunch of pork chops, broccoli, dessert and PASTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (some sort of tubey folded-over variety with pesto) #Hetalia fan
My little sis is in v room with me using the iPod Touch she got 4 Christmas. I think she's charging it. Li'l sis is a MASSIVE Louis Tomlinson fan, and this is reflected in this kawaii blobby virtual pet app she has. She called the kawaii blob pet Louis and it wears a brown spiky wig. OAO TAT'''
Anyway, so basically I'd never seen the church so full up and it took us a while to get out the door. It was an Easter family service and the highlight was this Chinese guy getting baptized. His English needed improving, let's put it at that. It turns out his language didn't use tenses and I didn't catch the 1st extremely funny bit which made the congregation laugh because I was Super Training my Pokémon (probs my Venusaur @ that point. His name's Pop.) on my 2DS.
Sorry if I just offended anyone there. I'm not the sort of person who likes to sit still and listen to sermons. 7
But I did catch this bit about him telling the congregation about his life. He said he grew up in a Catholic school but "Jesus doesn't mean anything to me".
LOL (#Says someone who's getting BAPTIZED!!!! OAO 8D)
Also, some leader or other gave this talk about Thomas refusing to believe that Jesus had risen until he saw Jesus for himself and touched his wounds.
Hot dang it turns out that little sis has been standing behind me watching what I type 4 a while now. '^' She burst out laughing when I looked behind me, yelled "PASTAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and started reciting the bit I'd written about her.
She's still here now. I could be rumbled.
Anyway, about Thomas. The leader put this shiny (Little sis has gone in2 v playroom now with her iPod. Yaysies! ^-^) picture up of Jesus and probably 10 incredibly shocked disciples. Leader-san told us that there was someone missing from the pic and asked us 2 guess who it was.
One guy said. "I don't know. Judas?"
True, I think he killed (I typed kicked himself. Why? x-x ) himself @ some time around the crucifixion, but the answer the church leader was looking 4 was Thomas.
So church 2day was quite the lol.
Anyway, you're probs thinking right now what the title's got 2 do with any of this. Well I wrote PASTAAAAAAAAAAAAA earlier on but it's Italy (Veneziano @ least, not sure about Romano) who likes pasta, not Austria. And what's this about him (Austria) being heartless?
I'll explain, but there will be massive Hetalia: This Means War spoilers. So I've done blackouts. (da-dm pssssssssh!!) #Read @ your own risk!
So after lunch, I decided to turn the computer on and watch some Hetalia. I looked up what episode was next on Hetalia Archives, which was Episode 23. Turned out I hadn't seen Episode 22 either, which I did c, but I was a bit confused about why I was seeing stuff about Sealand instead of Austria's annexation. (When I looked up Episode 23 I was silently like "Hitler." XD and did that fist-moving down sharply sorta thing. Don't ask. OAO)
Anyway, I watched Episode 23 afterwards, and basically my reason 4 posting is that the HTMW plot has been messed with again.
By all means, do not highlight this if you don't want to.
In the episode Germany receives a written order from his boss to annex Austria. (Would someone please define "annex" 4 me?) He doesn't want 2 and b4 the theme tune u c his shocked face. But what mostly pissed me off was that Austria had no objection 2 this. (He would've suffered from concentration camp shit afterwards, wouldn't he?)
Pissed @ what life & v League Of Nations have thrown @ him, Germany is sick of feeling like crap with an ever-insanely-expanding bread price and wants to be free of a treaty that forces him to pay an insanely large amount of money to the winners of WW1 and has several other crippling effects besides that.
But he is not without hope - false, true and otherwise. A mysterious political leader with a strange looking 'tache promises to set Germany free, and poor clueless Doitsu falls for his lies so hard that in 1933, he catches a nasty (or should I say, Nazi) strain of brain cancer that stops his heart from working properly and gets rid of his ability to care about people. It basically turns him and Prussia into ruthless, heartless killing machines.
(At one point, an Ally remarks that Germany "wouldn't know what love was even if it came up close to him and slapped him in the face!" Then another Ally says that "he might know, but he'd kill it for not being Aryan enough". Then all the Allies crack up laughing.)
So, after being inspired by the Manchurian and Abyssinian crises (done by Japan and Italy respectively) Germany and Prussia go on an invading spree, starting with Austria, I think.
Am not quite sure what to do about Czechoslovakia since there's not an official character for it, but Austria and Poland suffer similar reactions after being invaded, only Austria realizes something earlier than Poland for reasons I might accidentally tell u l8r. He calls a doctor frantically as a tumour (representing Hitler & other Nazis) starts forming painfully in his pureish (nobody's perfect) brain because he discovered that something was incredibly wrong with Germany's boss. People who live or currently are in a country are represented by a cell in that country's body, and the cell has unique DNA in it that probably tells you everything you need to know about the person. Anyway, I've realized I'm not sure how Austria's going to find out- I want him to find out before the cancer is forming (Poland finds out then, but as the tumour gets bigger it works its magic, shuts off everything that makes the country human and convinces the country that it's alright for it to be there. He goes crying to Lithuania about it, trying to fight the evil that is taking over his brain, but the more he resists, the more it hurts. Germany tells Poland that it won't hurt if he stops resisting, but of course Poland knows he can't stop resisting or he'll become like Prussia, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany - heartless racists. I've also planned for Lithuania to tell him to fight it or say something equally useless-seeming, and then Poland shouts "ARE YOU JEWISH OR SOMETHING! OF COURSE THAT'S GOING TO WORK!" (he said the previous sentence sarcastically)- at him before covering his mouth in shock @ what he has just said. Then Poland, possibly after a few little things, goes something along the lines of "I'm sorry Lithuania... I... can't..." and loses consciousness. And POOF go his morals.) somehow because the readers get informed a little later that Hitler is actually Austrian. (The doctor might also joke about that saying "So much for German purity!" and then you can tell the cancer is working its dark magic in Austria because he yells "HOW DARE YOU DISS THE FUHRER YOU POOFACE!" down v phone.) 'Fraid I'm 2 lazy 2 put an accent on v u. Austria will probably find out (about Germany's boss) when he touches Germany's bare skin somehow. He tells the doctor Hitler's DNA code, and then the doctor wishes Austria well and tells Hungary via the phone-who screams at the doctor to stop reciting the DNA code as she recognizes it and it's full of horrible mutations.
How can Hungary recognize it? I'll make u guess.
I've sorta lost myself now. Well basically, (or maybe not) the problem I have is that Austria doesn't want to be taken over in my dojinshi because he'll turn evil, (countries Germany and Prussia invade catch the cancer off them, but possibly not as bad) but he seems to be fine with being taken over in the official Hetalia anime. And it would be nice if HTMW could tie in with the official Hetalia, and I've subconsciously done that in places. Understandably, there will be a few changes- Prussia will have blue eyes instead of red ones, for example. (I plan to have him blink a bit as he catches the cancer. His eyes start off red, and when they open again they're blue.) (Prussia's hair has been described as "platinum-blonde" in fanfics. U do v maths.) Does that mean Austria was heartless to begin with? That doesn't make much sense. Understandably, despite his boss during the WW2 bits Himaruya hasn't portrayed Germany in as bad a light as I'll put him in, but still.
*evil laughs, possibly with a German accent*
So the bottom line-What do I do about Austria? How will he react to being taken over? I'm not sure.

Sorry about that. I'd been cooking up the HTMW plot 4 a while now and it was good 2 get it off my chest. And after Episode 23 I'm not quite sure what to do.
I'm going to work on May Contain Meerkats now.