What Time Is It?

Easter time! [sung by students @ my school, not actually]
(It's our vacation!)
What time is it?
Party time!
(That's right, say it loud!)
What time is it?
The time of our lives!
What time is it?

*a Senior Management teacher butts in* Revision time!
*song stops abruptly with a classic record-swiping sound and students start protesting and complaining*
Here's the original song;

BTW, a Senior Management teacher is a school bigwig, with more power than teachers but less power than the Headmaster. (Does our school still have Vice-Principals? I can't remember.)
I should do a hierarchy diagram of the staff @ school sometime. Oh, and if someone is misbehaving and the teacher tells them to stop or they'll get Senior Management (to remove the miscreant from v classroom and give them a telling off) then basically they'll b in big trouble.
Anyway the basic reason 4 posting is... ♫Schoooooooooooooooooolllll's out! For! Easter!♫
And v reason 4 v revision time line in that High School Musical spoof u just read is because... on 15th and 20th May, some time after we come back, the Year 10s have RE exams. They do these a year early, probably so they can direct more attention to the other exams next year. And a letter sent home to us said something like the expected minimum amount of time revising was 1 hr a day. Not all @ once, of course, but still. ('^')
I think 2 words r called for here. Fuck. You. It's called a holiday 4 a reason, right?
On the bright side though, the weather is sunny, cute lambs r being born & we get about 2 weeks off school 2 celebr8 Easter! And 2day is Saturday, v 1st full day.
Haven't actually done any RE revision yet, but I did get through v homework I had 2 do. Yaysies! (whilst taking breaks