OH. MY. DAYS. Exclusive!!! Hot off v press!!!

Just revisited theO to find that a new Anime News of the Week was up and that I'd got a new PM. Sadly, it wasn't PGR getting back 2 me on my OC Amber, but it was something much bigger.
I have been promoted.
Soz 2 b a greedy pig, but I'd been checking v monthly promotions list 2 c if my name was on there 'cause I sort of wanted 1 and felt that I'd done enough. And now I have, it just feels...weird.
I'm sure everything will b fine.
This calls 4 Hetalia World Series Episode 2! :)
There is part of a shadowy face on the screen. Either that or someone's waistline or something.
It was HRE dressed as a cat. Until next time!