Back Into The Gaping Mouth Of Doom

June readers may remember that I submitted a post called "Into the Gaping Mouth Of Doom" several months ago.
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just couldn't be bothered.
But anyway, I want 2 stick 2 this tradition as this week is... Year 10 Exam Week. Another load of practice exams 2 do. And I don't know if it's my period or v way things have been l8ly, but I think 2day and v rest of v week is gonna be sufficiently crapper.
Had 3 exams 2day (English: 2 hrs, Biology: multiple choice, 1/2 an hr, Maths: 1 hr).
Some of u might remember this line from earlier posts, but and yes, that wasn't a typo. I might put v details on May Contain Meerkats.
Oh, and if u r wondering why I've only done 1 actual page so far, I have done other rough pages but haven't finished them yet. I might do a 1/2-term story as well.
But, back to comparing this post with earlier ones; I'm now on v last episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers 2! Which feels like the sad end of an era. But don't worry, misreaders. I've still got World Series and The Beautiful World if I want more 5-minute lols.
Have started v episode which shows a little country playing in a pool with a dog. (I.e. running with it and chucking water @ it.) Who is it? I thought he was England @ 1st but his eyebrows r too small. Then I wondered if it was America but is it just me, or is the dog a Newfoundland? Which would mean he would be Canada.
I'll go & c.
"Shinsei Romaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" says a kawaii voice.
So it was v Holy Roman Empire. Those sideburns did look rather Doitsuish and that dog did look like 1 of Germany's.
That bit was really funny.
And the sleepy Chibitalia @ v end saying goodnight... KAWAAAAAAAIIIIII!!!

I reckon I should b revising right now but I can't b bothered.
I supposed I moved on quite quickly. I wanna c what World Series was like so I clicked v link & pressed v play button and...
"Damn, the anime staff r pissing me off! Why am I such a minor character?"
I'm pretty sure that's Prussia. Will pay closeish attention 4 HTMW purposes.
A li'l bit l8r...
Like his brother, Prussia seems like he'll be totally scary when he turns evil.
(Or should I say, when he turned evil. His dark side is still coming across as a joker type though.)
They've changed v colours on v intro as well.