May Contain Meerkats And Heart Problems

Goodmorninggoodeveninggoodafternoon peeps! (Which might be a more important phrase than u realize due 2 time zones.) Am typing on my 2DS again @ about 7ish and little bro is in v bathroom while my sister is being a pain. And I've just heard him flush v toilet. Though I suppose even if it's my turn 2 use v bathroom (Oh my dayz li'l sis was singing this really crap version of Hey Brother and then she moved on 2 Wrecking Ball. How dare she wreck a beautifully awesome song. (Hey Brother that is.))
While I was typing "crap", I noticed v dictionary-thing on v keyboard came up with stuff like "crapulence", "crapulous" and "crapper." And it even displayed v word "crap". T-T You're interesting, dictionary-thing-san.
So, v 1st day back @ school was alright. (Oh my days when I typed c in2 v keyboard it came up with v "crap" stuff. Does it put previously used stuff 1st I wonder?)
Just back from lick-and-a-scrape.
Anyway, so v 1st day back @ school was alright. I got 2 c my friends again and we 8 some Party Ring cake a girl had baked for Tamahome's (not his real name, of course) birthday. It was really tasty. Apparently she keeps a blog about v stuff she bakes.
I'm quite pleased. I can now start May Contain Meerkats. Lessons were alright 2. Some more alright than others though.
(Little bro is now laughing @ some Happy Wheels YouTube vid or other.) Minako (aka Angel and Diamond) spent a lot of Chemistry asking peeps on our table what they got 4 Christmas.
But anyway, it was History I kinda wanted 2 tell u about. It was quite funny in places, and I might put part of it in MCM. Irish History-sensei (v teacher is Irish, not v history. That's German. '//~//' ) (Remember earlier posts describing v double-history-teacher system?) got us to line up in "boy-and-honourary-boy and girl lines" (V girls outnumber v boys) after getting us to go back through our exercise books and remember as much "Things about v National Socialists in 1923" (or something along those lines, I can't quite remember) as we could, then take it in turns in our lines 2 write a fact down on v board. This has not been v 1st time we've done this game.
So anyway, after a while Irish History-sensei came over and asked if I had anything 2 work from. I told him I had been off when we did this (true - sick on Monday and on a school trip on Wednesday)
(It's v next morning now, there is this house rule that we can't b on our DSs after 1/2 8 and I couldn't finish v post.)

@ which point he was like "SAKURA!" (was not scared, he said it quieter than u think. I think it was down 2 frustration and/or class craziness) and passed me a textbook, which I shared with v boy next 2 me. I think v TA on v other side of him was saying relatively random stuff 2 jog his memory and I remember joining in. I remember saying "Heil" and got v urge 2 go "Doitsu! Doitsu!" in this hoarseish voice once or twice. (please note that my arms were probably noting stuff down.)
So anyway, v actual lining-up part was quite crazy. IHS did this "multi-haul" l8r on several times in v game, which basically meant that more than 1 person in a line was writing stuff down. I remember things got a bit crazy as IHS announced that there were "30 seconds left" while/before (can't remember) I was writing. Somebody had put something down about v SA and I had drawn an arrow off it saying "Storm troopers #Star Wars". I also wrote "Messed-up" earlier.
So there was less than 30 secs left and there was basically a crazy scramble as I passed v pen 2 someone who hadn't already been. Things were getting hectic.
But it was alright. We drew, but some stuff didn't get counted. (I remember "Hitler=boss because good speaker" (t'was on v boys' side) got half a mark and both genders had put "abolish communism" down twice, and v boys had also written down "destroy Marxism", which is v same thing. IHS remarked several times that we seemed quite big on communism. LOL
One of v girls had also done a badly-drawn (or melted, as IHS described it) swastika.)
So, basically, another thing in v lesson was... Guess who had made himself leader of v Nazi Party (who noticed notiand had apparently attempted a putsch (rebellion) in Munich in 1923. And I think I'm still in love.
I think I might blog on my 2DS more often.