Name: That's a secret
Alias: Sakura Tachibana
Age: 14
Marital status: Single, with crushes
Place of residence: Cambridgeshire, England

Welcome to Sakura Land! :) I'm Sakura Tachibana, the creator. (of course.) It's a pen name. Anyway, here you can find a blog that gives you a tiny peek into my weird and wonderful world. Enjoy! :)


  • I have started a Madoka Magica doujinshi called Zaubermädchen Anna Magica. (Anna Magica 4 short, ZAM 4 shortest.) If u want 2 check out v story so far, feel free. Whaddaya think of it? Please let me know. (I'll give u v link when I find out how.)
  • I have also started putting up pages from my old school sketchbook if any of u r interested. Seeing how I used 2 draw could b interesting. Search 4 "Sakura's Art Book."
  • Oh, and readers of earlier posts may know that I found out how 2 make a Pactio Card from Negima. (basically, a card that reveals magical details about a person) Well, I should've told u way earlier, but 4 some reason v picture wasn't loading on v software, so it's back 2 v drawing board 4 a while.
  • Crimson-Rose asked me why I had v letter v all over my posts. If u c a v on its own, it will often b a substitute 4 "the". Just say what u c.

Perfect 10

1st day back @ school 2day, and it felt weird. I reckon I could get used 2 things as time goes on, but still... Maybe it's because we got a new form tutor because our other one wouldn't b in school enough. (She's not ill, she's just going 2 ...

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So summer's finally over...

Last day of summer 2day and Radio 2 is playing in v room next door. Apparently the "Non-Stop Oldies" r playing now. (Why did they change v jingle? It was perfectly fine as it was. In fact, "Rhinestone Cowboy" is playing now. I usually can't think ...

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Place of residence: Fuerteventura Ethnicity: White (British)?

Don't mean 2 b racist with v title, but I came back from a holiday in v Canary Islands with some wall stickers, or "room décor" as they call it, a notebook and a tan 4 souvenirs.(Though I noticed this morning that v tan lines where my swimming costume was is pretty blurry already. ) Still, my back looks pretty brown.
Looks like I've got a lot 2 catch up on. There was this interesting Ouran High School Host Club RP that I felt like doing, (Edit: I have come up with a character already) and 2day is v deadline 4 some challenges. Will probably give them a miss. Also, a Digimon challenge looked interesting. (Better do plenty of Googling as I barely know anything about it. -_-' ) However, I do know a tiny bit. My childhood best friend was a Digimon fan and I think me and my friends played Digimon games 2gether. My best friend had 1 called "Petunia" and I remember having one called "Bouncerspring" (which looked a bit like an orange and green Marill with a spring 4 a tail, I think). Which shows how little we knew. T-T Proper Digimon names end in "-mon".
Anyway, v holiday was really cool. We rented an apartment in a complex with 6 swimming pools (which was why my parents chose it), including an Olympic 1. Mum loved it.
I wish they did Maxibons (a type of ice-cream) in England. The brownie-flavoured 1 was delicious.
Also, I got plenty of sewing done and have just 1 section 2 do of this big one I'm doing 4 my neighbours' new baby and then it's finished. I also started off a Christmas-themed 1. (which is part of v reason why I think I tend 2 slack off when making manga, I think.)
However, I wasn't allowed 2 sew on v plane, so I did some drawing instead. Have done a page 4 Hetalia: This Means War already. (a doujinshi I might put up) Was a little bit homesick @ times, mostly bcoz I missed this place. V thought of TheO shutting down scares v crap out of me. (>~<) Also, I still haven't quite come up with a celebr8ory piece of art 4 CCR's anniversary. ;-; Sorry.
I can c why my brother's French exchange partner wants 2 b a pilot. Planes r interesting things. Though v views u get outta v window (I had a window seat 4 both flights! Yay! ^-^ ) weirded me out a bit. Like v size of buildings and stuff when you're flying over them and v massiveness of countries. I went "F***ing hell" in my head a couple of times. It's weird, v way houses look no bigger than a square on Aida cross-stitch fabric and entire towns & cities look really small. It reminds me of v time in Love Hina when Naru told Keitaro that if u stand a certain distance from v Tokyo University tower, it looks like u can grasp it in your hand.
#Perspectiveisweird. Also, v clouds made u want 2 go looking 4 Care Bears, even though they're not real. #childhood nostalgia
Gonna do some drawing & stuff now.
Rule Britannia!

Goodbye again 'til we meet again

Have been Googling Italy (Veneziano) and Germany because I haven't quite got their hair and eyes right. I found some really funny pictures, like this one.

That's right, I've decided 2 put my Hetalia doujinshi "through 2 production" because it could help with my History revision 4 next year. (Though I am a bit worried about History next year 4 hormonal reasons.)(.~.') But please don't get your hopes 2 high. #procrastin8r
Also, I'm posting 2 tell u that I'll b flying off 2 Fuerteventura in v Canary Islands 4 a week. #historyrepeatsitself Sorry 2 miss anything.
Don't tear yourselves up! :)

I got my picture taken with Usain Bolt!

(Ok, it was @ Madame Tussaud's so it was obviously a waxwork... -w-' )
Yeah, went 2 Madame Tussaud's 2day with my family. (minus Dad, he was @ work) My brother was dreading it bcoz he thought it would b boring, but I think he might've been a bit satisfied by v fact that we got 2 c a Marvel Superheroes 4D movie. Thanx 2 his advice, I didn't lean back against v chair because there would b back pokes involved. However, he's not all nice. On Saturday he told my sister who my crush was on v way 2 Hunstanton because I didn't tell her myself. (I don't think it was out of pure malice, it was probably 2 boost my crap decision-making skills.) (Dang u, little bro! I thought u hadn't heard about it! >-<) Surprisingly, my sister didn't think there was much 4 me 2 b embarrassed about. (WTF?! He was a complete bastard!) And I reckon u guys have guessed who it is (c earlier posts 4 more info) but r giving me v benefit of v doubt by not telling me via comment or PM who it is. (Am still nervous.)
Will leave u guys now. Should've been off here 6 mins ago...