Name: That's a secret
Alias: Sakura Tachibana
Age: 14
Marital status: Single, with crushes
Place of residence: Cambridgeshire, England

Welcome to Sakura Land! :) I'm Sakura Tachibana, the creator. (of course.) It's a pen name. Anyway, here you can find a blog that gives you a tiny peek into my weird and wonderful world. Enjoy! :)


  • I have started a Madoka Magica doujinshi called Zaubermädchen Anna Magica. (Anna Magica 4 short, ZAM 4 shortest.) If u want 2 check out v story so far, feel free. Whaddaya think of it? Please let me know. (I'll give u v link when I find out how.)
  • I have also started putting up pages from my old school sketchbook if any of u r interested. Seeing how I used 2 draw could b interesting. Search 4 "Sakura's Art Book."
  • Oh, and readers of earlier posts may know that I found out how 2 make a Pactio Card from Negima. (basically, a card that reveals magical details about a person) Well, I should've told u way earlier, but 4 some reason v picture wasn't loading on v software, so it's back 2 v drawing board 4 a while.
  • Crimson-Rose asked me why I had v letter v all over my posts. If u c a v on its own, it will often b a substitute 4 "the". Just say what u c.

8,7,6, (I think I might've confused v countdown)- A Twelfth Night 2 Remember

Yup. I counted on my fingers and it turned out that I was actually counting down 2 v 19th. #a day out. Will sort that out l8r. I want v post that I want 2 do on v 19th 2 say "1"....

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9 - Remember, remember the 10th (?!) November

Some of you may notice that [(STUPID F***ING GAVISCON ADVERT!) #am waiting 4 Smile Precure 2 load] I've just put a 10 in front of my post "The Calm before the Theatrical Storm". And this post gets a 9. I've stolen an idea off CCR and am coun...

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10 - The Calm Before The Theatrical Storm

(I've spent WAY too much time on here already...) #maths homework, #alsoHeartcatchandSmilePrecurewatching, #IthinkI'maddicted -_- Still, whatever. Hi again guys! Longish time no post. Now, what to put first... We've had Twelfth N...

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So I've been impulsively seizing v day as usual and signed up to Elricbrothersfan's ecard Secret Santa v fan art version hosted by Itachisasuke, Aryia and MangaKid, and I'm hoping Aka Yuki will accept me in2 v iwallie 1 as well. And they all want ...

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A Weekend @ Mini Mahora

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkk!!! From v Travs Weekend Away. Which was cool. And I might actually tell u about it this time. Don't get your hopes up. Boy, u guys have been busy. I had 2 click v "last 100 upd8s" thing again. And I got ...

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