Name: That's a secret
Alias: Sakura Tachibana
Age: 14
Marital status: Single, with crushes
Place of residence: Cambridgeshire, England

Welcome to Sakura Land! :) I'm Sakura Tachibana, the creator. (of course.) It's a pen name. Anyway, here you can find a blog that gives you a tiny peek into my weird and wonderful world. Enjoy! :)


  • I have started a Madoka Magica doujinshi called Zaubermädchen Anna Magica. (Anna Magica 4 short, ZAM 4 shortest.) If u want 2 check out v story so far, feel free. Whaddaya think of it? Please let me know. (I'll give u v link when I find out how.)
  • I have also started putting up pages from my old school sketchbook if any of u r interested. Seeing how I used 2 draw could b interesting. Search 4 "Sakura's Art Book."
  • Oh, and readers of earlier posts may know that I found out how 2 make a Pactio Card from Negima. (basically, a card that reveals magical details about a person) Well, I should've told u way earlier, but 4 some reason v picture wasn't loading on v software, so it's back 2 v drawing board 4 a while.
  • Crimson-Rose asked me why I had v letter v all over my posts. If u c a v on its own, it will often b a substitute 4 "the". Just say what u c.

Goings On

Hello! Sakura here. I've been a bit shy about posting @ v moment. But here's one random post.
BTW, what sort of thing could you do with a world? I'm probably gonna use it as a kind of blog.
OK, let's get started. I'm working on about 2 pieces of doujinshi @ v moment.
One's about Edel Raids in a modern-day setting. (See Elemenal Gelade if you don't know what an Edel Raid is) and the other one is about Magical Girls in Nazi Germany. (based on concepts from Madoka Magica, which, btw, is probably my favourite manga. Magica Quartet, (the creators) I salute you. Properly. One of them is probably Tezuka reincarnated or something because the story is AMAZING. Seriously. (But don't think MM's all Cardcaptor Sakura sweetness and light, though. Some parts of the story get slightly upsetting as lie after lie comes to light.)) I'll let u know when I've finished them. But please don't get your hopes too high. I might not be bothered to finish them and it could take months.
Also, I think I've caught a cold off my mum.
Oh, and welcome to Sakura Land. I know, it sounds like some crap theme park and NOT A SINGLE PERSON has commented on my 2 posts, which is a bit depressing.
(It might be something 2 do with the privacy settings, though. I'd better check.)
Catch u later!

What's this?

WOOP! 2 people have visited my world!!!! (It's a bit crap @ the moment, I know.) Anyway, I came across these terms when looking at challenges 2 do and I have barely any clue what they mean.
Please could someone explain:
Thank you. :D

Hello! :)

Testing, testing 1-2-3! Good. Hello. Sakura Tachibana here. How're y'all doing? I'm a spunky otaku who thought this would be a good place to spread my wings. And thank you, those 5 people who viewed my world! Thank you!