from now on this site is decateted to everything


sooooooo i came to say hi all my friends on here i just notice school sucks they had this icb meeting its were thay make all the students get on the floor just in case we had schooting it was boreing well see u guys later


this friday twlight comes out yay yay yay yay yay i just feel like yelling lol


its almost here thanksgiving i get out of school next friday i cant wait
what about u guys when u guys get out

story everyone should read

hope u injoy

Chapter 2 found someone

Five months later
Trevor wake up dammit wake up, I’m up hello Shelby. Trevor are you still having those dreams. Yes Shelby I am still having the dreams I guess I now how you feel when you dream about Austin. Trevor I still miss him. Shelby can you sense that. Yes. Kirk stop the bus yelled Trevor from the back room. Why. Just do it. Allen looked out the window he saw a person running from about ten zombies. Trevor and Kirk got out of the bus an ran to the back of the bus and got two motorcycles down got on them and took off, as they got close to the herd of zombies they saw that they were chasing a girl, the girl ran towards Kirk’s motorcycle, Kirk took the girl bye the hand lifted her up on to his motorcycle and drove away. Trevor took out his sword and started slashing at them. When he got done he drove back to the bus and put the motorcycle up and went in to the bus. The girl was sleeping in he backroom. Rebecca was taking car of here. She might infected. She’s not or I would now. Ok Kirk drive to the base. When they got there they put the girl on the couch

song for my cat

i rote this song for my cat lol

smokey where are u
we've got some work to do now
smokey we need some help from u now
come on smokey i see u
pretending you've got a sliver
you're not foolin' me 'cause i can see
the way u shake and shiver

u know we got a mystery to solve
so smokey get ready for your act
don't hold back 'cause smokey
when u come thru you're gonna have your self
a cat snack that's a fact

smokey where are you
you're ready and you're willin' [smokey]
if we can count on you [beee]smokey
i know we'll catch tha villain