crash!! youtube!!!

i have a you-tube now and i uploaded the first video to it with a short crap animation saying hi.heres the video.

heres the site please go there and sub me if you have a you-tube.i accept friend requests from only those from the mention that your from this site and ill accept your request.

hope you enjoy it.btw.

anime for crash!!

the animations need alil time but were ganna make this happen.i made a you tube for it please go there.for posting.i dont have a camera so my first video will be explaining whats the plan of the site.
of course its for posting cartoons,but itll have more then that on there including a vlog and some extra crap.of course the link for the channel will be at the end of the post.we need some collecting time,to get all the necessary stuff to make a decent selection and sound effects are first on the list.second to draw background images to be used as backgrounds the characters will be at and of course the script and acting.

yugi-oh!nightmare duelist will have one duel with shijo from the first deck part of the story.that will be used to tell if we're ready to animate crash!! which ive always wanted to its just a matter of time and hard work.sense we're limited to 10 minutes on you-tube we'll possibly also post on an account on as well but im not sure yet.if we do the episodes will come on youtube with a link to the longer version on veoh.

but thats only if we're not lazy and actually and do the entire episode. im sure we're ready.ill try fitting in the sos brigade as well if you don't know what that is,its a site me and alchemic mushroom have created to encourage cos-play and celebrate the old site us older members can use.
{found out new members cant turn theirs on}
im also ganna share my yugi-oh deck ideas with you sense im into making new decks.

ill use my youtube videos to do i dont have to type every deck out.i use zombies,psykicks,and other lil series meta cards.
like i got attached to the cloudians for they lock out easy.and the gladiator beasts too cause they special like crazy,although there overused in tournaments no one had them where i was favorite duelist is bonz,cause hes so contradictory to his style.being afraid of everything but using the darkness to gain advantage.that takes some guts and i always adored him for it.bandit kieth is also a close fav for his machines and his smugg style.
but aki and carly are my favorite 5ds duelists.carlys cards are very attractive and unique using their own level to power the other wise weak monsters up.aki uses plants and ive always felt{even before i knew the animes story} a connection with the black rose first synchro deck was a mix of psychics and plants,from the 5ds sets.only later did i find that the psychics were the connection between my favorite two characters and i find it cool that i accidentally put together two decks from characters sooo closely related.Divine{psychic duelist} also replaced bandit Kieth as my favorite bad guy.either way im done for today.

heres my link to the new youtube for 36inc!!!

please visit

deck list

the rules have changed alil,now monster reborn is again banned.they only take call of the haunted off the list for it so no premature burial.however i can finally use two mizukis AND necroface. [MONSTERS] {mizuki x2} {goblinzomb...

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random post

[{admiration is over rated,and nothing comes from false hope}]
[{celebrate in your fake victories,its all youll leave with.}]
[{the thorns in my side are no different then the ones in you}]
[{fear is your only god,never the less you argue they exist}]
[{what a wonderful caricature of intimacy, paying in naivety}]
[{omnipresence never suit you my love,just lie down and die}]
[{as i write this,its hard to say what its meaning is.}]
[{even if i was a good poet people would just mis-interpret me}]
[{give me a calculator so i can count the stupid things you do}]
[{"quotes kill the author that made them"}]
[{never use a rose to display beauty,only character}]
[{have a ball but dont bust them}]
[{the heart of the cards,now they need a liver and colon yugi}]
[{girls like girls,boys like sex,and people like death.}]
[{as i type these im listening to daft punk,true story}]
[{theres not a note low enough to explain that sadness}]
[{cats are like you best friend,they ignore you and eat your food}]
[{dogs are like mexicans,they do whatever to get food}]
[{bird are like black people,they hate not beeing high}]
[{monkeys are like white people,they throw shit at each other}]
[{dragons are like asians,they dont exist anymore}]
[{insults are funny,as long as your black fat or mexican.}]
[{blue is white,white is magenta,and magenta is white}]
[{crossdressing is only strange if a boy does it}]
[{obama won the nobel peace prize,republicans will still hate him}]
[{naked peoples!!!}]
[{persona3,4 and final fantasy 7,and kingdom hearts;best games ever}]
[{fuck startrek its boring,watch luke skywalker bitch}]
[{coffee is man kinds greatest creation.}]
[{art is my greatest im the lesbian god mwahaha}]
[{the gorillaz pwn all pop stars}]
[{prolly cause Micheals dead now}]
[{kanye west didnt make harder better,any who think he did getsshot}]
[{im done being mean for now}]

sos brigade club for my otaku?!

me and alchemic mushroom are going to try to advertise the use of
what well do is host a site dedicated to
some of the things will be cosplay and other things we miss from that part of the site.

listen up for more details as they come to us.