I currently have no home, My sister's friend, a 12 year old burned down my house.
Before thanksgiving He set a drape on fire that totaly ingulfed the back of the house. My stuff was covered in soot and ashes. We lost alot even if the fire or heat didnt effect the item.

When we get a new place, Ill return here with plenty of new drawings.
I'll work my self up again.

My musical talents

I guess I should post My music.Ive been producing for almost 2 years now and I am pretty good at if I dont say so myself.
Got tons of stuff.

alot there, theyll be in my game.

Anyone I know still here?

Im up at 4 am so forgive any mistakes.

I've been busy doing so many other projects, its easy to forget this place even exists.
Strange since Ive been on theotaku since I was about 17.
It might be longer now that I think of it.I doubt alot of my friends are still here.
I look back at my art thinking to my self I was really bad.
looking back on how bad I was is good for me though. Alot of my art blocks have been just me being to stubborn to draw something.

I havent lost the want to draw, but alot of my goals, like animation and stuff. While I could physically do it, Im not really willed to do it.
Alot of work goes into it, Ive been practicing animation.I got the whole timing thing down.
So I guess theres nothing but actually doing the work to do.That's where there is a problem.
I don't know if it would be worth it. I haven't had any success. I am 22 and jobless. I dont have a drivers license nor do I like where I live. Im so glad I don't listen to Emo music anymore.XD I think perhaps that would be ilfitting for my mood.

Im really sad, but Im not depressed, Im just tired of failing.
I dont feel like doing anything with a great degree of work, cause I dont know if itll even be seen.And of course the fact Ive grown distant to my online communities Only makes that feeling worse.

Anyway I may need to get some sleep, I maybe accidentally giving to much of my gloomy side out right now because it happpens to be where my head is.Im not all Sad and depressing.I do alot, and am getting attention.Music Art you name it. I do kinda hype myself up as Im doing a special piece,whether it be a song or art piece, so when it doesnt do that much better then normal, I feel a bit down.Like if Final fantasy failed to save Square soft.For me its not really that drastic, I just shouldnt expect to finally get success from one song or art piece. I gotta get some small victories going so I can will myself up.

Bored and stuff

I was never able to keep a journal or vlog or nothing cause I literally have nothing to talk about.Once you get past what I am and what I like to do you pretty much hit a road block on consistently interesting stuff.

And its a shame too cause I always wanted to do them.
But I have nothing new to say then perhaps New art or New music is up.
I miss having people to talk to and interesting things to talk about.
I need to get out of this perpetual loop.Anyway Ill start by making my mediums apparent.Please comment, I always like comments better then Favs or thumbs or whatever rating mechanism.

First is my music.
Here is a link to my stuff.

And for art you got not only here but also my DA

Music of dooom

When I left I started playing with music cause I like music and wanted to do something with it. well now Im a producer!

Listen to some of my tracks and tell me what ya think!