{oh the humanity}

LISTEN TO THIS in order for the weak to overcome the prideful,we must all do our part and help to resurrect sanity.so,in doing so we havta kill all religious fugitives from poisoning our religions{note this is an atheist speaking} ever other father and holy priest will mock the good for being themselves and tell you of sins that don't exist.what kinda world allows such stupidity and actually fallows them.so instead of fallowing the religions who would kill god rather then rejoice in truth.jump up out of your couches cause this is reality.

{or at least that's what the most annoying commercial for a religion would say as i watch yugi-oh on youtube.}

{for all those wondering this is sarcastic and its meant to be a rant about Scientology commercials that a frequently spliced in to the youtube commercial slot of 4kids' yugi-oh and yugi-oh gx showings.i hate religious blabber by idiots and Scientology is the worst of em. shut up nobody cares let me watch yugi-oh in peice}

note:why edit the card game to have the type of monsters more children orientated like changing angel type to fairy type,or demon to fiend.just to have an intrusive commercial about a hokey religion on youtube.so god and hope isn't OK but aliens are...what kinda religion is scientology any way(the stupid Firefox thing wants me to capitalize scientology every time i mention it.}

ok im done
this is cool

wanna see who i am?

here i am tada

after im done with crash!! i had this awsome dream of vampires (youll need to see it before you truely appretiate it though]right now crash!! is beeing refined im ganna do all i can to get this comic too you.thank you

the new stuff

Crash is a relatively slow manga to make cause i have to change alot to keep the storie on track(and that it got stoen so rewriting has to take place)

sooo because its already off timing i will do as hard as i can until i can get a new printer/scanner(sad a manga-ka without any scanner/printer

because Crash!! is my favorite thing to work on ill try as hard as i can to get it to you
(gotta act like your big before you can get big no one takes a shy girl seriously)now one thing before i say bye
ill see you when im done getting all this shit kay!! k good

vamp up!!

hello guys i did a lil redraw of crash so today im deleting what you see on my site and replacing it with the new art.its a lot more neat and more complete feeling.its been awhile sence i came on so please excuse the absence.


my first volume of crash!! has been stolen just as i start on the second one too. *=* its not fair i have to start over and this will postpone everything i wanted to do...

my presious is gone

either way ill keep going cause thats what animaters do

and i promise to try realy hard

crash will be revived with phenix down.!!

i died a lil