Roleplayz I would like to do with all of you!


  • No mary Sues
  • No text talk
  • 2 lines minimum
  • Lemon, yuri, yaoi, blood, gore, cussing, etc I'm ok with infact I love it but please tell me if you don't like it.
  • I'll allow you to play my character if it will make your part easier or if you want a certain thing to happen just don't go out of control.
  • You decide weather or not you want the RP to be youxme or both of us having oc's (But I would like If It was youxme though )


  • ****- I really really wanna do this!!!
  • ***- I really want to role play this!!
  • **- I want to roleplay this
  • *- Meh I'm really bored so I will rp it.
  • Parenthesis- What I prefer to play. It may not be set in stone but there's a chance I'll switch but then I again I might not switch aswell, If there's no parenthesis it means I don't care which part I play. this only if you decided youxme.

Best Friend X Best Friend*

Bully X Victim*** (Victim)

Doctor X Mental Patient***

Doctor X Test Subject*** (Test Subject)

Guardian Angel X Human**

High School*

Kidnapper X Victim** (Victim)

Master X Slave/Sex Slave/Pet*** (Slave/Pet)

Serial Killer x Girl/Boy** (Girl)

Sex Addict X Best Friend*

Step Sibling X Step Sibling**

Teacher X Student** (student)

You X Me****

If you have anything else In mind just tell me and I would really really like to roleplay with you! If more than one person wants to be In the same RP as the first one that signed up then just make a character, PM me and I'll add you so you can post!