R.E.V.O.L.V.E.R Character Design Contest

The Synopsis:

The year is 2089 AD; The Neo Revolution. An age of technological progress, military corruption, and unexplained phenomenon. The dark shadow of the Neo Regime threatens to engulf the world in endless warfare and total chaos.

The Neo Alliance is desperate to put this battle to an end and turn to their only hope, their enemy's experimental weapon and his small but mighty partner in crime.

R.E.V.O.L.V.E.R takes place in Earth's not-too-distant future. The Soviet Union declares war on the entire planet under the leadership of a tyranical Ambassador seeking world domination. Russia is winning the fight and soon the European nations join its forces, forming the Regime, and moving onto North America as it's next target. The U.S. forms the Alliance and the battle insues.

The Contest:

I am in need of more characters for my manga R.E.V.O.L.V.E.R and you, FAC members, have the opportunity to have your original character featured as a secondary. There will be only two winners, one for each faction: The Alliance and the Regime.

To enter you must draw a chacter sheet of your OC with his/her profile in the given format below. Make sure to choose a side. You can choose either the Alliance (The Good side) or the Regime (The Bad side).

Character Name: (what your character is prefered to be called)

Full Name: (first and last)

D.O.B: (month, date, year. The setting is the year 2089. Subtract your character's age by the year)
(Age, Zodiac Sign)

Place of Birth/Hometown: if your character is from the U.S. just let me know what state he/she is from. The U.S. around this time has seperated it's states into territories and divisions. Also, any North/South states have now merged into one state. I'll fill in the territory for you)


Language(s) Spoken:

Alliance or Regime?:

Position: ( military ranking. Your rank can be no higher than Lieutenant)

Abilities/Talents: (any military skills or other talents?)
Cybernetic Ability(Regime option only): (The Regime is unleashing its ultimate weapons, cybernetic human beings. If you choose to have your character as a cyborg list their cybernetic parts and what they can do. For an example of a cyborg see Danny's profile below).

Temperament: (Personality)


*There will be only 1 entry per participant.
*Be creative! We are looking for Originality, Uniqueness, Description, and the proper format of the profile in each entry.
* The Deadline will be January 21st. All entries will be judged by myself and the creators of Danny, General Lezcano, and Captain Gunner.

Example Sheets:






Any questions? Send me a PM for any additional information.