just wanna share a touching short story..

despite my inactivity here in theotaku, i wanna share this..

There was a daughter who wanted to leave her mother in the woods because of her incurable disease. The daughter has grown tired of taking care of her and lost all hope so she brought her mother to the ends of the woods but she noticed her mother was breaking stems of each tree and bush on their way. The daughter asked why she's doing that and the mother replied, "I'm trying to make a path so you won't get lost on your way back."

i love my mom.. no matter how tired and annoyed i am at her sometimes, i'll just remember the good old days and think about the pain and suffering she did for me to get to where i am now. <3

a lot of emotional posts in facebook right now... i wonder why... lol... i thought the pic was beautifully caught and i "accidentally" read the post... XD and then the story made me "awww" so i just kinda felt like sharing this here too heheh..... happy new year guys...~

Hello theO..... how are you..?? i miss u.... <3

omg omg........... weeee....... hahahaha... <3

i hope everyone's having a great start this year... happy new year.. :>

i guess im sorta back and sorta maybe.... still busy especially it's almost march--im going to Philippines for vacation.. yey... after 9 years.. im going home... and then when my vacation's over, im gonna start submitting my resume and portfolio to game companies like crazy... that's my goal this year.. no more buts.. im gonna get a job in a game company this year... hmp hmp..!! but more importantly, i miss drawing.... i just got hooked with some music game last spring and then life happens... lol... but anyways... i hope u still remember me.... TT^TT i'll be posting some new art soon.. recent ones and old ones too.. XD i kinda miss reading comments.. hahaha..

see u soon..~<3

belated merry christmas..
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i think i looked younger in this pic.. lol... >v<

birthday thanks... <3

hello guys..... i just got home from the convention.. i literally spent my birth day in the convention centre.. the convention (ai-kon) just started and im off to a good start i guess.. i just wanted to check this site coz i feel like i havent been here for ages...... OTL

i want to sleep coz it's an early saturday tomorrow and need to rest but i didnt want to delay my thanks.. so thank u for the messages, guestbook comments, gifts and also to those who greeted me in my fb and deviantart... i'll do my best to reply later..

ps.. im with falsedelusion in this convention.. <3 and belated happy birthday to snowp (july 19) have a safe trip to china..~~ *hugs*

miss u all... i hope i can post my new art soon..... but too tired.. expect something some time next week.. talk to u guys later..~~ *hugs hugs*

cargo: thank u bic and nica for the gift art....
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Anime Next 2012

hello theO........ wah..... i miss u guys.. XD hope ur all doing good..... *hugs* <3

moving on, i'll be in Anime Next again this year.. yey..~~ i know some theO members made it to my table last year.. hope to see u guys again if ur coming this year... <3

u can find me in the artist alley with my normal clothes.. no time to fix my cosplay.. >x<
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been a busy spring/summer..... playing bandmaster.. OTL hahaha... XD

the con schedule is also posted here

talk to u guys later..~ i got the first flight in the morning and i want sleep this time.. >__<! im still stressed from the trip last week to anime north.. ah... anime north was a success and i'll have the blog for that soon after anime next trip is over..

*many hugs* <3

a little way too busy...

playing this game..
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similar to rockband but MMO..
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when im tired of playing, i just stroll in the community maps and chill with other players.. wanted to share this coz it's so cute...~~<3
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and a korean red ranger in the philippine server.. XD
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in city road, there's that npc that doesnt have collision so she'll run over u if u get in her way.. XD

havent touched photoshop to do art after the last pic just to edit text.. >v<