Chap. 1

*~Chapter 1~*

Hinata-sensei stood at the front of the classroom, looking as shy as usual. Only a few of the students were actually paying attention as she tried to tell them she had an announcement. And still, they went on. She looked at her feet and twiddled her fingers.

“U-uh… Excuse me… umm…” she stuttered out. She could never get her voice heard. Finally having enough, a young girl with dark red hair and black eyes groaned and turned to the class.

“OI! SHUT UP!” She yelled. Everyone became dead silent. Hinata nodded to the loud girl.

“T-thank you Kazumi-san.” The girl nodded at her sensei. Hinata looked at the entire class. “O-ok class, I’ll take one at a time into the backroom to t-test you. Line up in front of the door please.” She said and tuned into the back office. The class did as they were told and lined up. “I’ll take the first one.” Hinata called from the room. The first student, Nami Tomodachi, walked into the room with a smug face.

“This’ll be cake.” She said as she closed the door. Moments later, she walked out again, holding a leaf village forehead protector. She smirked. “See? Told you.” She walked away triumphantly. Kazumi glared at her as she walked by.

“N-next!” Hinata called. The next girl, with oddly colored hair, jumped slightly. She gave a heavy sigh and walked to the door. Hinata looked up from her desk and smiled. “C-come in Yizue-chan.” The girl gulped and walked in.

‘I-I can’t do ninjutsu or genjutsu… I’m screwed!’ She thought to herself. And the door shut.

“Hmmm…” Yuki, another academy student, turned around in her spot in line to look at the person who made the sudden noise behind her. She looked up; she was close to other people in the line, so that’s not what made her cheeks get colored in a light pink. No, it was the owner of the sound, Toshiro Uchiha. He was the most talented and attractive guy in her class. Every guy wanted to be him, every girl wanted to be with him. It was as simple as that.

She shook herself out of her thoughts.

“What?” She asked him about his earlier sound of pondering. He looked at her.

“I wonder how Yizue will do.” He said. “Being the fact that she can’t do nin or genjutsu.” He looked straight forward again. Yuki looked back as well.

“That’s right….” The girl said to herself. The door creaked open. Yuki and Toshiro moved their heads into a position where they could see their friend. She was looking at her feet as she took a step out. She looked up with a sad expression. Yuki looked at the ground but Toshiro put a hand on her shoulder.

“No, wait.” He said to her in a hushed tone. She looked at him and he nodded towards the girl who had just walked out. “Look.” Yuki looked at her and Yizue instantly smiled. From behind her back, she brought out a leaf ninja headband. Yuki sighed with relief. Toshiro looked at Yizue.

“Yizue-chan, well done.” He said. The girl blushed and scurried away. He smiled to himself and watched the people go in and out of the room.

“N-next please.” Hinata called. This went on for a good while before it got to Toshiro. He had a list of the names of all the students in the class and was checking off who went. He read them out loud,

“Nami Tomodachi, Yizue, Mitsuki Fuyu, Deiara Uchiha, Aki Michiko, Kiki, Goshen Nagura, Black Rose, Kazumi, and Sakaira.” HE mumbled. The door opened and the ninja that was before him stepped out. His name was Ichirou Aburame. He was the son of Shino Aburame, the head of the elite bug clan, and Kurohana Aburame, the laziest ninja you will ever come into contact with. Toshiro let his finger travel down the page until he came upon Ichirou’s name. He put a check mark next to his name. “Check.” he said to himself.

“O-ok. Next please.” The raven-haired boy heard his sensei call. He looked back at the random girl behind him and handed her the paper and pen. She blushed and looked at him.

“Hold them until I come back.” he said and stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. He heard the door click and walked closer to his teacher’s desk. Hinata looked at him.

“A-are you ready?” The raven-haired woman asked her student. Toshiro nodded. Hinata looked at a paper in front of her. “What is one of the simple jutsu a gennin should know and can you show me?” She read from the paper. Toshiro stood up straight.

“All gennin should know the art of the doppelganger.” He did the hand sign and a replica of himself appeared beside him. Hinata nodded and the clone disappeared.

“Name three of the simplest weapons a gennin should have.” Hinata said.

“Kunai, shuriken, and paper bombs.” Toshiro answered formally. Hinata-sensei nodded again.

“What is Chakra?” Ah yes, the vital question. Toshiro took a deep breath.

“Chakra is the source of all life and the supply of energy we ninja use to perform jutsu. Once we are low on chakra, we can no longer battle. If we run out of chakra, it can be fatal.” He said. Hinata smiled as she wrote something down on the paper. The white-eyed woman looked back at the Uchiha.

“One more question; Why do you want to become a ninja?” Toshiro really had to think about this one. He knew the simple reason as to why he wanted to be a ninja, but he knew this wasn’t meant to be a simple question. He looked up at his sensei.

“I want to be a ninja because…” He paused. “I want to be a ninja because I want to give life.” Hinata raised an eyebrow. “I want to give life to those who have given up, to those who think there is no hope left in the world. I will help the helpless, and carry the weak on my shoulders…” The Uchiha student bowed. Hinata smiled and stood up from her chair.

“Come here.” She said. The boy did as he was told and walked over to another table. He looked at it as he neared it and saw that is was covered with leaf village headbands. His face brightened a bit as his sensei picked up a headband and handed it to him. “Toshiro Uchiha,” She said. “Gennin who graduated at the top of his class.” She smiled at him brightly. “Congratulations Toshiro-san.” And she turned back to her desk. Toshiro held his headband in his hands.

“Gennin…” He mumbled to himself. He was finally a ninja.


“Toshi! Toshi wake up!” The light-eyed Uchiha groaned and shoveled his face back into his pillow, trying to finish his good dream; but the female voice was relentless. “Toshiro! You’re going to be late for the chuunin exams!” And with that, the boy shot up out of bed and ran around his room in a rampage to get ready. He through on his fishnet undershirt.

“Jeez mom! Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?” He looked at her and saw her biting back a laugh. He knew she was up to something and glared at her. “What?” She pointed to the clock and put a hand over her mouth. He slowly turned to face the clock on his bedside table. His eyebrow twitched. It was only five thirty in the morning! The stupid exam didn’t start until twelve thirty pm! He could have gotten four more hours of sleep! He gave his mother a death glare and took off his mesh shirt.

“Where do you think you’re going young man?” Mizuki Uchiha said to her son. He didn’t look back at her as he answered.

“To get a shower.” He said as he turned the corner. Since his mother had gotten him up, he might as well take advantage of the time she had given him by getting ready to go.



“Urrgh….” A pile of metal and wires was left in the wake of Sabaku no Nakasu’s anger at the damn device that decided to wake her up every morning with the same insistent beeping.

The girl sat up in her sleeping bag and yawned. She pulled out a container with onigiri with strawberry filling. She smiled at the sweet treat that most people found gross. She picked one up and took a bite, the sweetness of it filling her mouth with delight.

As she munched on her breakfast, she pulled out a map of Konohagakure in order to find out which way she had to go to get to the forest of death. She was so busy trying to find the shortest rout there, that she didn’t hear the footsteps coming from outside her tent.

“Ha! You think you can beat me?” A female voice said. The footsteps got closer and faster to her tent.

“Hell yeah!” A male voice said. Nakasu looked up from her map and started to crawl to the opening. The footsteps quickened so fast that she could barely register how many there were. She stuck her hand out of the tent, moving the flap aside. The footsteps passed her tent and it was ripped out of the ground by the force of the passing wind. Nakasu sat there, in her sleep wear, shocked.

She quickly realized that she wasn’t dressed and she dove into her sleeping bag, rummaged around, getting undressed and dress again in a quick minute.

She crawled out of her sleeping bag for the second time in the same morning and straightened her outfit. She pulled on her black spandex shorts to stop them from bunching and threw her hair up into a wild pony tail. She looked in her little mirror with unhappiness. She never did like her wild red hair that she got from her father. And her green eyes were the color of sea foam, a very unattractive color in her mind. Then she was so pale, but that was from the lack of direct sunlight from being in the hospital all the time.

“Well, I better get going.” She sighed. She had a good half an hour before it began but she wanted to get there early.

She began to walk down the fastest path to the forest of death, which passed through some trees and one residence. She couldn’t tell who it was who owned it, but they must be rich.

She looked at the trees.

‘Peach trees…’ She thought to herself. She looked for one with a lot of ripe fruits and found one across from the residence. She shrugged and began to climb the tree to get to the peaches in its branches.

“What are you doing?” A voice below her scared her. She lost her grip on one of the branches and fell on her back. She groaned and opened her eyes. A boy her age was staring at her with his bright blue eyes, his smooth blonde hair hung in his eyes. She blinked, and he blinked. A small smile spread across his face. “You’re clumsy.” He said to her. She twitched and a small blush stained her cheeks. She sat up.

“Yeah, thanks…” She mumbled to herself, obviously the boy heard her though.

“What?” He asked. She jumped and turned around.

“Err… nothing!” She smiled and waved her hands. He shrugged and held out his hand to her. She looked at it, then back at him and took it with a smile. “Thank you.” She said.

“No problem.” He smiled.

“NOOO!!!” They heard coming from inside the house. “My little boy is leaving for hell! Hell I say!” the voice screeched. The blonde boy hung his head and Nakasu looked on with an annoyed face.

“You’re mother I suppose…?” She said. He shook his head.

“No, worse…” A man with spiky blonde hair flew out of the building, tears streaming out of his blue eyes, in nothing but his boxers and a dog hat with a dark-haired woman trailing behind him in a nice kimono. The woman caught up to him and restrained him from going across the street. The blue-eyed boy next to her groaned. “My father…” Nakasu stifled back a laugh.

“N-Naruto-kun! Please calm down!” The woman said to the man she was holding. He continued to struggle.

“No! My son is about to run into something he doesn’t understand!!” Naruto continued to fight against his wife. “Kamoku!! Don’t go!” He cried to the blonde boy, who in return, grabbed Nakasu’s hand and ran in the direction of the forest of death.


“Toshiro-kun! Are you ready! Oh! I can’t wait to spend three days together, can you? Of course you can’t! Kyaah! This is going to be awesome!” Yuki ranted on as she clung to Toshiro’s arm. He did his best to ignore her.

‘I can’t believe my luck!’ He thought to himself. He had gotten Chi Yuki and Aburame Ichirou as his teammates. Yuki, the annoying one with no specific talents what so ever was completely in love with the young Uchiha and Ichirou…. Well Ichirou was Ichirou. He was lazy and psp obsessed. Enough said.

“HEY!” A female voice came from behind team 6. They looked over their shoulders but never stopped walking. A boy with smooth blonde hair was dragging along a girl with wild red hair. Toshiro looked at the girl as she passed.

She had the normal ninja sandles, only she didn’t have backs on them. Her outfit was a dark pinkish purple two piece. The skirt was short, it only went to about mid thigh and the shirt was a sleeveless belly shirt with a large sand symbol on the back. She had black spandex beneath her skirt and her holster was on her left lower leg.

‘So… a sand village ninja.’ Toshiro thought to himself. He smirked a bit. ‘This will be interesting.’