Ok, so I'm going to make you guys a deal. I will bring ONE of my old comics back from the grave, on two conditions.

The first condition: You guys actually read the comic. If it's not being read much, it'll be sent right back to the grave-yard >.>

The second condition: You help me choose which one to bring back -_-' I just can't do it by myself! Here's a list of the potential comic resurrections:

1. Un-Kissable [One-shot]
2. Issun from "Many Mini Manga" [One-shot]
3. Grimm Love [Four Chapters]
4. Raijin (Many of you may not know about Raijin, but there is a link to it in this intro) [One-shot]


You can wait around for a new manga.

I havn't got a title for it yet, and I havn't even started drawing it but I have begun to write some of the story ideas down. It's a story unlike any I've done before, but if you liked "Durarara" and "Paranoia Agent" I think you'll like this story :3

So, what shall it be? A resurrection, or wait for the new one?