So as the name says, this is just a world so I can post my random thoughts, whenever I feel like it.


My Best Friends

Well regarding my bucket list. I think I have achieved one of those things. I found my true best friends. I'm not gonna name names but the other day me and two of my friends were at lunch, and we started to talk about how we had been friends since 3rd and 4th grade. We talked about how it was so awesome that no matter what, we always had a friend or two that we could go to, and trust with our problems. We also talked about how we have gotten into so many stupid little fights, but in the end we always came back to each other. I think that was just awesome. I mean our friendship might just die after we leave high school, but I really doubt that. These two are really truly my only best friends. We used to be a foursome but for about the last month I don't really know what happened to # 4. It just seemed like she doesn't care anymore, and was picking fights with my other friends. And I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but after a while I realized that she isn't as close to me as I thought she was, and truly thats ok with me, because I know I have two wonderful friends, that I know I can trust with my life.


So yesterday I tried to post this pic of Howl from Howl's Moving Castle, and when I tried to submit it said something about there being a problem with the page, so I tried to post it like a gagillion times but it never worked, and then when I tried to post it earlier today and it was like you can't post more then 3 works in 24 hours. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. but its all good now cuz it finally let me submit it. But yeah. Did that happen to anybody else, or was my computer just being retarded???

The Social Network

So yesterday me and my friends went to watch the Social Network. It's the movie about how Mark Zuckerberg and his friend Eduardo Saverin made Facebook. It was pretty awesome, except for the end.



What I ment about the ending was that they wern't friends anymore :( and the guy who played Eduardo was smexy too It made me so sad, but it was based off a real story, so they couldn't change it to make it better. And it's all because of that one guy who founded Napster played by the god Justin Timberlake decided he was going to ruin everything, and then get arrested for doing crack with some minors. Oh well

Even though that part sucked the movie was still really awesome. If you havn't seen it already you should. You'll like it :)

My List

OK. So before I had a world where I made a bucket list, but I didn't really post anything in it, so I got rid of it. And now i'm just sorta gonna mix that into my new world.
So here is my bucket list so far:
My List... So Far

1. Make a BA movie
2. Build my own house
3. Learn to draw AWESOMELY
4. Break a bone
5. Become a Power Ranger
6. Shoot a gun (not at somebody)
7. Buy a mansion
8. Make my parents proud
9. Kiss in the rain
10. Learn Japanese... then
11. Go to Japan
12. See the world
13. Go on an awesome road-trip with my friends
14. Make a video game
15. Learn how to cook
16. Go to college
17. Throw the best party ever
18. Learn to skateboard
19. Learn to pick a lock
20. Have the boy of my dreams ask me out
21. Stop dreaming, start doing
22. Learn to do a cartwheel and then
23. Learn to do a back flip
24. Find something that I am good at, and passionate about
25. Get a 100 on a freakishly hard test
26. Write a book
27. Meet someone famous
28. Learn how to ride a horse
29. Cry without caring what people think
30. Laugh until I cry
31. Hang out with my friends more
32. Make someone happy
32. Learn to play the guitar
33. Save a life
34. Write a song
35. Make a difference
36. Draw a comic
37. Live passionately
38. Show people who I truly am
39. Find a true best friend

So thats it for now. If I think of anything else, or if i even accomplish one of these, I'll let you guys know. And if you guys have anything that you want to do feel free to comment, and tell me about it.