So as the name says, this is just a world so I can post my random thoughts, whenever I feel like it.


Thanks Everyone

Hey guys. I just wanted to thank everyone for all their birthday wishes. I had a great b-day, and some of it had to do with me logging in and there being a bagillion birthday wishes there for me. So thanks again everyone. I really appreciate it :D

I'm A Nerd XD

Taken from Cloud!

[X] You watch anime.
[X] You read manga
[] You buy/collect anime DVDs or manga volumes.
[] You own some other form of anime/manga merchandise.
[X] You have referred to an anime character as 'hot' before.
[] You have cosplayed. (T.T)
[] You have done so in public (huh??)
[] You have been to an anime/manga convention. (T.T)
[] You have created/joined a fanclub for an anime/manga character.
[] You have created/joined a hateclub for an anime/manga character. (never!)
[] You have squealed when you found out somebody had the same name as an anime character you knew.
[X] You enjoy drawing anime.
[] People you know know you as the 'anime' person.
[X] You know that it is pronounced 'mawnguh' and not 'manga' like it is spelled.


[x] You like art.
[] You actually consider yourself an artist.
[] When using art supplies, the brand of them matters to you.
[X] You have asked for art supplies as a Christmas/birthday gift before.
[] You give people your drawings as gifts.
[] People actually ask for your drawings.
[] You are known as 'the art person' at your school.
[] Instead of just 'brown' or ' pink', you'd be specific; it's 'sienna brown' or 'blush pink'.
[] You have taken an art class outside of school.
[X] You have considered a career as an artist.
[X] Your school papers are always covered in doodles.
[] You have a favorite artist.
[] Your drawings have been framed.
[] You carry a sketchbook with you everywhere you go.


[] You play a musical instrument.
[]You play more than one instrument.
[] You actually really enjoy playing your instrument.
[] You've given your instrument a name.
[] You've participated in an extracurricular activity for your instrument.
[] You are known by what you play.
[] You listen to classical music.
[] You are wondering whether that refers to the classical music genre or the classical music time period.
[] You have a favorite composer.
[1/2] All of your friends are from your band/orchestra class. (alot but not all)
[] You write music.
[] You've had discussions with your friends about music; your favorite composers/instruments/musical time periods/key/etc...
[] You have considered a professional career with your instrument.
[] You are never nervous playing for other people.

[x] You play video games.
[x] You own more than 4 different video game systems.
[x] You've had debates over which system is the greatest.
[x] You play video games every day.
[x] You have played a video game for over 10 hours.
[x] You have songs from your favorite video games on your MP3.
[] You love to talk about video games.
[] You memorize the dates for when a new game is being released.
[] People know you as the 'gamer' person.
[X] You spend more time on video games than you do hanging out with friends.
[] Your gaming system is in your room.
[x] You have preferences when it comes to what company your game came from.(square enix has some pretty awesome games XD)
[] You've had debates over which company is the best.
[x] You keep playing a game until you beat it.
[ ] It makes you angry when you found out somebody looked up cheat codes on the internet to beat their game.


[X] You use the computer every day.
[x] You have an account/username on some sort of social website.
[x] You go into random internet chatrooms.
[x] You spend at least 2 hours a day on the computer.
[x] You use computer faces; :D XD XP D: ^_^ >.> and etc
[x] It is hard to go a day without using the computer.
[] You spend time in online forums.
[] In the forum/chatroom you use, you are known there by everyone else.
[x] You have friends you have only met online.
[] You have/had a girlfriend/boyfriend you have only met online.
[] You have actually met an online friend in person.
[x] U cn ezly rd 'txttlk.
[] You have said 'lol' or 'omg' in speech that is not online.(I hate that soooooo much)
[x] You can type really, really fast.

I'm a computer/video game nerd XD


Hey guys. Its been a while since i've posted anything.....but i haven't really done anything lately. Well me and my friends went to the movies the other day, and it made me so mad. We wanted to watch Unstoppable, but on the website it said it was on at 8 but it actually started at 7 and i was like what the heck. But then me and my friends watched Skyline. I liked it, but everyone else didn't really like it. What do you guys think??? I liked it when those things came around their eyes, it was cool. My friend was next to me and she was freaking out the whole time, and it was sooooo funny. Well anyway, I really liked Skyline. You guys should go watch it :D


Its been a while since i've posted anything. Thats cuz my grandmas here, and we havnt really been able to do anything. And shes been sleeping in my room so i've been sleeping on this stupid mattress in my sisters room. Well she's probably leaving in a few weeks :( but then i'll probably be posting and making more work :D.

I found this pic while making my last card, and i liked it alot :D

Imma Princess!!

I stole this from Blue Latte. This is really funny, cuz me and my friend are in 10th grade and we run around school singing Disney songs XD

[ ] One of your parents is dead
[ ] You are expected to do a lot of chores
[ ] You love to dress up
[ ] You love animals
[X] You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming
[X] Your mom is really strict
[ ] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you
[X] You're afraid to speak your mind sometimes
[ ] You have left your shoes at a friends house before
[ ] You have blonde hair

Belle (Beauty And The Beast)
[ ] You've kissed someone your friends didn't like
[ ] You've been lost in the forest
[X] You love to read
[ ] You are not shy at all, and not afraid to speak your mind
[X] One of your family members is a bit weird (ALL OF THEM!!!)
[X] You have done volunteer work
[X] You have a wild imagination
[X] You love to take care of people in need
[ ] You've had guys like you only because they think you're pretty
[ ] You've rejected at least one person when they've asked you out
Total: 5

Jasmine (Aladdin) :
[ ] Your dad is VERY rich
[ ] You are very clever
[ ] You've been with someone way different from you
[X] You're unique and different from everyone else
[X] You'd never marry someone just because they were rich
[X] You have set a lot of goals for yourself
[ ] You don't have a lot of (good) friends
[ ] You're independent
[ ] You are wealthy
[X] Your parents try to control your life

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) :
[X] Your parents expect a lot from you
[X] You really try to follow the rules, but its hard for you
[X] You're a bit of a trouble maker
[X] You're the youngest in your family
[ ] You have a lot of sisters
[X] You collect something
[ ] You have/had long, hair
[X] You have/had a pet fish
[X] You're extremely curious
[ ] You believe everything people tell you/you're a bit gullible

Snow White :
[ ] You know that you're beautiful
[ ] Sometimes it seems like your mom is jealous of you
[X] You have at least seven good friends
[ ] You've almost been killed
[ ] You've had food poisoning
[X] You have/had short hair
[X] You get along with almost everyone
[X] All of your friends are different
[X] You love to have a good time
[X] You're happier when you're out of the house than in

Mulan :
[X] You can be a tomboy sometimes.
[X] People wish you could be a bit more girly
[X] You've pretended to be someone you're not
[ ] You've had a physical fight with someone
[X] You have/had considered running away from home
[X] Your parents try to plan your life out
[X] A lot of your friends are boys
[X] You sometimes find yourself in bad situations
[ ] You love your family so much that you'd do anything to protect them

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) :
[ ] You live/have lived with someone other than your parents
[ ] You almost died at a very young age
[X] You are gentle, loving, and/or thoughtful
[ ] You have a decent singing voice
[X] You like to sleep in late on the weekends
[ ] You spend most of your time outside
[ ] You're adopted
[ ] You're very romantic
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors

[X] You love to walk around and explore big cities
[ ] You are more spiritual than religious
[ ] You've been in an interracial relationship
[X] One of your family members is dead (not immediate family)
[ ] Someone you know has been in war
[X] You love nature
[X] You have/had black hair
[X] You would love to move somewhere exotic and beautiful
[X] You're very adventurous

TinkerBell (Peter Pan) :
[X] You get jealous easily
[ ] You loved your childhood
[X] You like to fly
[ ] You believe in magic
[ ] You're 5'2 or under
[ ] You hate pirates
[X] You love sparkles
[X] People underestimate you
[ ] You get angry easily
[ ] You have/had a treehouse

Alice (Alice In Wonderland) :
[ ] You have/had a pet rabbit
[X] You love to play cards
[X] You constantly need to know the time
[X] You get in sticky situations
[ ] You have been to court
[X] You have fallen asleep while doing homework
[X] You have had a tea party
[ ] You love hats
[ ] You are constantly lost
[ ] You know how to play croquet

Meg (Hercules) :
[ ] You're boyfriend is strong
[X] You have gotten involved with the wrong people before
[ ] You are very convincing
[ ] You have fallen in love before
[X] You have had your heartbroken
[X] You love Greek mythology
[X] You lie sometimes
[X] You pretend to be someone you're not
[X] You have been used
[X] Purple is one of your favourite colours.

I'm a mix of Ariel, Meg, and Mulan. (i'm a Chinese mermaid in ancient Greece YAY!!!)