So as the name says, this is just a world so I can post my random thoughts, whenever I feel like it.


A Day Without Shoes

Today is A Day Without Shoes. Its to help raise awareness about the many kids who don't have, and can't afford, shoes. All you have to do is just not wear shoes that day. Heres the video for more info:

Views on Life

I absolutely love this video. Everyone should watch it, so I thought I'd share it with you guys :D


I hate mid-terms, and there starting tomorrow. First I have to take gym wouldnt that suck if i failed the gym test and biology. And then on friday i have to take keyboarding and english. Who gives tests in keyboarding!!??!! Well anyway I'm freaking out for english and biology, and i should be studying, but i dont want toooooooo :((

Enjoy my drawing


Wild Ones